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  1. 1. Negative Trendelenburg's test- Which side hip falls?
    2. Relations of abdominal esophagus
    3. Sciatic nerve injury- The deformity
    4. Lateral cord injury- the deformity
    5. ARDS
    6. 30% Burns if untreated what happens?
    7. Duplex ureter
    8.Lesser sac- relations
    9. CVP monitoring
    10. Recurrent laryngeal nerve's relation to vessels
    11. Metastatic calcification (same question in the sample of RCS)
    12. Sternal angle: structures passing through
    13. Lamellar flow
    14. Nasal mucosa, nasolacrimal duct etc.
    15. Subclavian artery relations.
    16. Dome of pleura relations
    18.Metabolic alkalosis-effects
    19.Biochemistry of metabolic alkalosis
    20. Fascial compartment of leg-structures passing.
    21. Septic shock
    22. Radial nerve branches
    23. Forearm nerves
    24. DIC
    25. Liver-relations
    26. Carcinoid syndrome
    27.Small bowel tumors
    28. Changes in injury state
    29. Perthe's disease
    30. Conductive deafness - causes
    31. Corneal reflex-afferent & eferent
    32. Acute osteomyelitis- organisms
    33. Sensitivity of Pneumococcus
    34. AIDS- opportunistic infections
    35. Medullary ca thyroid
    36.Cephalic vein- course
    37. SVC- relations
    38. Causes of watery diarrhoea
    39.Causes of colonic ulceration
    40. Intestinal diseases causing joint problems
    41. Muscles attached to greater trochanter
    42. Root value of reflexes- knee, ankle, anal
    43. B-Naphthalamine and tumors caused
    44. Hyperkalemia- causes
    45. Coronary blood flow
    46. Neurogenic bladder- causes
    47. Barret's esophagus
    48. Central cyanosis-causes
    49. EDH
    50. Seminoma
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    hi there....thanx a lot 4 all these questions!!!!I m 2 appear for MRCS 1 in april....i have got only raftery......couldn't find any MCQ books for the same exam anywhere......i wil be highly thankful if u could plz tell me where can i get few good MCQ books for part 1 intercollegiate in india......thank again.......anticipating an early of Luck.
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    tHANKS.......thats quite informative!!

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