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    Modern society need specialist in certain fields, but not in others.
    Some people therefore think that government should pay university fees for those students, who study subjects that are needed for by society. Those who choose less relevant subjects should not receive government funding

    Answer :

    Universities provide various subjects to the students to fulfill their aspirations and to meet the society needs. Pupil come to join the university, study for themselves first then for the society. Where the role of government is seen very less, only to those get some extinctions in studies. While particular subjects are funded by government, is a question of dilemma.

    Taking into the consideration the subjects needed for the society can create a confusion. Though, the subjects like science, arts, humanities, music, management, commerce have an equal significance in different parts of the society, whether status is not the same. By getting funds from government for subject can increase the difference among the students and their status. There can be more students, more doctors and teachers but there can be quite less number of patients accountants or vice versa.
    In addition getting some help of government in studies can lead to crushing of dreams of those who had chosen other subjects those are not financed by government. Pressure from parents would be most probably towards those subjects that were free.

    Nevertheless this strategy can have some booming results like in U.S.A., the president, hires the scientists and doctors from other countries like India. This kind of circumstances delineates that in this situation, the government must give the funds for such subjects that are much required for society. It can save money from getting professional from other nations,

    Keeping both the viewpoints on the scale of my consideration It is clear that its disadvantages outweigh its advantages but its important to check the need of society and subjects and students also.Last but not the least, persons who aspire to study such particular subject but have no financial support from the family it can be a blessing for those.

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