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  1. hello
    who knows how many questions must be correct to pass AMC recently? somewhere in this forum i read it is just 30% of all questions( if i remember right) is it true?
    another question is that can i pass if just read carefully amc handbook/ anthology/ murtagh / annotated/ and some recently recalls ? im average in medicine and not so perfect
    thanks for reply
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    The pass mark will vary each time. The way the CAT exam is designed is so it can measure everyone who takes it on that day against each other as well as looking at their own skill. This way it is more fair so that the ease and difficulty of questions is measured in a standardise way. So for example if everybody who takes the test scores really high the pass mark will be higher.

    The exam is a graduate level exam, the questions are easy as far as medical knowledge goes. What usually causes trouble for the candidates is two things. 1. They do not read the questions correctly and therefore do not give the answer that is being asked. 2. This exam (and the clinical) is cultural. Many international doctors do not succeed because they do not understand Australian behaviours, customs and ethical requirements.

    Good luck
  3. thx for reply dear mcs

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