Plab October 2nd Stations

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    1. Coin ingestion by four month old.
    2. Secondary survey
    3. Sexual transmitted infection history and counselling
    4. Breast examination
    5. Irk nary catheter placement
    6. ABG sample taking
    7. 40 years old female who is angry that one of your colleagues hasn't attended her in two hours and has left her with an antibiotic infusion that is now due again
    8. Counsel husband of a lady who has been discovered to have a stage one renal cell CA and is now scheduled for a right radical nephrectomy
    9. Upper GI endoscopy counselling 10. Patient with anorexia nervosa hx taking and reach at a diagnosis
    11. Talk to mother of two years old jack Barrett who had a three minute long hypoglycaemic fit
    12. Bimanual examination of a 36 weeks pregnant female
    13. 50 years old male with lumbosacral pain .. Talk abt available pain options
    14. Cardiovascular examination on simulated manikin with a tentative diagnosis of congestive wart failure
    15. Rest station
    16. Hx and differentials of a 70 yrs old female with dizziness for 6 months now

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