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    Q myotonia congenita contains antibodies against ______

    A chloride channel

    Q MONGE'S disease is ________

    A chronic mountain sickness

    Q diff.between brocas aphasia and transcortical motor aphasia

    A intact repetition in TMA

    Q isochromosome 12(i12p) is common in _______tumour

    A germ cell tumours of testis

    Q drugs that slows aortic root dilatation in marfans syn is ___

    A beta blockers

    Q dietary supplement given in heriditary orotic aciduria is ____

    A uridine

    Q vit.that activates mutant enzyme in mapple syrup urine disease

    A vit.B1

    Q best test for B6 measurement is?

    A -invitro measurement of RBC SGPT in the presence and
    absence of pyridoxal phosphate

    Q def. of biotin causes

    A -perioral dermatitis
    -devlp delay

    Q which vit.toxicity produces hepatosplenomegaly?

    A vit.A

    Q imp.features of niacin excess are

    A -flushing and pruritis due to release of histamine
    -hepatic toxicity
    -cholestatic jaundice
    -acanthosis nigrans

    Q which trace element excess causes pulmonary fibrosis?

    A zinc

    Q features of cobalt toxicity are

    A -CMP
    -thyroid enlargement
    -neurological manifestations

    Q tumour marker for hairy cell leukamia and adult T-cell leukamia is

    A CD 25

    Q Most of the wells of india are of ______type

    A shallow type,dug wells

    Q It is uneconomical to run the slow sand filter if
    the loss of head exceeds_________metre

    A 1.3 metre

    Q ______ gms of good quality bleaching powder is req to disinfect
    1000 lts of water

    A 2.5 gms

    Q imp.non faecal group bacteria in water is

    A klebsiella aerogenes

    Q softnening of water is recommended when hardness exceeds ______meq/L

    A 3 meq/L

    Q permanent hardness is removed by addition of _______

    A sod.carbonate

    Q water can be softened to zero hardness by ________process

    A base exchange process

    Q deflouridation is done by adding ________

    A phosphates

    Q best indicators of air pollution are

    A sulphur dioxide,smoke and suspended particles

    Q skin dose to the patient from a single x-ray film varies from _____

    to _______rad

    A 0.02 to 3.0 rads

    Q factor Q for alpha rays is ______

    A 20

    Q If the rel.humidity exceeds _________% the air inside the

    room feels sticky & uncomfortable

    A 65%

    Q scurvy like changes,anaemia,defective hair pigments,deg.changes

    in elastin of aorta are seen in which trace element def?

    A copper

    Q inheritance of acrodermatitis enteropathia

    A aut.recessive

    Q features of menke's-kinky hair disease are?

    A dissecting aneurysm,emphysema,sudden cardiac rupture


    Q familial cancers are usually inherited as?

    A aut.dominant

    Q drug which inhibits type IV collagenase(antiinvasive agent)

    A BATIMASTAT(reduces cellularity of tumour mass)

    Q non neoplastic conditions in which CA19-9 is raised

    A pancreatitis and ulcerative colitis

    CA-125 rised in menstruation.pregnancy,peritonitis

    Q non neoplastic conditions in which CEA is raised?

    A pancreatitis

    Q significance of KARNOFSKY performance index?

    A to assess the physiological reserve of the patient and how

    the pt copes with the stress of cancer.

    Q anticancer drugs causing delayed BM toxicity are?

    A nitrosoureas and mitomycin-c

    Q side effects of L-asparaginase


    no leukopenia,no alopecia,no mucosal damage are seen

    mainly useful in ALL

    Q fungal antiangiogenic agent is

    A fumagillin

    Q most cells within cancer remains in _______ phase?

    A Go phase

    Q LDH is tumour marker for ?

    A dysgerminoma
    ewings sarcoma

    Q CD-30 is tumour marker for ?

    A hodgkins disease and anaplastic large cell lymphoma

    Q errors in DNA replication are corrected in ________ phase?

    A G2 phase

    Q cytogenetic marker of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma is?

    A t(2;13).In synovial sarcoma it is t(X;18)

    Q factor responsible for cancer cachexia?

    A TNF-alpha as it suppresses appetite and inhibits action of

    lipoprotein lipase there by inhibiting release of FFA.

