post her your recollections of mcq`exam sep07

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    hey ppl i tuk my psper today n it was hilarious!!imean was not an easy game...was v difficult with dozen ecgs n stupid prepared!!!
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    it was very difficult paper indeed. any comments please
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    u hav also taken it???hw ws urz??
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    i took the exam on 15th true mastery questions were tricky overall i won't rate it too difficult but few matery quetions were really nonsense if they mean to say mastery questions are important to check ur life saving critical knowledge i'll put 3 mastery questions as example

    who are least likely to commit suicide
    a. single
    b. married
    c. divorcee
    d. sepratee
    e. old age

    what will a 3 year child do
    a. dress without supervision
    b. hop on 1 leg
    c. climb the stairs
    d. draw a recognisable man

    who are more likely to have violent behaviour
    a. young man
    b. a criminal
    c. with history of violent behaviour
    d. homelessness

    well these were mastery questons and tension pneumothorax and DKA were not mastery questions bcoz they know that doctors will give right ans for them

    well i'll shortly post my recall with help of my other friends who have appeared on 15th only and i also request other readers to contribute to help the others. i have been greatly helped by this forum and it's time to payback :)
    those who are appearing in future exams do read these past papers but don't rely on ans try to find them urself and preferably those refrences given by amc
    last but not the least please pray for us all who have just appeared for the exam
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    there was one question

    How to calculate right size of endotracheal tube for children

    THere was an ECG which showed AF but the QRS complex was wide
    - AF

    Any body give opinion on these questions please
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    yes u r right the question was to calculate size of ET tube
    right ans is
    age/4 + 4

    there were abt 4-5 ecg's if i'm right u r talking about the ecg which was WPW bcoz there were Delta waves in that :)

    anyone else got any opinions or questions?
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    Hello AMC buster all my best wishes to you and others to jump this exam ,have you faced quistions about community medicine in the exam ,could you help me and light my tunel with the book which you have depend on them in preparing to MCQ exam ,what about Toronto Notes I ve tendency toward it because theirs big semilarity between MCC and AMC thanks :oops:
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    hi avalox

    thanx a lot for ur gud wishes
    i have done them for the same reason but didn't find them of much use and i wud say go with AIPPG recalls and do all the themes they ask very well bcoz they change the stems but their general topics are same so if u do the topics well that shud be sufficient
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    ya thts pretty rite2say tht this site has reaally helped a all those who e preparing do go4the recalls n find ans by ur self n emphasie on those topics....well the q i am able to recall at the moment are...

    1.20 yr old girl presented wid poscoital bleeding.most likely cause is

    cervical ca
    cervical ectropion

    2.8yr old giral doing well in school everything normal teachers are concerned becoz she mimics intercourse in the p-layground wen children around.cause?

    normal behaviour
    sexual abuse

    3.wht is the most important demographic variable for the violent behaviour?

    age more than25
    past history of violent behaviour

    4.a young university student who is intelligent n doing well in studies n only child of a single mother enjoys wearing clothes of his mother n now he is saying tht he will himself buy such clothes for him to enjoy more.his behaviour is jst confined at home n mother is nt concerned.diagnosis?

    gender id disorder
    transvetism fetishism

    5.25yr old lady presents wid central abdominal pain n she had had her last periods 4 wks before.wht investigation u will do?

    ct scan
    urine b hcg

    6.a 3 yr child presented wid severe central abdominal pain.on palpation u find a hard mass just to the left of the umbilicus.wht is ur diagnosis

    wilms tumor
    polycystic kidney

    7.13 yr old girl presented wid complaint of periods of 10 days for last three months.menstruation started 12 months back.wht will u advice her


    8.a G2P1 presenteed to ur office telling tht her first child has cystic much chances are there for the nxt baby?
    1:10,000 is said tht ppl living near airports hav following prob very common

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    eplosive personality disorder

    10.olanzapine most common side effect

    weight gain

    11.a researcher took 1000 neonates who hav jaundce n 1000 those who dnt hav jaundice n followed them into prenatal perid to find the cause.which type of study

    case control
    cross sectional

    well at the moment i can remember jst these stems with nt all options..i hope i will able to send more over here...hey ppl do pray for all o us who hav taken ths paper...Gud luck
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    hi silenteyz

    hi silenteyz where u took ur exam?

    i can remember all the questions except 1
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    about question regarding cystic fibrosis recurrence risk
    i think the options were

    -1 in 25
    -1 in 50
    -1 in 75
    -1 in 100
    - 1 in 2500
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    Needs online study patner for Oct/07 AMC..anyone interested

    Hi Guy,
    preparing for AMC in Oct . l need a study patner that we can do questions together.

    is anyone interested.

    my e-mail is

    if you are intersted let me know

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    no man

    [/quote]about question regarding cystic fibrosis recurrence risk
    i think the options were

    -1 in 25
    -1 in 50
    -1 in 75
    -1 in 100
    - 1 in 2500
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    i agree with you. but there was no option of 1 in 4.
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    there was an option 1:4 , I was on the exam and I mark it
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    i took my exam in melbourne....n there was an option of 1 in 4 for cystic fibrosis...
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    Hi All,

    Good luck to all who appeared in september exam. Can anyone tell us from where the most of the questions were? I mean how many percent were from the recalls and how did you guys prepare for the exam?

    Will be looking forward to your answers,

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    hi sako

    most questions were repeat questions if not exactly same then atleast same topic with little change in stems and ans
    and for how to prepare for exam this forum is full of advice on how to prepare pls read them
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    well wht i thnk is tht 70% was from recall papers...may b others dont agree wid my rating bt this is wht i perceive...n the rite way to do recalls is to study each n every topic given in the options thoroughly...n during exam reading each mcq thoroughly coz stems r bit tricky...
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    the amc sep was tough

    here r a few questions
    .picture of shoulder dislocation
    2.picture of extradural mematoma
    3.picture of hutchinson melanotic freckle
    4.a man thinks the radios r speaking about him and is anxious..the symptoms were present for 6 weeks and after treatment with antipsychotics thye disappeared
    ans: schizophreniform disorder
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    i didn't get shoulder dis pic in my exam
    EDH was there from anthology book
    and the pic was bowen's disease also from anthology though i can remember option of hutchinson melanotic freckle.also there... did u get the pic on cheek??
    and 4th was schizophreniform disorder :)
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    Well thanks very much for your answer bc a lot of doctors are saying that it has become increasingly difficult with very few recalls and is hard to pass.

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    1. Picture Questions:

    • Picture of retina (Looks like arterial nipping and haemorrhage) Your diagnosis:
    A) Systemic hypertension,
    B) Diabetes
    C) Vitreal haemorrhage

    • Pregnant lady at 32 weeks, with varicose veins on right leg; Management
    A) Compressor stockings
    B) Injection Sclerotherapy
    C) Surgical

    • Penis with partial erection and few small vesicular lesions with erythema around it; Diagnosis
    A) Balanitis
    B) Priapism
    C) Paraphimosis
    D) Syphilis

    • Multiple large Pustular and lesions on the left leg below ankle with surrounding erythema, almost involving the entire lower leg, the accompanying leg on the other side looks very pale, the most important management would be:
    A) debridement
    B) antibiotics
    C) Limb ambutation
    D) Hyperbaric oxygen

    • Melanotic macular lesion on the right side of face near the temple with irregular border (Looks close to Hutchison,s Melanotic freckles on AMCQ) diagnosis?
    A) Hutchison’s Melanotic freckles
    B) Bowen’s Disease
    C) Malignant Melanoma
    D) Squamous cell carcinoma

    • Left eye with severely congested conjuctiva and dilated pupil. The 40 year old man presented with severe pain left eye, has a follicle noticed on the conjunctiva left sided head ache, some decrease in vision and lacrimation (?iritis); the right eye is normal. Next step in treatment?
    A) Topical tobramycin
    B) Topical pilocarpine
    C) Topical Chloramphenicol
    D) Topical steroid
    E) Topical ? atropine

    • Man with bony lesion which is non – mobile on the right side of eye, present since birth, diagnosis?
    A) Osteoma of right frontal bone
    B) Osteosarcoma
    C) Squamous cell carcinoma
    D) Sebeaceous cyst

    • Single Ulcerating lesion of about 2 cm on the dorsum of the right hand of a man of about 1 year duration.. looks like there is some induration at the border with some haemorrhagic areas: diagnosis?
    A) Squamous cell carcinoma
    B) Bowen’s disease
    C) Solar keratosis
    D) Keratoacanthoma

