PLAb 2: Sept 5 stations

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    1 knee examination diagnosis medial collateral tear-ok station while examining said medial meniscus instead of collateral corrected while summarising

    2lymph node examination the examiner didn't allowed to do inguinal lymph node examination very happy with this station

    3unconsious child history and dd with examiner diagnosis vasovagal syncope very cooperative mother straight forward history

    4chronic fatigue syndrome only taking history good simulator negative answer for everything

    5 mini mental status examination ie test for cognitive function very very elderly sweet man

    6crying child infantile colic talk to the mother straight forward station need to rule out a few conditions

    7 child with bleeding pr history and dd with the examiner diagnosis gastroenteritis totally messed up didn't get the diagnosis just told the differential

    8catheter insertion no talking didn't even said about changing gloves finished 30 min in spare

    9 I'V cannulation tried twice didn't get the blood did only two thing as soon the cannula was out asked for a new cannula and threw both in sharps bin

    10 simmman copd didn't get time to explain the management
    No mask in cubicle only examination and management

    11 bingo one more simmman take bp pulse heart auscultation pan systolic murmur in heart irregular pulse af on monitor didn't get time to check bp by auscultatory method

    12pre op assessment and post op counselling again very nice lady did know what to tell about post op so started with asking her and she lead me to pain

    13diabetic retinopathy counselling old nice chap worried about loosing vision

    14 temporal arthritis councelling the man was curious about what is temporal

    15history and dd with examiner diagnosis ca bronchus straight forward

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