    Q materials used to obliterate mastoid cavity in mastoid surgeries are

    A fat,blood clots,temporalis muscle,cortical bone

    Q verocay bodies seen in__

    A antoni type A pattern of acoustic neuroma


    A loss of sensation over post.part of EAC.

    Q Tt of acoustic neuroma is ?

    A always surgical
    trans labyrinthine approach-safer
    post.fossa approach-best for large tumours
    middle foosa "-for small intracanalicular tumours

    Q Most Imp. Dietary goiterogens are

    A. Thiocyanates & Cyanoglycosides.

    Q In case of operating for Familial medullary carcinoma syn ,

    A. Pheochromocytoma should be removed first & then Medullary Ca.

    of thyroid.

    Q The characteristic of familial medullary Ca.

    A. Bilateral multicentricity.

    Q Best prognosis in thyroid Ca. = Papillary Ca.

    Worst prognosis = Anaplastic.

    Q In case of Papillary Ca. modified radical neck dissection is
    done only if

    A. L. N.s in Lateral triangle are involved.

    Q Characteristic of radiation associated thyroid Ca.

    A Tumour multicentricity.

    Q Follicular Ca. is more prevalent in Areas of

    A Iodine deficiency.

    Q Anaplastic Ca. is more common in areas of

    A Endemic goiter.

    Q Most common site of primary from where sec. Go to thyroid.

    A. Malignant melanoma. (Others are- Bronchogenic Ca., Ca. Breast,
    Ca. esophagus)

    Q Only accepted criteria for parathyroid malignancy are

    A A. Recurrence of tumour after removal
    B. Distant metastases
    C. Invasion of adjacent structure.

    Q MC type of solitary thyroid nodule [Schwartz-1632]

    A. Colloid nodule.

    Q Most useful clinical sign in making the diagnosis of

    A. Delayed relaxation of ankle jerk.

    Q One of the earliest signs of congenital hypothyroidism is

    A. Patent posterior fontanel & wide-open cranial sutures.

    Q Neonatal screening tests for hypothyroidism

    A. Sr. T4 & TSH assay

    Q Deep cervical lymphadenopathy along the internal jugular vein

    with a clinically suspicious swelling is almost diagnostic of

    A. Papillary Ca.

    Q sinus X-ray said to show active bacterial infection when

    mucosa is > or equal to ___mm thickness

    A 4mm

    Q commonest causative organisms of ac.laryngitis is

    A viruses

    Q hour glass sign in AP neck x ray in croup is due to_____

    A subglottic oedema

    Q what is the disease ass.with PAX-3 gene?

    A waardenburgs syndrome

    Q SYMONDS syn is_____

    A otitic hydrocephalus

    Q WILLIAM WILDES incision is____

    A post aural incision

    Q BONDY'S mastoidectomy is

    A -attico antrostomy
    -indicated in cases of with perforated
    pars flaccida

    Q side effects of cisplatin?

    A -toxic to both prox and distal renal tubule

    -most emetogenic drug

    -high frequency hearing loss

    -peripheral sensory neuropathy



    -carboplatin is less emetogenic,less nephrotoxic,less ototoxic
    but more myelosuppressive

    Q DOC for peritoneal carcinamatosis?

    A cisplatin

    Q pentostatin irreversibly inhibits which enzyme?

    A adenosine deaminase

    Q what is NOMA?

    A It is cancrum oris usually seen in malnourished children
    and immunocompromised pts.

    Q BULLS EYE LESIONS in u/s or CT of liver seen in ?

    A hepatic candidiasis

    Q MAO inhibitor which after hepatic oxidation acts as
    alkalyting agent is......?

    A procarbazine.

    Q antineoplastic drugs that act on late S phase?

    A doxorubicin and daunorubicin.

    Q HAND & FOOT syndrome is seen with which anticancer drugs?

    A 5-fluorouracil and cytosine arabinose

    Q drugs causing retroperitoneal fibrosis?

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    Q least emitogenic anticancer drug is.........

    A chlorambucil

    Q what is the most useful non-invasive test for assessing

    cardiotoxicity of anticancer drug?

