preparing for mrcp 1 jan 2011

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    hi all,i am preparing for mrcp part 1 jan 2011 isa so let's discuss the study plan for everyone.for me, i will study from onexamination and passmedicine 2-3 times,making notes for each branch.reading kalra is also important but i don't know if studying any other book is imp or not .what about u
  2. SaiyajinZ

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    Hi, I'm gonna go for it too!! Plan to study from Karla, Oxford, Onexamination and Passtest, while taking notes.
  3. m.sabagh

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    h am also prepare for jan 2011 my plan is on exam.,passsmed.,karla., ohcm (last one i read during duity)
    my question if my on exam and passmed is old for 2007 i need to register for new website?
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    Hallo evryone..

    I'm planning to give MRCP-1 in jan 2011..thinking of doing onexamination,kalra,easterbrook..
    did u mean oxford handbook?
    if anyone is interested in combined study..feel free to contact me at

    Happy studying,u all!!
  5. dr-JPMC

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    I am also appearing in january 2011

    Hi guys, I hope your study is going well. I will be reading the following books for the purpose,

    1. P.kalra
    2. OHCM (oxford hand book)
    3. Easterbrook's basic science plus MCQs
    3. Onexamination
    4. Pastest
    5. Final touch with "Essential Lists"

    Any suggestion?

    I am appearing from Karachi. Any study partner?

    Reply me at

    Dr_JPMC at yahoo dot com

    Dr habeeb
  6. SSS259

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    Im studying Kalra, Onexamination and passtest making notes along the way. Also, getting all the past mcq's printed from here and other sites and solve em. Basics i might go with Easterbrook. Dyou think 3 months are enough for preparation? Lets discuss study plans. It'll be helpful knowing how all of you are studying for it.
  7. alica

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    mrcp 1

    im planing to go for jan 2011 exam .. will be taking notes from passmedicne ,onexamination with karla and oxford handbook

    i was woundering if 3 month is enough? how much study hours can do the job?? am working 8 hours daily i need a time table... can any body help :roll:
  8. kandu

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    study partner from south india

    Hi guys,

    good to meet u here, and can anybody give more information about passtest/passmedicine.... is it question bank or theory material, where can i get it?

  9. normaldr

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    dear kandu,

    Passmedicine is an online revision website. They have questions and short notes for each question.

    Pastest is also an online revision website. They have questions with explanation, lectures and podcasts.

    Hope it helps! :D

    Best regards.
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    3.Pastest, onexamination, passmedicine
    4.Oxford handbook
    5.Internal medicine textbook (for reference)

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