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    I just passed MRCS part 1. My preparation consisted of reading Cusheri Moosa part 1 from cover to cover. Then MRCS Essential Revision notes by Sam Andrews and last of all some topics like Head And Neck, Neuroanatomy and Cardiovascular and Respiratory system from Raftery. For MCQ's I did the companion MCQ (Raftery) by S. Jacob and R.C. Samuel as well as Pastest MCQ by C. Chan.

    If you find this too extensive, forget everything else, just read Raftery(along with the MCQ books.) I'm writing this because most of the questions were from this book. For example: Accessory parathyroid tissue is found in:


    This question and many others like these were from Raftery.
    Moreover, Raftery is the only book written by The Court Of Examiners Of The Royal College Of Surgeons.

    All the best for your preparation and God Bless.

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