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  1. Nova.

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    Can anyone tell abt the things to be covered when counselling a woman during her prenatal visit?
  2. Raj.

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    counsel about ---
    Good dietary habits, avoid alcohol and smoking - explain why?
    Ensure To take Prenatal Vitamins regularly and start if not started yet - esp. folic acid
    Explain when she has to come for regular visits to monitor the growth of the baby and for regulr blood tests on her to keep a watch on her hemoglobin and that a USG will be done at 4 months to screen for development of baby or any problems (anomalies )If it is normal no further USG will be required
    Also If she has any concerns, or notices bleeding or gets pain she can call the nurse - so say I will give u a number or she can also speak to me also if required.-SOS
    Explain to her she can continue with her work( ensure not doing heavy work)and

    about prenatal exercises after second trimester???-

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