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    Hello Kapil,

    pathognomic feature of mandi fracture-should b sublingual haematoma and not malocclusion .
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    @ charu
    with the question of pathognomic sign of mandibular fractures.....thr are varied answers.....below mentioned are few of the Mcq books and the answers given by them
    wadhawan: sublingual hematoma
    NBDE: malocclusion

    so if you look at the question it was like this...
    the most common pathignomic sign of mandibular fractures....
    then the answer becomes malocclusion is the most common feature and bublingual hematoma is not always seen.and as this is the direct pick up from NBDE....
    if the question is asked as most pathognomic and if the word COMMON is not thr then we shd go with sublingual hematoma.....what say......
    please comment...still a lot of confusion with this one......
  3. CHARU

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    In my view ans shuld b sublingual one as maloclsn is seen in many other fracturs that cant b said pathognmc .in explorer also ans mentiond is sblingual one .I wl post again after discsing with my professors.

    apoptsis related to liquefactive degeneration or nt.

    one thing mre where i cn get national board releasd papers?

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    @ CHARU
    NDBE released papers in which city you are talking about?
    About Mand # Evn I was thinking about sublingual hematoma as the answer but when i came across NBDE...most of the questions are direct pick up so thot of going for Malocclusion...
    Lets C.....Evn I'll search for some concrete references for that.....
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    I was talking of online stuff. How is ur prep going on?

    U didn't reply to apoptosis query. I think ans should be liquefavtive degeneration but in explorer , in one of aims paper answer gven is coagulative.
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    @ CHARU
    for nbde you can get part 2 released papers on its a DVD on sale.
    for prt 1 you can search google for NDBE part 1 material torrent.ull get the majority of the stuf thr or else you can order a DVD for the same from the above mentiones web address.
    >>>>>>>>about the apoptosis...ill get back to you in few m kind of busy these days....
    alrite ...take care
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    8)smileG....malocclusion>>>sub hema

    as pgi follows nbde picks and its key blindly
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    covert caries

    pit and fissure caries are called as covert caries

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