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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Dr Lewis, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Hi guys....

    I am a newly graduated doctor
    I have decided to take PART 1 OF THE MRCS ...

    I am a little bit confused

    Can I take part 1 of the mrcs before doing the plab (my medical school is on the list of the WHO)

    Shall I read anything other than Anatomy Phisiology Patholgy for part 1??

    On their website the royal college of surgeons of england are stating books about orthopaedics and vascular surgery and paediatrics surgery...etc do they mean that these are for part 2 and 3? or for part 1 as well...

    they say that the requirement for part1 are only an accepted primary medical qualification...what is exactly meant by that

    I am sorry I am being a nuisance but I'm really new to MRCS dilemma

    I would be most obliged if someone kindly advise me regarding the aforementioned stuff..

    Thank you a lot
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    Check out MRCS'll get all info...or pm me!!

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