    A MUGA-multiple gated radionucleotide cardiac scan.

    Q MC site of melanoma in females is........

    A lower leg;in males it is front/back of the trunk

    Q anticancer drug used in refractory cases of TTP is

    A vincristine;

    cyclophosphamide is used in refractory cases of nephrotic syndrome

    hydroxyurea is used in hypereosinophilic syndrome


    A It is other name for keratoacanthoma

    Q what is BISWANGERS disease?

    A dementia in elderly due to subcortical arteriosclerotic

    Q Tt of hyperhomocysteinemia?

    A folate & vit B6

    Q NSAID with COX-2 inhibitory action?

    A celecoxib and rofecoxib

    Q drug that reduces withdrawal symptoms of smoking?

    A clonidine

    Q High temp during first trimester may cause --------

    A anencephaly

    Q temp over ___________ degree centi is medical emergency?

    A 41 degrees

    Q werners syndrome is due to?

    A defects in genes encoding helicase

    Q vitamin used in Tt of alzeimers disease?

    A vit E

    Q tertiary lymphoid organs are present in?

    A skin,mucosa of pulmonary,GU & GI tract

    Q first choice of antihypertensive in older people is__________?

    A low dose thiazides

    Q DOC for isolated systolic HTN in older patients is_________?

    A nitrendipine

    Q dose of atropine for complete vagal block________mg

    A 3mg

    Q ionotropic agent of choice used in pulmonary arterial hypertention
    is ________?

    A isoprenaline

    Q NSAID with highest risk of causing confusion and GI bleed is_____?

    A indomethacin

    Q drugs that provoke antibodies to RBC?

    A L-dopa,a-methyl dopa,mefanamic acid,penicillin>20MU/day

    Q anti neoplastic drug that causes disulfiram like effect is ________?

    A procarbazine

    Q BRCA 2 gene is associated with ___________ carcinoma?

    A ca male breast

    Q Allopurinol causes SJ syndrome and incre toxicity
    of 6-mercaptopurine (TRUE/FALSE)

    A true

    Q immunoglobulin that is excessively found on surface of immature
    B cells is_____?

    A Ig-D

    Q drugs that causes IgA def?

    A phenytoin & pencillamine

    Q t1/2 0f injected gamma globulins?

    A 4 wks

    Q imp drug that cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis is _________

    A minocycline

    Q isograft is done among ______

    A twins

    Q CA-15-3 is tumour marker of ________carcinoma

    A ca breast

    Q least emitogenic of cytotoxic drug?

    A chlorambucil

    Q retinoid used in chemoprevention of ca breast&prostate?

    A fenretinide

    Q Raloxifen is used in chemoprevention of ___________ cancers?

    A breast and endometrial cancers

    Q monoclonal antibodies used in treatment of

    b)metastatic breast cancer

    A a)rituximab

    Q _____________ is used in treating chemotherapy induced thrombocytopenia

    A neumega(IL-11)

    Q drug used to prevent doxorubicin induced CMP?

    A dexrazoxane(iron chelator & free radical scavenger)

    Q __________toxicity causes signs & symptoms od adenal insufficiency

    A busulfan

    Q Transient causes of geriatric incontinence?

    A D-delerium
    I infections
    A-atrophic urethritis/vaginitis
    E-excess urine output
    R-restricted mobility
    S-stool impaction

    Q triad of saddle anaesthesia,bil.ankle areflexia,bladder symptoms
    is charecteristic of _________ lesions?

    A cauda eqina lesions

    Q rule of five for diagnosis of lumbar disc prolapse?

    A 2 symptoms 1) leg pain > back pain
    2) specific neurological symptoms

    2 signs 1) +ve SLR
    2) +ve bow string or cross over test

    1 investig 1) +ve myelogram

    Q annulus fibrosus derived from ____________ A (mesoderm)
    nucleus pulposus derived from ____________ A (endoderm)

    Q what is kummels disease?

    A neglected compression fracture of spine
    IV space is normal
    wedging of vertebra

    Q what is seat belt # (fracture)

    A posterior ligaments of lumbarregion are torn but no fracture

    Q MC(most common) spine fracture

    A anterior compression injury of vertebral body at dorsolumbar region

    Q # of transverse spine are best seen in ______ view of X-ray

    A AP view

    Q in compression # the most prominent spine is ___________

    A one above the crushed vertebra;where as in fracture-dislocation
    the prominent one is one below the displaced vertebra

    Q what is "Q" angle and its significance?

