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    I wonder if any of you guys can help me out as I am in a rut. I currently plan to give usmle 1 in sep-oct months. I need some tips in registering for the kaplan course. I live in sheffield, uk which makes it a bit difficult to travel to london. would the internet module of kaplan course be sufficient for the test. I must admit that my knowledge in basic sciences is rusted as it has been 5 years since I passed MBBS. Therefore maybe I would require an intensive course.

    I have MRCP and 5 year experience in uk, as an SHO and Specialist Registrar.What score would be sufficient to secure a mathching for internal medicine/medical oncology which I am interested. I am keen to develop a career in Medical Oncology which is very difficult to secure in the UK. Not to mention the recent restrictions placed on the IMGS with work permits.
    Please reply guys.
    Anybody around here giving exams by the way.
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    hi ! deepu2003

    post-UK why not AMC ? why USMLE ??

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    I think australian option of training is going to be equally difficult especially with us having to give AMC exams, and for Medical Oncology, I would have to do the Australian equivalent of the MRCP. This means more SHO jobs before I can become a proper reg. I also gather that australian consultants are not as accomodating as UK or US.

    I know that usmle is risky, but I am confidant that with my current experience I would be able to secure a residency programme. Very hard work though. 2 years of pain and life hopefully would be sorted. I have not heard of people having difficulty in getting visa from uk, especially the ones with MRCP.
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    feedback from UK colleagues are that UK has current and progressive visa restrictions and no longer accomodating incoming non-EEA medics

    USMLE exams is the most difficult standardizing exam in the whole world
    feedback from colleagues ( from Canada , middle East , Japan , UK , ... ) have exams of various names/letters that are a spin off from the USMLE template

    have no Australian feedback yet nor have any idea about AMC question formats thus cannot say how it compares with USMLE
    it will take at least 2 years of consistent studying with a good prep course ( please refer to other posts here ) and a fund for expenses
    as of now estimated current costs at First and Passing attempts are :
    USMLE 1 $660+140
    USMLE 2ck $660+155
    (USMLE 3 $570 + travel [only if H-visa sought])
    USMLE 2cs $1200 + travel
    ERAS $185
    NRMP $90
    State license $240
    Interviews $1000 + travel
    ESTIMATED TOTAL $5,000 + travel to the US (two trips if H-visa sought - one for USMLE 3, one for CSA with interviews)

    this doesn't include living, transportation and other expenses

    if you can do all this studying from your home country it might be good for the sake of support from loved ones and familiar settings of ' Home Sweet Home '

    good luck and best wishes on future endeavors

    staying confident in yourself is key to success no matter what country you decide to practice :)
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    thanks for the feedback. I have currently decided to give mle, whatever the risk. I am confidant that with my knowledge and experience I should do good. MLE 1 would require lots of reading for sure. Money is an issue but I would be able to afford especially when it is over a period of 2 years.
    Is Kaplan online course ($500) the best option for me??
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    i have done my mbbs from pakistan now i m preparing for usmle1 ....i want information can i apply for australia by doind usmle....
    i mean can i apply for australia through usmle

    Dr Asma
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    It isn't any easier in the US as well as US grads are preferred over IMGs. Also many programs these days require applicants to have graduated within 5 years to even apply to their programs.
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    i have just completed my mbbs i am having an ambitition of going to us yhrough usmle can any one guide me through my doubts will i be able work in us while i have completed the step 1 in my place??????
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    hi i want to get 99 marks in all steps of the usmle.4geting these marks which books are best other than kaplan :p
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    hi i have started studying for step 1 . it is really hard after 4 years of mbbs to study indian post graduation experience counted in usa

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