    • CT Scan of head showing a biconvex shaped bleed in the scalp . (looks like
    extraduralhematoma/) the 30 year old man who admitted after violent sports…. Diagnosis.
    A) Extradural hematoma
    B) Intradural hematoma
    C) Subarachnoid hematoma
    D) Meningioma

    • The mammogram and ultrasound picture of the anthology text book, the picture of mammogram in a lady in 30s with breast mass, the diagnosis
    A) breast abscess
    B) Breast cyst
    C) Ca Breast
    D) Fibrocystic disease
    E) Pagets disease

    • Perianal hematoma after some ball game., the treatment:
    A) Sclerosant injection
    B) Incision and drainage
    C) Antibiotics
    D) Rest and analgesics


    • A boy presented with a bite on the leg while walking/cycling thru the bush, he was well initially when came to hospital, however later developed ?diplopia / drooping of eyelid, which specimen of the patient would you use to test for envenomation?
    A) serum
    B) Urine
    C) Swab from the site of the bite
    D) Saliva

    • Father of 24months girl is distressed and brings her to the hospital saying that she has the same symptoms as his neighbour child, who recently been treated for sepsis, which will make you consider that this girl has significant infection and require hospital admission?
    A) fever >39 degreees
    B) screaming and irritable
    C) generalized petechia

    • 11.a researcher took 1000 neonates who hav jaundce n 1000 those who dnt hav jaundice n followed them into prenatal perid to find the cause.which type of study

    case control
    cross sectional
    • *The size of endotracheal intubation in children is assessed by the formula:
    A) [age (years)/4] + 4cm
    B) [wt (kg)/4] + 4cm
    C) [Height/4] +4cm
    D) Weight/2 + 4cm
    • A researcher took 1000 neonates who had jaundice to study the demographics which he compared with 1000 neonates born on the same hospital who did not have jaundice and followed them to the prenatal period, this type of study is called:
    E) Case control study
    F) Cross sectional study
    G) Cohort study
    H) Prospective study.

    • A G2P1 presented with history of previous child having cystic fibrosis, the likely hood of next baby having cystic fibrosis is:
    A) 1 in 2
    B) 1 in 4
    C) 1 in 25
    D) 1 in 100
    E) 1 in 10000

    • *A 3 year old child can do the following
    A) hop on one leg
    B) dress fully without help
    C) draw a recognizable man
    D) Climb stairs

    • Primi at 26 weeks gestation comes with abdominal pain: which is the best indicator that she will have a preterm delivery:
    A) Fetal Fibronectin level in cervix
    B) External os open, internal os closed on USG
    C) Cervix 3.8cm
    D) Effaced cervix

    • The action of OCPs:
    A) Cervical mucus
    B) Ovary
    C) Hypothalamus
    D) Pituitary
    E) Endometrium

    • Cardiac cath study; Oxygen saturation study:
    IVC – 66%, RA 66%, RV 86%, PA 96%, LA 96%, LA 90%, Ao 90%; diagnosis:
    A) VSD
    B) TGA
    C) TOF
    D) ASD
    E) COA

    • 4 year old child with past 2 history of suppurative middle ear infection, now comes with another one, what is the most important step in the investigation
    A) PUS culture and gram staining
    B) CT head
    C) Antibiotics including fluclox, penicillin, gentamicin ?

    • 34 weeks gestation Primi delivered after spontaneous rupture of membrane and10hours labour. Good apgar. Baby however developed respiratory distress after 2hours requiring 40% oxygen, what is the diagnosis?
    A) Transient tachypnoea of newborn
    B) Hyaline membrane disease
    C) Sepsis
    D) Diaphragmatic hernia

    • Term baby born by NVD is brought to Emergency with history that he was found to be unwell on D4 from home. On examination no murmur, baby is floppy, cyanosed and weak pulses. The diagnosis is?

    A. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
    B. Transposition of great vessels with VSD
    C. Tetralogy of fallot
    D. VSD
    E. PDA

    • Commonest association of undescended testes?
    A) Indirect inguinal hernia
    B) Direct inguinal hernia
    C) Testicular seminoma
    D) Hydrocele
    E) ?

    • 36weeks gestation male born by NVD after 36 hours of PROM, clear liquor, Apgar 6 and 9 and mother had a temperature of 38.6 degree at the time delivery, baby develops respiratory distress at 4 hours needing upto 50% oxygen, the cause for the respiratory distress would be :
    A) Hyaline membrane disease
    B) GBS sepsis
    C) Meconius aspiration syndrome
    D) Transient tachypnea of new born

    • Mother who had a NVD and a small vaginal tear which did not require suture, develops post partum fever on day 4, commonest cause of fever?

    A) Enodometritis
    B) Infection vaginal tear

    • 4 weeks old baby with chocking after feeds and 2 episodes of right sided pneumonia and abdominal distension after the feeds, the best diagnostic test? (Looks like history of an H shaped tracheo-esophageal fistula)
    A) Gastrograffin upper GI study
    B) CXR
    C) USG
    D) AXR

    • 4day old child who had other wise normal history with NVD developed bilious vomiting and abd. Distension. On rectal examination he passed some normal meconium, what is the best test to diagnose his condition? (history looks like malrotation/volvulus)
    A) Small bowel biopsy
    B) Rectal biopsy
    C) Barium swallow
    D) AXR
    • 6moths boy with respiratory symptoms and fever. On CXR noticed to have right sided multiple round opacities with some pleural effusion; (looks like staph infection); the antibiotics of choice should also include:
    A) Amoxycillin
    B) Penicillin
    C) Flucloxacillin
    D) Cefuroxime
    • 3 year old with abdominal mass on the left, he also noticed to have asymmetry of one side of the body and ?hemangioma and big tongue ( features looks like Beckwith Weidman syndrome,) the abdominal mass could be:
    A) Wilms tumour
    B) Nephroblastoma
    C) Hepatoma
    D) Polycystic kidneys

    • 10 year old boy with hematuria/proteinuria and bilateral renal mass, the father died of cerebral haemorrhage:
    A) Polycystic kidney
    B) AGN
    C) Analgesic nephropathy
    D) Nephrotic syndrome

    • Young adult with history of sorethroat, fever followed by hematuria, he had 2 similar history earlier on, the diagnosis;
    A) AGN
    B) Membraneous disease

    • Middle year man with history of hemoptysis and hematuria (recurrent) the diagnostic (? History is like a Good pasture syndrome)
    A) Anti basement membrane antibodies?????

    • 8 year old girl, who is academically well, shows the action of intercourse from the play ground, while playing foot ball. The teachers mentioned it to the mother who has consulted you about it.
    A) It may be a manifestation of underlying psychiatric disorder
    B) History of child hood sexual abuse should be ruled out
    C) Reassure because it is a Normal variant

    • The least useful investigation to evaluate rhesus Isoimmunisation in a child is:
    A) Cord blood group
    B) Cord DCT
    C) Maternal blood indirect coomb’s test
    D) Paternal blood grop
    E) Kleihaur test

    • 8 year old boy who is academically and otherwise well at school, noticed to be interested in wearing the clothes of his single mother .. of lately he was also starting to buy the clothes of ladies to satisfy his desire. His mother is aware about it, but is not bothered, the character is typical of:

    A) Transvestism
    B) Voyeurism
    C) Transexuality
    • The best indicator that the single mother who brings her 2 months old, baby who was born normally, that she is NOT taking care of the baby adequately:
    A) weight gain of only 1 kilo gram from the birth weight
    B) Baby not bottle feeding
    C) Head circumference in 25th centile

    • 8 year old boy with short stature and hyper-elastic skin along the joint and easy bruisability, the diagnosis
    A) Marfans’ syndrome
    B) Ehler danlos syndrome
    C) Hemophilia
    D) G6PD
    • A proven septic arthritis of left knee joint in 3 year old boy, the treatment in addition to the appropriate antibiotics would involve:
    A) Hip spica
    B) Early immobilization
    C) Traction for 3 weeks

    • 3 year old girl is brought to the hospital with history accidentally ingesting petrol, O/E she is tachypneic, HR high>100, BP normal, bilateral wheeze present, your immediate management include

    A) Facial Oxygen
    B) Ipecuanha
    C) Induce vomiting
    D) Charcoal
    E) ?Check pulse oxymetry

    • A girl is rescued from a house fire, she was not burnt, but had respiratory distress and was coughing. O/E there is soot (carbon particles on her pharynx), the next immediate management involve:
    A) Endotracheal intubation
    B) Facial oxygen
    C) IVFluid
    D) Antibiotics