    A it is angle between line of pull of quadriceps muscle
    and line of patellar ligament.
    Q angle is incre in RDP(recurrent dislocation of patella)
    normal:8-10 degrees in males 15 degrees in females.

    Q MC Cause of RDP

    A patella alta(high riding patella)

    Q what is meant by patella baja?

    A low lying patella

    Q MC type of meniscal tear?

    A longitudinal,posterior horn,inferior surface of medial meniscus.

    Q what is DUPUYTRENS #?

    A # surgical neck of fibula just above syndesmosis + diastasis

    Q what is VOLKMANNS #

    A posterior malleolar #

    Q what is HOLSTEIN-LEWIS #(fracture)

    A spiral # in distal third of humerus.It is MC cause of radial nerve injury

    Q Baumanns angle is increased in __________ #

    A supracondylar # of humerus

    Q what is PREISERS disease?

    A avascular necrosis of whole scaphoid or prox segment

    Q what is PRUSSIAN disease?

    A myositis of adductors in riders due to constant pressure of saddle

    Q SIZZLE test is +ve in_____embolism

    A fat embolism

    Q tried of fat embolism?

    A a)petechial hemorhages over chest
    b)moderate rise in temperature
    c)fall of hematocrit

    Q MC nerve injured in # of both bones of forearm?

    A ulnar N

    Q fasciotomy in VIC(volkmans ischemic contracture) is done if intracompartmental
    pressure is > _________mm Hg

    A 30 mm.normal is 0-10mm Hg

    Q MC muscle involved in lower limb VIC is ________

    A flexot hallucis longus

    Q what is buckle or torus #

    A it is incomplete # seen on compression side.Reverse of green stich # which is seen
    in tension side

    Q ossification of fetus starts in _________ weeks of intrauterine life(IUL)

    A 5-6 weeks,cartilage first appears at 5 week of IUL,bone appears at 7th week of IUL

    Q father of orthopedic surgery is ___________

    A Hugh Owen Thomas

    Q weakest portion of bone is________

    A epiphyseal cartilage

    Q most vascular part of bone is ______

    A metaphysis

    Q ischemia results in death of all bone cells in ________hours

    A 12-48 hours

    Q function of endosteum is _____

    A osteogenic and hemopoitic

    Q Aldermans gait is seen in ______

    A TB spine of lower dorsal or upper lumbar

    Q MC nerve injured in MONTEGGIA fracture dislocation?

    A posterior interosseous nerve

    Q In cyclic neutropenia fever occurs every ______ days

    A 21 days

    Q treatment of benign cramps?

    A Quinine sulfate

    Q Boutouneusse fever(mediterranian spotted fever) is caused by_________

    A R.conori.

    Q medium for grouth of Borrelia.burgdorferi is __________

    A BSK medium

    Q prevention of cisplatin induced renal toxicity is___________

    A vigorous hydration with or without hydration and AMIFOSTINE

    Q prevention of cisplatin induced neurotoxicity is_________


    Q GEMCITABANE is used in ____________ cancer

    A pancreatic

    Q drug used in carcinoma of adrenal gland?


    Q TOC in kaposis sarcoma?

    A low dose irradiation

    Q Necrolytic nigrans is ass. with __________ cancer

    A glucagonoma

    Q Ichtyosis is ass.with _______

    A lymphoma

    Q drugs used in carcinoma of uterus

    A progestins and tamoxifen

    Q inheritance seen in cleftlip + cleft palate,spina bifida,cong.disl.of hip

    A multifactorial

    Q lyonisation occurs in ________ day of life?

    A 16th day

    Q adenosine deaminase def leads to ______

    A severe combined immunodeficiency

    Q What is the new name for Nesidioblastosis?

    A Persistent Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia of Infancy i.e.PHHI

    Its treatment is resection of 85 to 95% of pancrease

    Q What is Gastrinoma Triangle?

