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    The renal biopsy of a 6-year-old boy with recurrent gross hematuriashows IgA nephropathy. The urinary protein excretion is 130 Mg/Day . Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in managment?

    1) Administer cortocisteroids
    2) Give aziathioprine
    3) Start cyclosporine
    4) Urinary bag sample

    ??isnt this excretion normal??
  2. GUEST

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    Its something called as MICROALBUMINURIA dear.
  3. n k kansal

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    it may be any type of albuminuria, but the answer is not in foll'g books
    1--nelson 2000 ed., & medium nelson 2002 ed.
    2--harrison's 15th ed
    4--kumar & clark 4th ed 1998
    5-- o p ghai 5thed. 2000
    6-- iap textbook 2nd ed 2002
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    actually,still there is no treatment of ig A neph.till date .it resolves automatically!but since we hve to choose one,cosrtuicosteroids is the best we can give alternate prednisolone.check in oxfords handbook.clinica medicine

  5. the normal daily filtered quantity of albumin is 30mg and not is microalbuminuria.and in IgA nephropathy with microalbuminuria,administer corticostroids.only in severe resisitant cases go for immunomodulators
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    normal protein excretion is 150mg
    so it could be ans D as per oxford medicine tabular column

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