    • 3 year old boy from Greece, complains of abdominal distension, diarhoea and poor weight gain and anemia, O/E there is severe anaemia, vague abdominal distension, which of the following is diagnostic (The original History is more close to an celiac disease)
    A) Antigliadin antibody
    B) Small bowel biopsy
    C) Stool culture for rota virus

    • 3 or 4 year old boy with difficulty with climbing stairs (the original history is more close to Duchene muscular dystrophy)., which of the following is diagnostic in this child?
    A) Creatine kinase
    B) Electromyogram
    C) Nerve conduction studies

    • A fire fighter is brought to casuality with 40% burns and coughing out soot, the immediate management involve:
    A) Endotracheal intubation
    B) Facial oxygen
    C) IVFluid
    D) Antibiotics

    • The commonest psychiatric problem in those living close to the air port is:

    D) Bipolar disorder
    E) Violent behaviour
    F) Schizophrenia
    G) Agarophobia
    H) Insomnia

    • Your patient recently revealed to you about her child hood sex abuse, and request you to give her your contact number so that she can contact you incase of emergency, You should.
    A) Give your personal mobile number
    B) Your clinic’s after hours number
    C) Give the contact number of the counsellors of the local area
    D) Refer her to psychiatry specialist
    E) Do not give any contact number

    • A lady writes a letter to you.,
    “ I don’t believe in taking the medicines any more because it is boring and in 2 hours time I am going on a holiday, I don’t under stand why is it so difficult to convince this man (the words were not exact but a similar jump of ideas from one to another irrelevant ones) your diagnosis is:
    A) Confabulation
    B) Flight of Ideas
    C) Paranoid personality
    D) Delusion
    E) Illusion

    • Your colleague asks for a prescription for Nitrazepam because he has some difficulty getting sleep related to anxiety of examns, You should
    A) Refer him to a specialist
    B) Give diazepam instead
    C) Give one week of Nitrazepam and review
    D) Inform the Department about his behaviour and ask them to review him
    • Who is most likely to have violent behaviours

    A) A criminal
    B) Previous history of violent behaviour
    C) Young man
    D) Homeless

    • Who is at highest risk of suicide (Male)
    A) Single male
    B) Married
    C) Divorced
    D) Homeless
    E) Widowed


    • Olanzepine the commonest side effect is:
    A) Weight gain

    • The 75 year old lady who has been looked after by son has been enrolled for a particular psychiatric drug treatment trial. The mental status assessment at the time of enrolment was26/33, but during the treatment period patient became more disoriented and mental status assessment showed that it is only 13/33. the patient is very confused and is unable to make a decision about continuing the treatment, in this case who is the person that can decide about whether to continue or discontinue treatment is :
    A) Son
    B) Yourself
    C) Ethical approval team of the hospital
    D) Patient only
    E) The sponsoring pharmaceutical company

    • A 70 year old lady comes for check up and you find that she has metastatic cancer and the son who is looking after this lady request you not to tell her about the cancer, You should:
    A) Information can not be hidden based on son’s request
    B) Ask him to discuss with other relative
    C) you have to act according to your judgement ????

    • 22 year old man with infectious mononucleosus suddenly collapses, the cause?
    A) Splenic rupture
    B) Malignancy
    C) Gastric bleeding ?

    • Commonest cause for post operative bleeding, who received 13 units of blood during the surgery:
    A) Hypocalcemia
    B) DIC ?
    C) Thrombocytopenia
    D) Vitamin K def.

    • Commonest complication of epidural anaesthesia for labour;
    A) Hypotension
    B) Obstructed labour
    C) Ceasarian section
    D) Infection

    • 65 year old lady who has blurred vision on going out in the sun, otherwise health and vision including near vision is OK, the diagnosis: (repeat from AMCQ)
    A) Cataract
    B) Retinal hemorrhage
    C) Retinal detachment

    • A patient with history of weakness of the right interrosseous muscle and small muscles of the right hand associated with paralysis and loss of reflex of brachioradialis; the biceps and triceps reflex are preserved the site of lesion:

    A) Radial nerve
    B) Anterior interrosei nerve
    C) Posterior interossei
    D) Ulnar
    E) Median nerve

    • The nerve injured if the patient has inability to extend the foot with some sensory loss at the dorsum of foot on the lateral side: ankle and knee jerk normal
    A) Sciatic
    B) L5
    C) L4
    D) Sural
    E) Common peroneal nerve.

    • In Mallet deformity after an injury to the index finger:
    A) Pt cannot either flex of extend the distal interphalangeal joint
    B) Distal interphalangeal joint has all the movement passively, but active extension is not possible
    C) Proximal interphalangeal joint is the site of involvement
    D) The metacarpophalangeal joint is primarily involved.

    • A 40 year old lady comes to you with recent onset of blurred vision; you have diagnosed upper temporal retinal detachment; Before transporting the patient to the referral centre, the immediate management should aim at

    A) transporting the patient with head tilted to the back
    B) Pilocarpine

    • A young man presented with severe head ache in the occipital region, visual disturbance on right side of short duration, and O/E there is neck stiffness. The diagnosis is:

    A) Atlanto-axial rotational dislocation
    B) Basilar artery infarction
    C) Meningioma

    • Cause for greenish discharge from one nipple:
    A) Duct ectasia
    B) Ductal Papilloma
    C) Fat necrosis
    D) Breast abscess

    • Which is the best indicator of Zygomatic bone fracture
    A) CSF rhinorhea
    B) Inability to completely open the mouth
    C) Diplopia /? Visual disturbance

    • 75 year old man while opening the windows in the morning noticed a sharp pain in the left hand and on CXR there is compression fracture of the T4 thoracic vertebra and multiple lytic lesions, You should:
    A) Do a full bonescan
    B) Densitometry
    C) Protein electrophoresis
    D) Abdominal USG
    E) Renal scan

    • 65 year old lady noticed pain along the back of the shoulder after forcefully opening the window and xray spine revealed compression fracture of the neck with generalized osteoporosis. Treatment?
    • 14 year old obese boy ( BMI >35) complains of pain in hip and limping after a sports activity ( history is more like a slipped femoral epiphysis.. I don’t remember the exact words). The diagnosis is
    A) Slipped femoral epiphysis
    B) Fracture hip
    C) Osteochondritis dessicans
    D) Perthes disease

    • The most important step in the management of severely compound (open wound) fracture of tibia:
    A) Debridement
    B) Antibiotics
    C) Hyperbaric oxygen
    D) Rigid internal fixation
    E) External fixation

    • Commonest orthopaedic problem causing arterial thrombosis;
    A) Fracture neck of femur
    B) Knee dislocation
    C) Patellar fracture
    D) Posterior dislocation of hip
    E) Fracture surgical neck of humerus

    • Lady on Estrogen/Progestogen combination OCP, now needed to be given Warfarin, the best thing would be:
    A) Increase the dose of estrogen and add warfarin
    B) Decrease the dose of estrogen and add warfarin
    C) Increase the dose of both
    D) Give a higher dose of warfarin and same OCP

    • 33 year old obese smoker (BMI 34) comes with epigastric pain and endoscopy revealed a lower esophageal mucosal changes with some ulcerations, H.pylori test was negative. The most important step in the management would be:

    A) Weight reduction
    B) Stopping the smoking
    C) Ranitidine
    D) Omeprazole
    E) H.P eradication combination with omez

    • Acute duodenal ulcer with bleeding management:

    A) H.P eradication combination with omez
    B) H.P eradication combination with ranitidine
    C) IV ranitidine
    D) IV omeprazole

    • ? 65 year old lady with bleeding from the duodenal ulcer the management:
    A) Surgical
    B) IV OMEZ

    • Middle year old man with history of lobar pneumonia treated with adequate antibiotics for 7 days, now complains of persistence of fever and chest pain on cough, diagnosis:
    A) Empyema
    B) Lung abscess
    C) Pneumothorax
    D) ?TB

    • After thyroidectomy, the lady develops difficulty breathing ( ? stridor) due to obstruction of trachea, the management?
    A) Intubate from the recovery bed
    B) Surgical explore under GA
    C) Release of the stich

    • The commonest cause of DKA
    A) Known IDDM with missing insulin dose
    B) Known NIDDM
    C) Foot ulcer infection
    D) Undiagnosed NIDM

    • The most important factor in the treatment of DKA
    A) SQ insulin
    B) NS infusion
    C) IV insulin
    D) IV Potassium
    E) Na HCO3

    • 65 year old man with acute knee joint arthritis, and on aspiration, calcium pyrophosphate was identified, the treatment
    A) Colchicine
    B) Azathioprine
    C) Piroxicam
    D) Antibiotics
    E) Paracetamol

    • Middle year man with history of acute abdominal pain, similar history earlier on, and physical examination revealed pulsatile epigastric mass, BP borderline, tachycardiac, the immediate management:
    A) An urgent vascular surgeon consultation
    B) CT chest and abdomen
    C) Urgent embolectomy
    D) Aortic angiogram
    E) ?