    A It is triangles bound in Stomach, Duodenum & Head of Pancrease.
    90% of Gastrinomas occur in it. Rests of 10% occur in Body & Tail of Pancrease.

    Q New anti-cancer drug used in Adrenal Tuomurs?

    A Temozolamide

    Q Most common cause of Acute Bilateral Labyrinthine Dysfunction?

    A Aminoglycosides

    Q Cause of sudden death in systemic Amyloidosis?

    A Arrhythmias due to cardiac involvement.

    Q Tongue infiltration is characteristic of which amyloidosis?

    A Primary Amyloidosis (AL) & Amyloidosis associated with Multiple Myeloma

    (Same is true if Articular cartilages are involved)

    Q Tuomour Lysis Syn. is most commonly seen in

    A L3 ALL & Burkitt's lymphoma & is aggravated by renal failure.

    Q Most common site of Cu. Deposition in brain in Wilson's disease?

    A Lenticular Nu.

    Q Only 3 conditions cause Microcytic Erythrocytosis

    A. Beta-Thalassemia trait

    B. Hypoxic erythrocytosis

    C. Polycythemia Vera

    Q Tumours that can regress naturally

    A A. Neuroblastoma
    B. Chorio Ca.
    C. Renal cell Ca.
    D. Malignant Melanoma
    E. Retinoblastoma (in 2% of cases)

    Q Most epileptogenic part of Brain?

    A Hippocampus

    Q Panic attacks are believed to result from paroxysmal discharges from

    A Locus ceruleus

    Q Only site in brain where 5-HT is found?

    A Raphe nuclei of Brain stem.

    Q Site in brain where endorphins are exclusively found?

    A Hypothalamus.

    Q Substance-P is most highly concentrated in

    A Substantia nigra (Its level is reduced in Huntington's chorea)

    Q Enkephalins found in highest concentration in

    A Globus pallidus.

    Q Alzheimer's disease is characterized by

    A. Neurofibrillary tangles
    B. Senile (neuritic) plaques
    C. Amyloid substance
    D. Granulovacuolar degeneration
    E. Hirano bodies in Hippocampus

    Q What is torcular Herophili?

    A It is the elevation of confluence of sinuses seen in Dandy-Walker malformation

    Q Most malignant tumours of Ovary are solid, but benign tumours which are solid

    A Brenner's, Fibroma, Theca cell tumour

    Q Radiosensitive ovarian tumours (not essentially radio-curable)

    A Dysgerminoma, Granulosa cell tumour.

    Q Ovarian tumors in pre-pubertal girls

    A Embryonal Cell Ca. , Chorio Ca.

    Q Pindborg tumour (AI 2002)

    A Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumours (Driven snow appearance)

    Q subepithelial deposite in kidney seen in

    A membranous,MPGN-II,PSGN

    Q subendothelial deposits in kidney seen in

    A SLE , Amyloidosis, MPGN-I
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    Q paranasal sinus lined by-----------

    A ciliated columnar epithelium

    Q drugs causing raised ICT

    A hypervitaminosis A,steroids,OCPs,tetracyclines,quinolones,ketamine

    Q antiviral a/w nail pigmentation

    A zidovudine

    Q NSAIDS causing photosensitvity

    A piroxicam,benoxaprofen

    Q epidemics of hepatitis due to:

    A hepatitis E

    Q sporadic cases of hepatitis

    A in children due to hepatitis A and in adults due to hepatitis E

    Q pin codes used in cylinders

    A oxygen-2,5

    Q armoured tube with silver wire used for which kind of surgery

    A neurosurgery

    Q cranial nv. most commonly affected in spinal anaesthesia

    A 6th
    1st and 10th least affected

    Q MC organism for UTI due to stones

    A kleibsella

    Q DOC in hairy cell leukamia?

    A cladribine

    Q DOC in mucosis fungoidis

    A topical carmustine

    Q DOC in carcinoma of adrenal gland

    A mitotane

    Q DOC in melanoma

    A dacarbazine

    Q what is herpes gladiatorum?

    A epidemic herpes in wrestlers

    Q treatment of scarring alopecia?

    A hair transplantation

    Q commonest skin reaction to drugs?

