Procedure for Medical PG in Canada?

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    I am a student from India, has completed my MBBS and want to pursue my postgraduation in surgery from Canada. So can somebody please answer my few queries -

    1- What is the complete procedure for selection. What tests are required like TOFEL, IELTS etc. for english speaking and medical tests like plab, usmle etc. All exams from A-Z???

    2 -What are the name of degrees I will be getting (ex- M.S./ etc)and the duration of the course??

    3- Are these courses recognized in India and are these degrees contain any value in India(as or D.M. are given huge importance in India, so is it same with this degree)??

    4- What is the Fee structure and the salary I might be getting at various stages of the training??

    5- What are the work schedule for the doctors (Work Hours/per week, holidays etc.)

    5- What are the names of the college that offer these courses and if I clear the Exam what is the procedure to select the college(is it your choice or given randomly or based on your scores.)??

    6- What are the chances of passing the required exam for an Indian??

    If somebody can answers these questions with there personal experiences it would be really helpful..

    Thanks a lot in advance..

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