    • 55 year old man with pruritis, dark urine and right upper quadrant discomfort, on examination cystic mobile mass felt on the right upper quadrant, the possible diagnosis?
    A) Ca Head of pancreas
    B) Mucoid cyst of gall bladder
    C) Acute cholelithiasis
    D) Hepatitis
    E) Ca gall bladder

    • 45 or so year old man with features of acromegaly, the most important investigation:
    A) CT head
    B) Growth hormone assay
    C) Prolactin assay
    D) Dexamethazone suppression test

    • Middle year old man with isolated hyperprolactinemia of >5000, testosterone level normal, the diagnosis

    • Commonest cause for blood stained discharge from the nipple:
    A) Ca Breast
    B) Duct papilloma
    C) Duct ectasia
    D) Breast abscess

    • 15 year old girl with primary amenorrhea, her height and breast development and pubic hair are same as the classmates; the most important history would be
    E) Periodic abdominal pain
    F) Urinary infections
    G) When was the growth spurt started

    • 13 year old girl who is not yet attained menarche, who is smaller than her peers and there is no breast development, but some pubic hair growth. She doesn’t like to have a physical examination, the best investigation to be done is:
    A) Thyroid function test
    B) B hCG
    C) Vaginal USG

    • Atrophic vaginitis commonly presents with
    A) Painless vaginal bleeding
    B) Asymptomatic
    C) Treated with..

    D) ????? An obese lady who received epidural anaesthesia, who required to give lots of fluid during the anaesthesia and head had to be extended during the surgical procedure, and arm abducted for the IV medications, now complains of radial nerve palsy on that side, the cause

    A) Hyper extension of the neck
    B) Excessive epidural
    C) Excessive fluid administered thru the IV on the affected hand

    • A Lady who was received epidural pethidine high dose (?Upto 300 mg), in labour, after 10 hours of labur (Occipito posterior) noted to have normal CTG tracings with normal variation has been changed to more wide spred variation and HR down to 90/min, the cause for increasing brady
    A) Excessive moulding
    B) Higher dose of pethidine depressing baby
    C) Cord prolapse

    • A middle year old lady who had knee joint pain for a while and who has been refusing to get treatment, now complains of severe pain and tenderness developed after involving in a sport activity, the cause (the original stem is much bigger than this)…
    A) Rupture of popliteal cyst
    B) Rupture ? Baker’s cyst
    C) Fracture ???
    D) ??

    • Lady in 20s comes with fever and sore throat and thyroid scan shows reduced intake of thyroid and on examination there is goitre (the whole picture looks like subacute thyroiditis to me,) the diagnosis
    A) Subacute thyroiditis
    B) Graves disease
    C) Papillary carcinoma thyroid
    • 65 year old lady with rapid enlargement of parotid gland with facial nerve palsy, the diagnosis
    A) pleomorphic adenoma
    B) Warthin’s tumour
    C) Adeno carcinoma parotid
    D) Chronic parotitis

    • Young lady with 3 months history of easy bruising and lab inv. Shows severe neutropenia, thrombocytopenia (similar to a question in AMCQ where the answer was acute leukemia), diagnosis:
    A) Acute leukemia
    B) Viral illness
    C) CML
  26. AMC Buster

    AMC Buster Guest

    my recalls

    i was going to put my post bit later but since Dr. Johny has really covered many questions which i was about to add to my recalls i think now my addition to Dr. Johny recall shud be helpful and complete more or less most questions.
    CAUTION ==> i have tried to put togather recalls best to what i remember but they might be wrong or what i have interpreted rather than what it was exactly in the question. so once again i wud advice u concentrate more on themes and options given in the questions rather than just finding ans to the question
    BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF U who going to appear in near future and again pray for us as the days i wrote recalls i remembered mistakes i made :(

    also there were different options for the similar questions which made different ans as i appeared in brisbane and my friend in mel and we had few such questions

    Sept 2007

    *1. 2 persons for BLS what will u do
    a. 5/2 massage / breath
    b. middle of the chest compression
    c. heart compressions @ 100/min
    d. 2 cm compression of sternum
    e. check radial pulse every 2 min

    2. pt comes with diabetic ketoacidosis what is ur most important management
    a. k+ infusion
    b. bicarbs
    c. 5% Dex
    d. I can’t remember for saline option bcoz I was looking for that but other guy told that there was saline option and there was definetly no insulin

    3. who are more prone to get DKA
    a. pt of IDDM who miss their insulin injection
    b. undiagnosed IDDM comes directly
    c. undiagnosed NIDDM
    d. infection in IDDM
    e. NIDDM forgets to take oral hypoglycemics

    4. pt. having muscle weakness on 2 medicines one was simvastatin
    What is the cause of the weakness
    a. to me only appropriate response was Rabdomyolysis
    can’t remember other options now

    *5. 3 year old kid what can he do
    a. dress without supervision
    b. hop on 1 leg
    c. draw a man recognisable
    d. climb on stairs

    6. 3 questions were on SSRI’s there were given symptoms and all ans were serotonin syndrome

    9. one aged male presents with fresh bleeding per rectum which is separate from fecal matter he had radiation therapy for his ca prostate 1 year back what is the most likely cause for his symptoms
    a. diverticulosis
    b. ca colon
    c. crohn’s
    d. radiation proctitis

    *10. olenzapine most common side effect
    a. Weight gain
    b. Depression

    11. one young person was on drugs and had long list of symptoms given typical for schizophrenia with auditory hallucination, thought insertion, withdrawal and broadcasting for 6 wks was given Rx after which he recovers completely what was he suffering from?
    a. schiziod personality
    b. schizophreniform disorder
    c. drug withdrawl
    d. depression
    e. schizophrenia

    12. lady getting psychiatric treatment for sexual abuse asks from u asking for ur home phone number so what will u do
    a. give ur afterhour clinic number
    b. give ur personel number
    c. 24 hr emergency councelling number
    d. give number of nearby psychiatric hospital
    e. give the number of nearby hospital

    13. one patient is comes to u at ur gp practice he beats his wife after drinking and the police has taken him into custody and he asks u for his medical report
    a. deny him as u can’t write any medical report
    b. write him nonjudgemental medical report
    c. favor him in ur report saying he has good record
    d. tell him u’ll write the report but will tell that he is good for nothing blah blah

    14. 16 year old with multiple partners now she has come to know about std’s and wants to get check for clamydia what will u do
    a. take serology for PCR
    b. cervical swab for PCR
    c. high vaginal swab
    d. serology
    e. u don’t check

    15. homeless girl 15 yrs behaviour not good which is best option for her
    a. condoms
    b. COP
    c. IUD
    e. Norgestron implant

    16. homeless girl 15 yr miscocious behaviour which is worst option for her
    a. POP
    b. COP
    c. Sequential oes/proges
    d. depo provera
    e. implant

    17. 14 yr old with unilateral scrotal mass non tender doesn’t go while lying down and can get over it. What is the most probable cause
    a. testicular cancer
    b. hernia
    c. hydrocele
    d. tortion
    e. epidedimal cyst

    18. pic of bowen’s disease from anthology

    19. pic of hard immobile swelling from birth on left eyebrow no punctum
    a. osteoma of frontal bone
    b. lipoma
    c. sebaceous cyst

    pic of Mammography and US from anthology book

    20. 14 yr short stature hyperextensibility of joints and skin and delayed healing
    a. marfan’s
    b. ehler danlos syndrome
    c. cutis aplasia

    21. patient with turner’s syndrome wants to get pregnant
    a. IVF
    b. take her egg and implant in other womb
    c. surrogate motherhood

    22. pt. with transient left hemiplegia with rightside blindness what is the most likely finding u’ll see
    A. bruit on left carotid
    b. bruit on right carotid
    c. cerebral haemmorage on CT

    23. Aboriginal alcoholic, never gone to GP signs of LVF , JVP raised, diastolic murmur tapping heart sound
    a. Mitral stenosis
    b. Alcoholic cardiomyopathy
    c. Alcoholic cirrosis

