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    ascute radiation pneumonitis
    measures of raioactivity
    e3v4m5...glassgow coma scale
    liver biopsy contraindications
    kidney transplantation
    thyroid cancers...
    plummer syndrome
    heroin withdrawal
    incubation period less than5 dys...salmonella,yersinia,v parahemolyticus
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    Staph aureus..


    Pugilistic attitude

    Girl with eschar from shimla- oral doxy

    Renal transplant surgery - transplant in retroperitoneum;renal arterial anastomisis to into iliac artery n; renal vein to ext iliac vien ; renal fossa cleared for placing newer tx kidney
  3. samuel

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    Causes of increased conjugated
    hypeebilirubinemia :-
    1 . hemochromatosis
    2. Metastasis to liver
    3. Gilbert synd
    4. Large hematoma
  4. samuel

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    H.pylori- spiral.. Flagellated.. Survives in gastric muocsa by producing urea..

    PPI.. Hit n run drug.. Acts on H+/K+ ATPase.. Activated in acidic medium..

    Drug used in epilepsy-- lorazepam.. Midazolam.. Alprazolam.. Temazepam.. Clobazam..

    Sglt blocker gliflozocins.. Blocks Na/glucose symport.. Causes glycosuria n polyuria.. Increases infections don't rem'r exact option..

    Metformin was also a questn.. GI disturbance.. Lactic acidosis..causes hypoglycemia.. Enz blocked..

    Breast carcinoma ass with cowden VHL APC..

    Fibroadenoma histology.. Don't rem'r options..

    Differ btwn Paget's n eczema.. Destroys nipple.. Unilateral..
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    Club foot.. Ass with breech.. Adduction of forefoot.. Dennis Morgan splint used..

    SCFE .. Seen in younger than 10yrs.. Obesity.. Avn is ass.. Frog leg x ray is diagnostic..

    Hyper vitaminosis D..

    Megaloblastic anemia.. Jejunal prob.. Chrons disease.. Pregnancy..

    Increases risk of urinary stones-- increase in urinary citrate.. Decrease in urinary colloid..

    Similarity btwn homocystinuria n Marfan's.. Ectopia lentils..

    Marfan's not true.. lens is down n out..

    Adolescent age group-- most common cause of AUB is bleeding disorder..

    Factor 8 def disease.. Ass with chr 10.. Bleeding time inc.. Clotting time inc..
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    Neostigmine c/I in pt.. Doc for nondepol atracurium.. Rapa.. Vec.. Pan..

    Sch not used in CNS disease or something.. Similar questn.. Hyperkalemia seen in spinal cord injury.. Chest injury.. Abd injury..

    Psammoma bodies seen in.. Papillary.. Follicular.. Meningioma.. Ependymoma..

    Apoptosis.. Endonuclease activity decreased.. Ass c inflammation.. Blebs are seen..

    Parathyroid ass with both men 1&2.. Mc sporadic cause is hyperplasia..

    Adrenal carcinoma.. Doesn't cause mets.. VMA..

    Perceptional diseases.. Illusion.. Delusion.. Depersonation.. Obsession..

    Behavioural therapy not is.. Assignments..

    I 131 used in treatment.. C/I in preg n lactation..

    Stains used for tb ZN kunyon..
  7. samuel

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    Croup.. Seen with h influ.. Diff from epiglottitis with lat x ray..

    Refsum disease.. Alpha enzyme in peroxidase.. Beta oxidation problem..

    Gonorrhea.. flow of seeds..

    Anatomy and phyiologiCal function test
    Not use radiation
    Superior to CT

    2-0 suture diameter is
    .27 mm

    psammoma bodies✳
    P-papillary ca thyroid,paillary rcc,prolactinoma
    S-serous cyst adenoma of ovary
    A-appendiceal carcinoid(rare)

    wild polio present in

    embalming not used
    gun shot injury
    fracture mandible
    breast ca included in hereditary syn.

    GA site of action
    c)nmda rec.

    glut5 present in
    a)brain and rbs
    b)regulate bld sugar
    c)skeletal msl
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    Prolongation is due to which phase of cell cycle ....

    Microsatellite ka weight in kb and
    2-6 bp

    There are three infectious stages of T gondii: tachyzoites (rapidly multiplying form), bradyzoites (tissue cyst form), and sporozoites (in oocysts)

    The biggest difference between Paget’s disease and eczema is that Paget’s disease always affects the nipple first whereas eczema usually first affects the area around the nipple which is known as the areola.

    bendicts psitive.....
  9. samuel

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    Potential side effects of inhaled corticosteroids.

    Pharyngitis, Suppressed HPA-axis function
    Dysphonia ,Adrenal crisis (with insufficiency)
    Reflex cough, Suppressed growth velocity in children
    Bronchospasm,Decreased lower-leg length in children
    Oropharyngeal candidiasis, Reduced bone mineral density
    Suppressed HPA-axis function
    Bone fracture,
    Skin thinning,
    Skin bruising,
  10. samuel

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    The available sizes and diameters are:
    6-0 = 0.07 mm
    5-0 = 0.10 mm
    4-0 = 0.15 mm
    3-0 = 0.20 mm
    2-0 = 0.30 mm
    0 = 0.35 mm
    1 = 0.40 mm
    2 = 0.5 mm

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