    A toxic erythema

    Q ACEI are contraindicated if serum creatinine is > ________ mg%

    A 3 mg%

    Q drug that causes pruritis without rash


    Q drugs that causes hypertrichosis?

    A di---diazoxide
    cy---cyclosporin A

    Q TCA with potent antihistaminic activity?

    A doxepin

    Q DOC for severe pustular psoriasis?

    A methotrexate

    Q treatment of refractory oropharyngeal and fluconazole resistant candidiasis?

    A itracanozole

    Q India belong to which category of DOTS?

    A categoty 3 with 15% of coverage

    Q which type of polio virus acts as most effective type of antigen

    A type 2

    Q herd immunity for polio is achieved if ________% of community is immunized?

    A 66%

    Q heat stable and light sensitive vitamins are ______________

    A vit k and riboflavin

    Q accumulation of 1 kg of adipose tissue corresponds to ____________kcal of energy

    A 7700 kcal

    Q excessive intake of vit D may cause___________

    A cardiac arrhythmias and renal failure

    Q overdosage of vit C causes___________

    A oxalate stones

    Q protein content of rice is________________

    A 6-9%;rice proteins are richer in lysine when compared to other cereals

    Q Bajra or pearl millet is rich in ___________

    A vit B,Calcium,iron

    Q recommended daily intake of green leafy vegetables is _______gm

    A 40 gm

    Q "PROTECTIVE FOODS" is the name specially given for

    A vegetables

    Q cholesterol content of egg

    A 250mg/egg

    Q cocoa is rich in __________

    A fat and theobromine

    Q alcohol supplies ______kcal/gm

    A 7kcal

    Q net protein utilization(NPU) of indian diets varies between____&_____

    A 50 & 80 [NPU for egg is 100,NPU for meat is 80,NPU for milk is 75]

    Q according to prudent diet salt intake shoild not be > ________gm/day

    A 5gms/day

    Q the protein req of women are increased during pregnancy by
    about ____gm/day;and during lactation by ______gm/day

    A 14 and 25

    Q association between sorgum(jowar) and flourides is__?

    A sorgum incre retention of flourides and is responsible for genuvalgum
    and osteoporosis

    Q lathyrism is seen in which countries other than in india?

    A spain and algeria

    Q which trace elements def play a role in pathogenesis of diabetes

    A chromium,Cu,Zn

    Q endemic ascites is due to?

    A contamination of millet panicum milliare(gondhli) with weed seeds
    of crotalaria jhunjhunia which contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are

    Q punishment for adulteration of foods is

    A min. imprisonment of 6 months with min.fine of Rs.1000

    Q the beneficiary mother in special nutrition programme receives ______ kcal
    and _____ gms of proteins?

    A 500 and 25

    Q function of P cells of collecting duct?

    A Na reab & ADH stim H2O absorb

    Q function of I cells?

    A acid secretion & HCO3 transp

    Q glomerular cap press is -----% of systemic arterial press?

    A 40%

    Q action of prostaglandins on blood flow of kidney?

    A increases blood flow in renal cortex decreases in medulla

    Q Na is actively transp out of portion of the tubule except the -------

    A thin loop of henle

    Q first urge to void is felt when bladder capacity is -----ml

    A 150 ml

    Q cl & HCO3 conc in glom filtrate is ----% higher than in plasma

    A 5%

    Q Davenport diagram is used to determine?

    A type & severity of acidosis & alkalosis

    Q Kussmal breathing is not a feature of hypercapnic acidosis true/false

    A true

    Q anaesthetic that is safe for a patient on beta blockers is________

    A halothane

    Q colour of CO2 cylinder?

    A grey;

    N20 is blue colour
    oxygen-black with white shoulder
    air-grey with white and black quaters

    Q pindex for entonox is______

    A 7.

    Q blood substitutes which can carry oxygen are_______

    A flusol-DA
    haemoglobin solution with 2,3-DPG

    Q stored blood has more amount of ______ substs

    A free hb,lactic acid,ammonium

    Q soda lime should not be used with ______

    A trilene

    Q LORAINE-SMITH effect is________

    A inflammation of lungs due to oxygen poisoning.