    24. a child had neonatal jaundice person wanted to study the cause of neonatal jaundice he gets hospital records of children with neonatal jaundice and those who didn’t had neonatal jaundice and prenatal and perinatal course of those who had neonatal jaundice so what kind of study he is doing?
    a. cohort study
    b. case control study

    25. 40 yr old with recurrent DVT for last 10 years cause?
    a. C- protein deficiency
    b. Thombo module indeficiency
    c. underlying malignancy
    d. smoking

    26. pt with jaundice, pruritis cholecystectomy 7 yrs back, dark colored urine what is most appropriate inv
    a. cholangiography
    b. US
    c. ERCP
    d. CT Scan

    27. 16 yr old girl 1o amenorrhoe ht & wt and other features are same as classmates she doesn’t want to get examined which is the most appropriate question to be asked
    a. when ur pubic and axillary hair growth started
    b. when ur breast development started
    c. when was her mother’s menarche started
    d. intermittent lower abd pain

    28. 16 yo girl’s height 25th percentile some other hint was given pointing to turner’s what is the most appropriate investigation
    a. karyotyping
    b. CT head
    c. US abd
    d. Curettage

    29. 8wks pregnant with UTI culture done showing E-coli resistant to amoxicillin, cephalosporins, genta,
    a. Amoxiclav
    b. erythro
    c. Penicillin
    d. doxycillin
    e. ceforoxime

    30. given some disease ….culture done showing ……sensitivity to 5 drugs and in the choices were given all 5 drugs

    31. 80 yr old complains of sore wrist which happened after an accident on examination peripheral vision loss & small left side pupil, opacity of lens.what will u do most appropriate
    a. review driving licence
    b. retinal examination
    c. urgent CT head
    d. check IOP
    e. refer for cataract surgery

    32. old women complains of problems to see in bright light but confirms she can read without problem
    a. macular degeneration
    b. cataract
    c. glaucoma
    d. retinal detachment

    33. pt comes with red eye on examination follicles on upper eyelid no change in eye acuity
    a. uveitis
    b. conjunctivitis
    c. iritis
    d. corneal ulcer

    34. red eye pic. With pupil dilated With scenario sounded like acute glaucoma ur management?
    a. pilocarpine
    b. antibiotics
    c steroids
    d. acetazolamide

    35. a 60 year old man with jaundice and no pain on examination there is a mass in rt hypochondrium which moves down on respiration what is the most likely diagnosis
    a. acute cholecystitis
    b. CBD stone
    c. pancreatic Ca

    36 a 42 year old lady comes to u with mass in right upper outer quadrant which is hard and mobile, no pain her mother had Ca breast at age of 65 no one else in the family has history of Ca breast what is the most appropriate step
    a. reassure her it is normal finding
    b. follow up in 2 weeks
    c. Mammogram and reassure if normal
    d. FNAC
    e. excision

    37. A 55 yr old lady comes to u bcoz she is afraid she might get Ca breast as her sister has been diagnosed with Ca breast she is 60. No one else has Ca breast in her family what would u advice.
    a. yearly mammography
    b. yearly US
    c. 2 yearly mammography
    d. 2 yearly US
    e. 2 yearly mammography & US

    38. a lady had supraclavicular lymph nodes which is least likely to cause it
    a. Breast cancer
    b. Ca stomach
    c. Ca broncus
    d. Ca thyroid
    e. melanoma of the arm (of same side to lymph nodes can’t remember Lt or Rt)

    39. calculate size of endotracheal tube in children
    a. age/4 + 4
    b. Weight/4 +4

    40. a 34 year old lady comes to u with past history of abdominal surgery she has 4 weeks amennorhea, central abdominal pain, vomiting for 2 days and she has hyperactive bowel sounds BP normal can’t remember if ps was given then probably mild tachycardia. What is the investigation of choice
    a. B HCG
    b. FBC
    c. erect & supine Xray
    d. amylase

    41. 26 yr old lady with 8 wks of ammenorrhea what is the best way to diagnose ectopic pregnancy?
    a. B hcg
    b. transvaginal US showing empty uterus sac
    c. P/V adnexal mass
    d. TVS showing tubal mass

    42. pic of CT- EDH from anthology

    43. pic of ulcers on one leg it was on the lateral side shiny leg with hyperemia and the ulcers base were hyperemic as well as sloughy to me it looked like tropical ulcer or cellulitis but not venous or arterial ulcer so questioned they asked was what is most appropriate management
    a. antibiotics and bed rest
    b. heparin infusion
    c subcutaneous low wt heparin
    d. steroid

    44. Pic of male genitalia with phemosis, hyperemia, erection and 2 vesicles on it
    What is the diagnosis?
    a. paraphimosis
    b. balantitis
    c. streptococcal cellulitis
    d. priapism
    e. chordee

    45. pic of male genitilia with one sided hyperemia of testis
    a. epidedimytis

    46. pic of retina showing multiple small blackish spots and blood vessels looked to me normal i.e not tortuous or hyperemic what is ur diagnosis
    a. diabetic retinopathy
    b. multiple small infarcts
    c. hypertensive retinopathy
    d. papilloedema

    47. clinical features of acromegaly asked for appropriate investigation
    a. growth hormone

    48. clinical features given of SLE what is the intial treatment
    a. hydroxychloroquine
    b. steroids
    c. azathioprin
    d. sun block creams
    e. NSAIDS

    49. a cardiac patient with swelling & pain of knee on aspiration of fluid there was calcium pyrophosphate what is ur initial management for pain
    a. steroids
    b. indometacin
    c. allopurinol
    d. colchicine

    50. 50 year old male with severe pain on shoulder & left arm & rash appears on next day what is ur management
    a. Aciclovir
    b. amitriptalline
    c. Opiods
    d. steroids

    51. a lady with epigastric pain endoscopy done showing duodenal ulcer urease negative ur treatment
    a. i/v omeprazole
    b. antibiotics
    c ranitidine
    d. triple therapy

    52. all are signs of duodenal ulcer except
    a. epigastric pain
    b. pain before meals
    c. loss of appetite
    d. melena

    53. a man with BMI- 28 drinking alcohol 2 standard glass and smoking 40 cig/day is having hemetemesis endoscopy bleeding peptic ulcer what wud u do
    a. advice to lose wt and stop alcohol
    b. advice to stop smoking and lose wt
    c. PPI

    54. a new born baby with grunting respiration, tachypnea, after 2 hrs of birth his apgar was 2 at 1 min, 7 at 3 min and 10 at 5 min he is maintaining saturation at 45% O2 what is the most probable cause
    a. transient tachypnea
    b. meconium aspiration syndrome
    c. diaphragmatic hernia
    d. hyaline membrane disease

    55. a 2 months baby boy with transluminient swelling of testis what would u advice
    a. immediate surgery
    b. surgical referral
    c. tell him not to worry as this condition may resolve itself by 1 or 2 years

    56. what is the most common problem associated with undecended testis
    a. indirect inguinal hernia
    b. direct inguinal hernia
    c. testicular tumor
    d. torsion

    57. 3 yr old boy with pain abd mass to the left side of lower abdomen not crossing the midline. On urine examination has microscopic hematuria
    a. wilm’s tumour
    b. neuroblastoma
    c. polycystic kidney

    58. a boy cycling in bushes had bite on his leg came to hospital and want to confirm if it is snake bite how u confirm?
    a. wound scrape
    c. urine sample

    59. a 14 months old boy mainly on cow feed is having poor wt gain and pale diagnosis
    a. hemolytic disease
    b. congenital disease
    c. malabsorption
    d. iron deficiency

    60. 18 months old boy not gaining much weight is having poor wt gain since the time of weaning from breast feed he is having since that time 3-4 stools per day. What would u do to confirm diagnosis
    a. sweat test
    b. antiglidian antibodies
    c small intestine biopsy
    d stool test for ova, culture
    e. fat globules in stool

    61. a 14 months old child with 2 days history of diarrhea and vomiting. Vomiting has stopped but still having 4-5 stools/day. He is still taking his usual milk & food. What is investigation to confirm diagnosis
    a. antiglidian a/b
    b. fat globules in stool
    c. ova in stool
    d. reducing stool test

    62. case scenario of diarrhea in infants i can’t remember exactly what but was clearly benign and seemed to rota virus
    a. Rota virus
    b. bacterial
    c. fungal

