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    A. atrophic vaginitis
    B. bacteria vaginosis
    c. endometrial carcinoma
    g.hiv infection
    i.trichomonas infection
    l.cervical polyp
    m.cervical carcinoma

    1. a 56 yrs old nulliparous woman with BMI 38 has a four month history of blood-stained discharge
    2.a 23 year old woman has been taking the combined oral contraceptive pill for four years .she has a troublesome clear,sticky discharge , with no odour or itching
    3.a 25 yrs old pregnant woman has a slight increase in vaginal discharge with vulva itching .her partner has had recent balanitis
    4.a 76 yrs old woman has a vaginal soarness and an intermittent pink staining on her underwear.She is not on any medication
    5.a 19 yrs old woman in a new sexual relationship has a vaginal discharge of sudden onset.there is intense itching at the introitus and examination reveals a frothy greenish coloured discharge with redness of her vagina
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    1 is endometrial CA i think coz of obesity ..nulliparity..n age 56..it could b postmenopausal bleedin which is mostly due to endo ca
    2nd i think is ectropion
    3rd is syphlis...coz it causes balanitis
    4....not sure abt ne option
    5 is trichomonias..coz it gives frothy yellow green discharge plus intense itching
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    A Abruption of placenta secondary to pre-eclampcia
    B Antepartum haemorrahge
    C Concealed haemorrahge
    D In labour
    E Intrauterine death
    F Placenta accreta
    G Placenta praevia
    H Preterm labour
    I Primary postpartum haemorrhage
    J Secondary postpartum haemorrhage

    Choose single most appropriate diagnosis

    1:A 25 year old woman ,who is 38 weeks pregnant,presents to the labour ward with a history of fewer movements than usual during the evening. S he also says that abdominal contractions are coming every few minutes and she has been having blood stained show per vagina for the last few minutes.On examination cervix is fully effaced ,9 cm dialated , cephalic presentation and station is +1.

    2:A 30 year old primigravida,who is 30 weeks pregnant, presents to the labour ward with absent fetal movements.She also complains of sever headache ,heartburn and seeing flaoters before her eyes for the last few days.On examination BP 170/110 mmHg , urine protein ++++, rock_hard uterus with no visible signs of fetal movements per abdomen.

    3:A 20 year old pregnant lady ,32/40 weeks by date, presents to the antenatal clinic with a history of painless per vaginal bleeding after intercourse . On examination P/A....soft and relaxed , uterus ...dates , cardiotocograph...reactive.

    4:A 24 year old primighravida ,30 week pregnant , presents to the labour ward with a history of constant abdominal pain for the last few hours. She also gives a history of having lost a cupful of fresh blood per vagina before the pain started.Abdominal examination shows an irritable uterus CTG...reactive.

    5:A 38 year old lady,10 days postpartum, presents to her GP with a history of a foul smelling discharge per vagina .She also gives a history of passing blood clots per vagina since yesterday. On examination BP is 90/40 mmHg ,pulse 110bpm, temperature 38 C , P/A uterus tender on palpation and fundus 2cm above the umblicus , P/S ,blood clots +++.
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    1. preterm labour

    2. Intrauterine Death

    3. placenta praevia

    4. antepartum hhage

    5. secondary PPH

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