    PAUL-BERT effect is manifestation of acute oxygen oisoning as

    Q first sign of complicated anaesthesia is_________

    A tachycardia

    Q best uterine relaxant among anaesthetic is_________

    A halothane

    Q contraindic of enflurane

    A renalfailure,epilepsy and preeclampsia

    Q A calcaneal fracture is one part of the "Lover's Triad" of fractures
    that often occur in falls from a height. What are the other two
    fractures in this triad

    A lumbar compression # and forearm #

    Q steroides incerebral malaria will improve/ worsen the condition?

    A worsen the condition

    Q Conditions where pain is associated withcirrhosis [Harrison 14-255]

    A. Hepatocellular carcinoma
    Pancreatitis &

    Q Presence of Sister Mary Joseph’s nodes i.e. Hard periumbilical
    nodes is suggestive of [H14-256]

    A. Metastatic disease from a pelvic / GIT primary tumour.

    Q T.B. Peritonitis is best diagnosed by [H14-257]

    A. Peritoneal biopsy.

    Q Sr. ascites albumin gradient (SAG)[H 14-257]

    If >1.1g/dL = Uncomplicated cirrhotic ascites
    <1.1g/dL = Exudative ascites

    Q Adv. Of CT scan over USG [H 14-256]

    A Visualisation of Retroperitoneum, Pancreas & Lymph nodes.

    Q MC Benign tumour of nose & PNS is

    A Inverted papilloma (Schneiderian Papilloma / Papillomatosis)

    It is lined by Transitional Epithelium. Arises exclusively from
    Lateral nasal wall.

    TOC is wide local excision.

    Q MC cancer, which metastasizes to PNS

    A Hypernephroma.

    Q MC tumour A/W tuberous sclerosis

    A Cardiac rhabdomyoma.

    Q MC malignant retroperitoneal tumour

    A Malignant lymphoma / Lymphosarcoma.

    Q MC benign retroperitoneal tumour

    A Lipoma

    Q Normal skin –margin included in surgical excision of skin cancer

    A Basal cell Ca. = 3mm

    Sq. cell Ca. = 1 cm

    Malignant melanoma = 3cm(ofcourse it depends on depth of invasion)

    Q CT scanning is superior to MRI in case of Nasopharyngeal Ca.

    A To see involvement of soft tissue in parapharyngeal & retropharyngeal space.

    Q Postcricoidal carcinoma is

    A A/W Plummer-vinson syn. & more common in non-smoking women.

    Q Most sensitive LFT for metastatic tumour of Liver

    A LDH study.

    Q MC lab. Finding in metastasis in liver

    A Increased Alkaline phosphatase.

    Q Most sensitive means of defining intra-hepatic metastasis

    A CT-portography. (Most sensitive & least specific)

    Q MC indication for resection of metastatic liver tumour

    A Colorectal CA.
    Second MC = Carcinoids.

    Q Most favored imaging test for Hepatic meatastasis is....

    A CT scan

    Q Tumours that are keratin-positive are

    All carcinomas
    Certain sarcomas
    Germ cell tumour.

    Q MC malignancy found in recipient of organ transplants, who are
    treated with immunosuppressive agent, is

    A Histiocytic lymphoma.

    Q MC type of Ca. of Gall Bladder

    A Scirrhous adenoCa.

    Q 90% of Ca. of GB are A/W

    A Gall stones [Tu-258]

    Q MC cause of renal failure in Multiple Myeloma

    A Hypercalcemia

    Q Most consistent pathology of renal failure in M.M(multiple myeloma)

    A Tubular damage due to excreted light chains.

    Its earliest manifestation is Adult Fanconi Syn.
    (Type 2 renal tubular acidosis)

    Q MC hematological manifestation of M.M. is

    A Normocytic, Normochromic anaemia.
    (Granulocytopenia & Thrombocytopenia are VERY RARE)

    Q Classic triad of M.M.

    Marrow plasmacytosis (.10%)
    Lytic bone lesions
    Sr.& / Urine M-component.

    Q Mc drug used in Hormonal therapy of Breast Ca.

    A Tamoxifen.

    Q conversion of urine into oil green colour on exposure to air

    due to formation of hydroquinones is seen in which poisoning

    A carbolic acid poisoning

    Q chronic mercurial poisoining first affects __________?