    63. a girl given history of prolonged bleeding with father and brother also suffer from bleeding disorder as well. her bleeding time prolonged
    a. hemophilia
    b. hemophilia minor
    c. von willebrand’s disease
    d. ITP

    64. a girl is given to have classical migraine symptoms for 2 years given opoids for last few severe attacks she presents again with acute attack what will u do?
    a. injection of sumitriptan
    b. oral propronalol
    c. increase dose of opioids

    65. a lady having headache for most of the day at work both sides temples and forehead
    a. migraine
    b. tension headache
    c. cluster headache

    66. a 50 yr old male with diarrhea and bleeding per rectum for few months he is also having anal fissure what is the most likely diagnosis
    a. Ca colon
    b. diverticulosis
    c. UC
    d. Crohn’s
    e GE

    67. a pt with recent history of MI had ischemic stroke and is having pain abd with fresh bleeding per rectum.
    a. angiodysplasia
    b. diverticulosis
    c. haemorroids
    d. duodenal ulcer

    68. a premature new born presents with abd distention, mucous and bleeding per rectum
    a. necrotizing enterocolitis

    69. a 26 year old male with h/o back pain after heavy lifting no other signs and symptoms
    a. bed rest and analgesia
    b. MRI
    c. X-ray lumber spine
    d. antibiotics

    70. 80 yo female with massive spleenomegaly,raised platelets, leucocytosis, on pbf ankilocytosis, poikilocytosis, granulocytes
    a. myelofibrosis
    b. CLL
    c. AML
    d. CML

    71. 50 yr old pt comes with pain radiating from T8 to right side of the chest with spastic papa paresis most likely cause
    a. G-B Syndrome
    b. Multiple Sclerosis
    c. Spinal cord compression
    d. Springomyelia
    e. Herpes

    72. which is not characteristic of G-B syndrome
    a. loss of deep tendon reflex
    b. loss of sensations
    c. FEV1 reduced on spirometry

    73. pt presents with hemoptysis and hematuria ( I couldn’t make diagnosis if it is wegner’s or good pasture)
    a. GBM antibodies
    b. Antinuclear antibodies
    c. Renal biopsy

    74. pt with h/o rupture membrane 36 hr prior to labour had fever of 38.5 during labour and child is normal at birth with apgar 10 at 5 min after 10 hrs baby presents cynosis respiratory distress, excessive crying.
    a. Sepsis
    b. TOF
    c. PGA

    75. to give dose of anti –D to mother what is least helpful
    a. Kleihauser test
    b. Cord test
    c. Mother’s ICT
    d. Father’s RH
    e. Amniotic fluid check

    76. mother wants to do non invasive downs test which has the most specific test with least false positive
    a. amniocentisis
    b. Nuchal translucency US
    c. Nuchal translucency on US with triple test

    77. 16 wk pregnant lady has been told to have chances of down syndrome 1/5 she wants to abort if down’s baby what will u do
    a. Abort baby
    b. Send for down’s counsel
    c. Amniocentesis
    d. CVS
    e. US

    78. primigravida ICT positive at 12 wks gestational age confirmed with first trimester US at 24wks uterine fundal height appropriate to gestation but at 26 wks fundal height was equal to 34 wks diagnosis
    a. foetal hydrops
    b. wrong date
    c. acute polyhydrominos
    d. macrosomia

    79. pregnant lady G2p1 visits u in 1st trimester h/o shoulder dystocia with baby wt 4.8kg she is afraid of having similar problems. how will u evaluate pt in this preganancy
    a. GTT at 26 wks
    b. Glycosuria at each visit ( by protocol I shud chk her GTT on very first visit but there was no such option and since at 26 wks we anyways normally do GTT so I clicked on this option)
    c. Xray pelvimetry
    d. Serial US to assess birth wt of baby

    80. which is trigger factor in asthma patient ( I had never heard of any of the other options b4 so I could just remember 2. I don’t know even if they are trigger factor for asthma)
    a. citric acid
    b. sulphides

    81. 14 yo 98 percentile wt. comes with painful limp abduction and flexion limited
    a. slipped epiphysis
    b. perthes
    c. transient sinovitis
    d. fracture neck of femur

    82. 24 yr old lady with post coital bleeding most common cause
    a. Ca cervix
    b. Cervical Ectropion
    c. Trichomoniasis

    83. action of COP
    a. Hypothalamus
    b. Cervical mucus
    c. Pitutory
    d. Uterus
    e. Ovary

    84. a 8 wk pregnant lady with h/o post partum psycosis in her previous pregnancy which was 4 yrs back she took imipramine for 2 yrs and now afraid that this pregnancy might precipitate symptoms what wud u do.
    a. prophylactic start imipramine
    b. take psychiatric opinion
    c. still early to do anything start Rx in later pregnancy

    85. 42 yr old lady with greenish toothpaste like discharge and inverted nipple
    a. ductal ectasia
    b. ductal papilloma
    c. paget’s
    d. abscess

    86. child with hard mass on the lateral border of sternocleoid mastoid muscle his neck is bend on the side of mass
    a. sternocleoid mastoid tumor
    b. brachial cyst
    c. cystic hygroma
    d. cervical LN

    87. a couple has child with cystic fibrosis what are the chances of them having next baby with same disease
    a. ¼
    b. ½
    c. 1/25
    d. 1/100

    88. a girl with galactorrhea MRI done showing pituatory adenoma of 6mm what is the treatment of choice
    a. give dopamine agonists
    b. transsphenoidal pitutory tumor resection
    c. transfrontal tumour resection
    d. steroids
    e. hormonal

    89. a 30 yr lady with high LH & FSH normal prolactin on us 3-4 small cysts in ovary having amennorhea of 2 yr is currently not having any sexual relations and doesn’t want any pregnancy in future as well. Treatment
    a. hormonal therapy
    b. hysterectomy

    90. baby of 6 weeks having intermittent vomiting (non-projectile) his wt is same as last week. What is the cause?
    a. GERD
    b. UTI
    c. Pyloric stenosis
    d. Intussusception
    e. Duodenal atresia

    91. a man with mild abdominal distention slight total bilirubin raised and slight ALT & AST raised, GGT raised , albumin 28(decreased), globulin normal
    a. cholelithiasis
    b. peritoneal malignancy
    c. chronic liver disease

    92. a child has condition he is been given fluids he is passing urine @ 45 ml/hr pic. From anthology also given for this condition which is showing pyloric stenosis how much potassium u’ll add to fluids
    a. 5mmol/day
    b. 25 mmol/day
    c. 50 mmol/day
    d. more than 50 mmol/day
    e. no need for potassium supplement

    93. a neonate cries and cyanosed whenever gets feed had episodes of pneumonia and on auscultations cracle sounds what is the investigation of choice
    a. barium swallow
    b. xray

    94. similar history as previous history but this time there is clear chest on auscultation
    a. barium swallow

    95. teenager plays football comes to u with c/o pain in chest pic shown from the lateral side showing one side of chest with gynecomastia and he is on steroid Rx. What is the cause of this condition
    a. his steroids Rx
    b. anabolic steroids
    c. normal for age

    96. teenager who likes to play hard metals music doesn’t like to be with his parents and doesn’t like them he fights with them. Mother is concerned what would u do
    a. tell mother it is normal behaviour
    b. psychiatric consultation
    c. have appointment with teenager alone

    97. why do youngsters gamble more in Australia
    a. they think it is acceptable
    b. the gambling places are easily accessable
    c. no strict law
    d. parents not refraining them

    98. a teenager after watching movie is afraid of spiders what wud u do
    a. watch movie urself b4 making any comment
    b. desensitization therapy

    99. who is least likely to commit suicide
    a. married
    b. single
    c. widowed
    d. divorcee
    e. old age

    100. those living close to airports mostly suffer from
    a. insomnia
    b. bipolar
    c. schizophrenia

    101. a old lady with confusion blood test done showing increased calcium in blood, normal phosphate and alk phos not given, urine normal dignosis
    a. multiple myeloma
    b. hypercalcaemic hypercalciurea
    c. malignancy
    d. hyperparathyroidism

    102. 8 yo. Girl imitating sex on playground mother is worried comes to u. what will u do
    a. tell normal behaviour
    b. report sexual abuse
    c. behavioural therapy
    d. refer to psychiatrist

    103. a 3 yr old unable to walk properly or climb stairs he has waddling gait what would u do to confirm diagnosis
    a. tensilon test
    b. electromyograpgy
    c. creatine kinase

