Question bank (11th edition(2007-11) for revision)

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    Q. Which of the following is an epileptogenic anaesthetic agent ?

    A. Isoflurane
    B. Sevoflurane
    C. Methoxyflurane
    D. Halothane

    Q. Blount's disease is associated with all of the following, except

    A. Genu varum
    B. Genu recurvatum
    C. Internal tibial torsion
    D. External tibial torsion

    All of the following maneuvers are used in shoulder dystocia except:

    A. Wood Corkscrew Maneuver
    B. Mc Roberts Maneuver
    C. Suprapubic pressure
    D. Mauriceau Smellie Veit Maneuver

    Nerve injured at neck of fibula _ Common Peroneal

    Foot drop - deep peroneal nerve

    All intrinsic msls of larynx are supplied by Recurrent Laryngeal except Cricothyroid which is supplied by External Laryngeal Nerve.

    Q. Urethral crest is situated in

    Prostatic urethra
    Membranous Urethra
    Penile Urethra
    Bulbar urethra

    Angle of anteflexion- Uterus and vagina = 90 degrees

    " " anteversion - Uterus slightly flexed on itself =125 degrees

    Bifurcation of common carotid occurs at-
    Upper border of thyroid cartilage(C2-C4

    V1(Ophthalmic)- passes through SOF
    V2(Maxillary)- passes through Foramen rotundum
    V3(Mandibular)- passes through Foramen ovale

    Foramen spinosum - Middle meningeal Artery

    IAM - Vestibulocochlear nerve, Nervus Intermedius or pars intermedia of wrisberg

    Jugular foramen- 9th. 10th, 11th nv, inferior petrosal sinus

    Foramen Magnum - Vertebral Arteries

    Q. Which of the following tendons pass below the sustentaculum tali ?
    FDL tendon
    Tibialis posterior tendon
    Flexor hallucis longus
    Tibialis Anterior

    Q. Sustentaculum provides attachment to ?
    FDL tendon
    Tibialis posterior tendon
    Flexor hallucis longus
    Tibialis Anterior

    >Composite or Hybrid muscles = msls that have two different origins(two heads) and different innervations for the two heads

    Adductor magnus
    Biceps femoris

    >Composite group of msls = Quadratus femoris (composite of different individual muscle

    >Left superior vena cava> Coronary sinus> Right atrium

    • Anatomical snuff box contains Radial atery
    • Gluteus maximus supplies gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, tensor fascia lata.
    • Posterior relations of head of pancreas
      Bile duct
      Inferior vena cava and terminal part of renal veins
      Right crus of diaphragm
    • Contents of deep perineal nerve in male
      >Msls- Sphincter urethrae, Deep transverse perinei
      >Nvs - Pudendal nerve, dorsal nv of penis, perineal nv
      >Bulbourethral glands
      >Membranous urethra
    • Trochlear nerve:
      >has longest intracranial course
      >only cranial nerve to emerge from dorsal surface of brainstem
      >is a crossed cranial nerve
      enters the orbit through the SOF outside the Annulus of Zinn
    • Pronation and supination in forearm occur at superior, middle and inferior Radioulnar joints.
      Elbow joint- Hinge joint

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