passed!! MRCS 1,2 both my Book lists

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Guest, May 13, 2005.

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    hi friends,
    i have passed both part 1 & 2 of MRCS...
    it was quite a relief...3 months of studies....and now a great feeling! :D
    part 1 was all anatomy and core...i found very little physiology in it....
    thorax and rectum were the pet topic this time i guess...
    i did not have the prievilege of pastest notes or the step courses :?
    but still i managed to clear both parts!!
    i think love bailey, cusheri and raftery should be enough to clear both parts..offcourse revision notes on (which r free) were very helpful!!
    EMQ questions i did from PLAB books only..and it was quite helpful.
    i also thank various members and guests of this forum who gave me the necessary information and much needed boost in confidence!!!
    and lastly congrats to all others who have cracked this exam!!
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    Congratulations Yogesh on your fantastic success! I was meaning to ask you, which book(s) did you read for the Anatomy part of the exam?

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    MRCS-1 books

    Hi Guys I have passed MRCS-1

    I wish to sell the MRCS 1 books I used to study
    1. Intercollegiate MRCS Applied Basic Sciebce MCQs -Past Test- latest-current market price-£25
    2. MCQ in Physiology-with answers & explanatory notes--Lynn Bindmann-Printed copy
    3. MCQs in Human Physiology with Ancwers & explanatory comments- Ian.C.Roddie-printed copy

    I wish to sell all 3 books for £15 + postage
    If interested please contact me( only in UK)

    With Regards
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    Re: congratulations!

    hi guest, i had read snell's anatomy along with luck 2 u!!
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    MRCS Part three??

    hi friends,
    anybody on this forum who will be giving part 3 in near future???
    or someone who has already cleared part 3??
    i need some guidance and notes/CD's if any!!
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    Thanks Yogesh and all the best for your future!


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