    104. a neonate u suspect to have congenital dysplasia fo hip what is the investigation of choice
    a. US
    b. X-ray
    c. CT

    105. a 26 wk pregnant lady with rupture of membranes at 26 wks which test will tell of the likelihood of preterm delivery
    a. fibronectin
    b. CTG
    c. US

    106. a 22 yo lady comes to u as her friend is having endometriosis she wants to know if she is not having same problem. How to reliably exclude this condition.
    a. bimanual examination
    b. US

    107. what is the best investigation to investigate distal urinary tract
    a. Retrograde Pyelogram
    b. IVP
    c. US

    108. A young man having pain in knee especially after exercise
    a. osteochondritis
    b. septic arthritis
    c. osteoarthritis
    d. fracture

    109. a man comes with history of intermittent claudication what is the initial investigation
    a. ankle brachial pressure index
    b. Doppler
    c. Arteriography
    d. Venography

    110. a man comes to u with intermittent claudication of left leg on ankle brachial pressure rt leg was 1.25 and left leg 0.85 what would u do next
    a. Doppler
    b. Arteriography
    c. Heparin

    111. which artery most commonly involved with claudication
    a. superficial femoral artery

    112. a pregnant lady comes to u with history of UTI on culture it is ECOLI resistant to amoxicillin what wud u recommend her
    a. Amoxiclav
    b. Cephalosporin
    c. Doxycycline
    d. Trimethoprim
    e. gentamycin

    113. a kid with difficulty breathing while lying down he is fine upright, afebrile ….blah blah blah
    a. laryngomalacia

    114. Xray- patient with history of 40 cig/day also had cough worked in asbestos factory. In xray left lower lobe was gone completely and there was not much changes on the rt side
    a. mesothelioma
    b. Ca Bronchus

    115. xray given clinical picture of COPD and left heart failure. On xray it looked to me obliterated CP angle, cardiomegally and bilateral symmetrical shadowing as if pulmonary oedema
    a. acute on chronic bronchitis
    b. left heart failure

    116. a fire fighter is brought to u wid superficial burns while saving an old lady in a building on fire. he is coughing carbonaceous soot, rest examination is normal. immediate management
    a intubate
    b I v fluids
    c admission n observation

    117. all of the following are present in mycoplasma pneumonia except
    a severe cough
    b fever
    c chest pain
    d bilateral patchy infiltrate
    e insidious onset

    118. a child comes to u with high fever n chills, cough, flaring of ala nasi. on cxr they had given findings similar to pneumatocoeles( mind u no image given, just description). Dx
    a staph
    b pnumoccoccal
    c mycoplasma

    119. post MI patient after 10 days went in sudden shock pulse110 bp 80 systolic. urgent ecg done ( ecg strip given, I think it was sinus tachycardia only) wat investigation will u do next
    a cxr
    b troponin
    c holters monitoring
    d transoesophageal echo
    e transthoracic echo

    at Melbourne centre the options were changed wid same stem. d and e options were changed

    one more question asked in two different ways in the two centres

    at Melbourne
    120. a pt comes to u wid severe chest pain since one hour. pulse 60 bp 90/70 ecg given ( I think it was inferior mi) wat will u do next
    a thrombolytic therapy
    b dopamine
    c iv fluids
    d morphine

    at Brisbane
    ecg of inferior mi. wat will u do next
    a troponin t all other options were investigations, not management

    121. ecg strip of wpw syndrome given( wide qrs wave and delta wave)

    122. elderly pt with old IHD comes to u with complaint of palpitations and dizziness. on examination jvp raised monophasic waves present. wat do u think his ecg would look like
    five ecg strips given in the options
    a atrial fibrillation
    b complete heart block
    c VF
    d sinus tachycardia

    123. a young male pt comes to you with GTC seizures. u admit the pt, while examination the pt has a muscle twich, ecg monitor beeps and records the ecg(very strange ecg, cudnt make any diagnosis. I think it was a distraction as only a vague ecg will be recorded in a pt with movement)
    a 24 hrs EEG monitoring(MIND U NOT ECG)
    b load with phenytoin
  27. silenteyz

    silenteyz Guest

    wow i dnt think am left wid any q in my mind...hey amc buster where did u take exam?wht if we discuss ans also???
  28. AMC Buster

    AMC Buster Guest


    well i have appeared in brisbane but i'm apprehensive to discuss ans b4 results as i tend to get tense looking at my mistakes hope u understand
  29. AMC Buster

    AMC Buster Guest

    Hi silenteyz

    silenteyz where did u appear for ur exam? what plans do u have after AMC 1? are u applying for jobs now?write me.... my mail address is
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sep 15, AMC MCQ

    1)There was a question about gambling. WHY PEOPLE gamble maybe because they have access to it or way of life etc.

    2)Question of paste like greenish discharge from the breast, the cause?
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi :evil: I am wondering what one should do for the questions have look alaike answers
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    any sit for amc mcqs

    can u tel me any web regarding amc mcqs
  33. sako

    sako Guest

    this is the only site where u can find past recalls
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dr. Sako this is not the only site for MCQs but surely i feel this is the best site of what i know.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well aippg are not going to display the website link of their opponents and rightly so :)
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi..thanks for all the help..could u post me the answers...i have nearly 1.5 months left..could u tell me how my approach should be in these last few days..wat i need to focus on..which book to refer for ecgs..plz let me know at earliest
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well i can just tell u how i prepared for my exams and it worked for me but don't know if it would helpful to u. i prepared for exactly 1.5 months but i had a gud study partner who helped me out. what i wud suggest you is throughly go thru all the past papers and search for their ans. and not just ans but also find about the other 3-4 options which are given and study those topics bcoz what AMC normally does is they pretty much keep the question same and just change few words here and there and that wud make different ans so if u'll prepare the other options as topics u'll be better prepared.

    u try to solve the questions and put ur ans on web u'll get quite number of opinions here on this forum :)

    best of luck for ur exam.
  38. guesty

    guesty Guest

    cystic fibrosis

    hi everyone ...all the best.
    regarding cystic fibrosis...the occourance risk is 1/2000.i guess the answer is written in oxford hand book of clinical specialities (peadiatrics)
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi, about the cystic fibrosis risk:
    If they already had a CF child it means they are both carrier, therefore the chance of having a child with CF is always 1 in 4 = 25%!

    Anyone knows the answer to the abdominal tumor in children question 6:
    Whats ore common Wilms tumor or Neuroblastoma in a 3yr old child with abdominal mass?

    What about the research with the study designs? My answers would be case control studies for both answers.
    What do you guys think?
  40. sako

    sako Guest



    who are least likely to commit suicide
    a. single
    b. married ***
    c. divorcee
    d. sepratee
    e. old age

    what will a 3 year child do
    a. dress without supervision
    b. hop on 1 leg
    c. climb the stairs ***
    d. draw a recognisable man

    who are more likely to have violent behaviour
    a. young man
    b. a criminal
    c. with history of violent behaviour ***
    d. homelessness
  41. sako

    sako Guest


    The answers are marked with *** any comments welcome.

    1.20 yr old girl presented wid poscoital bleeding.most likely cause is

    cin2 ***( risk increases with multiple sexual partners, sex before age 18, childbirth before age 16, or a past history of STDs. Treatment is usually cryosurgery or conisation.)
    cervical ca
    cervical ectropion

    2.8yr old giral doing well in school everything normal teachers are concerned becoz she mimics intercourse in the p-layground wen children around.cause?

    normal behaviour
    sexual abuse ***

    3.wht is the most important demographic variable for the violent behaviour?

    age more than25
    past history of violent behaviour ***

    4.a young university student who is intelligent n doing well in studies n only child of a single mother enjoys wearing clothes of his mother n now he is saying tht he will himself buy such clothes for him to enjoy more.his behaviour is jst confined at home n mother is nt concerned.diagnosis?

    gender id disorder
    transvetism fetishism ***

    5.25yr old lady presents wid central abdominal pain n she had had her last periods 4 wks before.wht investigation u will do?

    ct scan
    urine b hcg ( can't answer on the basis of information given )

    6.a 3 yr child presented wid severe central abdominal pain.on palpation u find a hard mass just to the left of the umbilicus.wht is ur diagnosis

    wilms tumor *** (bUT NOT SURE)
    polycystic kidney

    7.13 yr old girl presented wid complaint of periods of 10 days for last three months. menstruation started 12 months back.wht will u advice her

    reassure ***

    8.a G2P1 presenteed to ur office telling tht her first child has cystic much chances are there for the nxt baby?
    1:4 ***
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi sako, thank you for posting all this!!! Do you have the rest of the answers, too? I find some of the questions very hard! Panicking a bit as I am doing the exam in 2 weeks!

