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    Hello Friends,

    How much time will be required to prepare for the IELTS? I am targeting for at least 7.5 in each section. Also I am planning to take general IELTS test on 18th of March. Note that my first language is Marathi and most of my education is done in Marathi medium except my engineering :).

    My previous general IELTS score was
    Speaking 6.5, Listening 7, Reading 6, Writing 5.5 Overall 6.5

    Thank you very much for your support and inputs....

    Regards !
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    IELTS Preparation


    There is no fixed time limit for preparation. It all depends on you. If you put in some real hard work and your English is of a reasonably good standard (high school level for Genral and University level for Academic), I think you would do well in the exams. However, 7.5 in each module means quite a high standard. Refer to the IELTS text books, put in some good practice and you will be there.

    Good Luck Amigo


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