    Well, somehow it has to be done.
    And good luck to all doing the AMC MCQ with me October 30th!!!
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi i think the answer of ques no 6 is
    neuroblastoma as wilms tumour must have someother findings as urinary symptoms weight loss
    neuroblastoma is present since birth but present late.

    Q what a 3 yr child would do
    i think he can hop on one leg and i am sure as i have child who just turned 3 :lol:

    Q about research is case control study as it is often retrospective and cohort study is prospective

    i am appearing for 30th oct exam good luck for all of u
    i ll post some confusing questions may be anyone would be able to help me
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi again sako and AMC buster
    have u got ur result by now? how did it go
    anyways good luck with ur results if u havent got it yet

    can anyone of u tell us that on what diseases did u get ECGs
    secondly did u have ny CT scans and Xrays to diagnose the disease in exam?

    some questions i wanted to ask
    1 twin pregnancy, first vertex and second transverse what is the management?

    2 is external cehalic version done now a days?

    3Mastalgia not responding to conservative treatment?

    4 HIV is least likely to be transmitted which blood product
    FFP, whole blood, packed rbcs, cryoprecipitate?

  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    • Father of 24months girl is distressed and brings her to the hospital saying that she has the same symptoms as his neighbour child, who recently been treated for sepsis, which will make you consider that this girl has significant infection and require hospital admission?
    A) fever >39 degreees
    B) screaming and irritable
    C) generalized petechia

    My answer: b

    what do u guys think?
  46. guess

    guess Guest

    C) generalized petechia i think
  47. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

  48. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    In paracetamol poisoning, the cause of morbidity is-
    a- Hepatic injury
    b- Metabolic acidosis
    c- Metabolic alkalosis
    d- Hypoglycemia (cause of mortality)

    In tricyclic anti depressant poisoning WOF are true except:
    a- HCO3 to prevent arrhythmia
    b- Flumazenil should not be given if is due to TCA + Diazepam
    c- Bile acid
    d- Magnesium
    e- Diazepam to

    Regarding bronchial asthma all are true except:
    a- Total lung volume is decreased
    b- Increase in residual volume
    c- Decreased tidal volume
    d- Decreased vital capacity

    WOF are true regarding Asthma except:
    a- It increases Br. Sensitivity
    b- It does not occur after 50 yrs of age
    c- Inspiratory crackles

    A pt. with one sided dullness with shifting of trachea on the same side, Diminished breath sound and respiratory movement. Which of the following is true?
    a- Pleural effusion with collapse

    A 23 yrs old lady with distended abdomen, glositis, muscle wasting, anaemia, macrocytosis, diarrhoea no history of surgery. WOF is true:
    a- Gluten sensitive enterocolitis
    b- Duodenal biopsy is reqd. for confirm the diagnosis
    c- Crohn’s disease
    d- Ulcerative colitis
    e- Pernicious anaemia

    An abattoir worker came with H/O fever, myalgia and dark urine. The most likely cause is
    a- Leptospirosis
    b- Brucellosis

    Regarding eradication of H. Pylori which is true
    a- it helps in healing of the ulcer
    b- Prevents relapse rate
    c- Need for long time therapy

    Which of the following is not true regarding transferrin?
    a- Increased in iron deficiency anaemia
    b- Increase in chronic infection
    c- Decrease in nephritic syndrome
    d- Increased in pregnancy

    Pt. with severe chest pain, absent carotid pulse, pain radiating to the back. What would you find in chest X-ray?
    a- Widening of the mediastinum

    In thyrotoxicosis all of the following are present except
    a- Limb girdle muscle weakness
    b- Small muscle wasting
    c- Atrial fibrillation

    Regarding Myasthenia gravis which is true
    a- Some people does not have antibody
    b- Thymectomy is only done when thymoma is present
    c- Reflexes are diminished after repeated stimulation
    d- EMG always slow
    e- Electomyograph
  49. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    A 3 yr old child is well apart from a cold of few hours duration when put to bed at 6 pm. Her mother finds that she can not wake her at 7 am and notices that she is feverish and had a purpuric rash over her baby. The next step in management is -
    a- lumbar puncture and blood culture and wait for the result
    b- Lumbar puncture, blood culture and treat with penicillin
    c- Lumbar puncture, blood culture and treat with cephathrexine
    d- Observe
    e- Give her paracetamol and wait for more development

    A distressed mother brings her infant to casualty with bruising around the mouth and a broken arm. It’s a good practice to -
    a- Avoid asking how the injuries occurred
    b- Seek a care and protection order immediately
    c- Arrange outpatient psychiatric review after setting the fracture in casualty
    d- Admit to hospital ward
    e- Examine CFS for evidence of intracranial bleeding

    A male infant a birth weight of 2.4 kg. And product of a normal labour becomes jaundiced at the second day. WOF would be the most likely cause of the jaundice?
    a- Physiologic deficiency of glucoronyl transferase
    b- Physiologic rapid destruction of excess red blood cells
    c- Hereditary deficiency of liver enzymes
    d- Iso immunization
    e- Atresia of the bile ducts

    A 4 yr old baby presents with a firm mobile non tender swelling of 3 cm diameter high in the left anterior triangle of the neck. Three days earlier, he had an attack of acute tonsillitis. WOF is most likely to cause of the swelling?
    a- Branchial cyst
    b- Tuberculosis abscess
    c- Thyroglossal cyst
    d- Cervical lymphadenitis
    e- Dermoid cyst

    Jaundice first noted at 16 hrs in a healthy newborn is most likely due to -
    a- Physiological deficiency of glucoronyl transferase
    b- Physiological rapid destruction of excess RBC
    c- Hereditary deficiency of liver enzymes
    d- Atresia of the bile ducts
    e- iso- immunization

    The earliest feature of intussusception is usually -
    a- Abdominal distention
    b- Bouts of screaming followed by periods of pallor and lethargy
    c- An abdominal mass noted by mother
    d- Blood and mucus in stools
    e- Repeated vomiting

    WOF features is not consistent with the diagnosis of febrile convulsion?
    a- Generalized grand mal seizure
    b- Duration of fit 10 min or less
    c- Fever not due to meningeal or cerebral infection
    d- The convulsion occurs in an infant aged 3 months
    e- No localizing neurological sequelae after the convulsion
  50. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    A child of 3 yrs present with redness in the throat, ulceration on lower lip on corner of the mouth -
    a- Infectious mononucleosis
    b- Herpangina
    c- Herpes simplex
    d- Steven Johnson’s syndrome
    e- Diphtheria

    Coarctation of aorta in a 5 yr old -
    a- 30% will have rib notching on x-ray
    b- Delay femoral pulses
    c- Low volume in femoral pulse
    d- Heart failure
    e- Difference in branchial plexus on both sides

    The most common complication of mumps in a boy aged 5 is -
    a- Blocked parotid duct
    b- Orchitis followed by sterility
    c- Encephalomyelitis
    d- Meningo-encephalitis
    e- Myocarditis

    An 8 yr old child presents with a high fever. Physical examination reveals a membranous tonsilar exudate generalized lymphadenopathy, hepato-splenomegaly and a faint macular rash. Which of the following would be most likely to be found?
    a- Raised ASOT (Antistreptolysin Titre)
    b- Atypical lymphocytes in peripheral blood film
    c- Bone marrow shows lymphatic leukaemia
    d- Cytomegalic inclusion bodies in cells from the urinary sediment
    e- Positive Schick test

    The most common cause of ano-rectal bleeding in children is -
    a- Ulcerative colitis
    b- Rectal polyp
    c- Intussusception
    d- Fissure - in - ano
    e- Peptic ulcer

    Death in children from burn injuries in the second week post-burn is due to -
    a- Haemoconcentration
    b- Anaesthesia
    c- Septicemia
    d- Toxemia from protein destruction
    e- Uraemia

    A severely depressed woman with suicidal thoughts, who is two months pregnant should -
    a- Be counseled and reassured
    b- Have the pregnancy terminated
    c- Be treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors at home
    d- BE treated with tricyclic antidepressants at home
    e- Be given a course of ECT in hospital

    A 7 yr old by passes a large bloody stool, the most likely cause is -
    a- Meckel’s diverticulum b- Duodenal ulcer
    c- Polyp of the colon d- Diverticulitis of the colon
    e- Intussusception.

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