    A face

    Q physical dependence is not seen with_________

    A cannabis and LSD

    Q golden hair seen in ___________poisoning

    A. arsenic poisoning.

    Q examples of "LOVE PHILTERS"

    A A--arsenic

    Q colitis that resembles enteritis of acute bacillary dysentry is

    seen in ___________poisoning

    A. Hg poisoning

    Q antidote for beta blocker poisoning?

    A glucagon

    Q RBC's are made sensitive to coplement in PNH due to lack of which


    A CD55(DAF-decay acceleration factor)
    CD59(MIRL-membrane inhibitor reactive lysis)

    Q interferon-gamma is used in Tt of___________

    A chronic granulomatous disease.

    Q MC cause of erythema multiforme is

    A HSV infection

    Q MC common identified cause of recurrent lymphocytic
    meningitis/mollarets meningitis is________

    A HSV

    Q what is DUNCAN'S disease?

    A X-linked lymphoproliferative disease caused by EBV(which is
    associated with infectious mononucleosis

    Q predominent cells among atypical lymphocytes of
    IM(infectious mononucleosis)

    A CD8 cells

    Q drug used for treating oral hairy cell leukamia?

    A acyclovir

    Q site of binding of parvovirus B19 is _______

    A erythrocyte P antigen

    Q initial treatment of condyloma accuminatum is __________

    A cryosurgery

    Q pharyngocunjunctival fever is produced by ________types of

    A 3 and 7

    Q the unusual form of hairy cell leukamia is associated with


    Q Tt of choice for chylothorax?

    A pleuroperitoneal shunt. MC cuase of it is trauma

    Q MC cause of unilateral epidydimis?

    A chlamydia trochamatis

    Q Tt of brucellosis?

    A doxy+AG(aminoglycoside eg streptomycin)for 4 weeks which is
    followed by doxy+rifampicin for 4-8 weeks

    Q DOC for dermatitis hepetiformis is_______

    A dapsone

    Q magnesium ions are rich in endolymph T/F

    A false they are absent.endolymph is rich in K,cl,co2

    Q tympanic membrane develops from

    A ecto,meso&endoderms combinely

    Q first special organ of the body to get differentiated in fetus

    A labyrinth(by fourth month of life

    Q handle of malleus is incorporated in _______layer of pars tensa?

    A middle layer

    Q what is EWALDS law?

    A slow component of nystagmus is always in the direction of flow of

    Q what is BINGS test?

    A in normal persons and in nervedeafness when ext.audit.canal is occluded
    BC increases.
    in conductive deafness no change is seen.

    Q what is TOWNS view?

    A frontooccipital view;used to compare mastoids on either side

    Q osteoblastic lesions seen in:

    A prostate
    carcinoid metastasis
    gastric adenocarcinomas

    Q sarcomas with high chance of lymphatic spread:

    A angiosarcoma,rhabdomyosarcoma,clear cell sarcoma

    Q MC intestinal organ A/W blunt trauma abdomen:spleen
    penetrating injury :liver
    gunshot injury :small bowel

    Q retinoblastoma gene A/w which other carcinoma:

    A osteosarcoma

    Q gasless abdomen seem in:

    A acute pancreatitis
    high obstruction
    duodenal atresia
    annular pancreas

    Q Cause of death in CA penis:

    A erosion of femoral vessels

    Q MC organism causing ASOM :S.pneumonie
    CSOM :pseudomonas
    diffuse otitis externa :pseudomonas
    otitis externa haemorrhagica:Influenza virus
    myringitis bullosa :viral or mycoplasma

    Q single dose therapy for single lesion leprosy:

    A ROM (rmp,ofloxacin,minocycline )

    Q Rx of acute pulmonary histoplasmosis is......

    A No Rx is given

    Q assesment of atropinization in op poisoning is by

    A bronchial secretion and not pupil size

    Q most common compli of psycosurg done for pts of OCD is

    A seizeures.Hence preoperative phenytoin is given

    Q Tumour dissapeares with steroides....

    A CNS lyphoma

    Q virus assosiated with rhesus monkey bite is

    A herpes simplex virus

    Q Toddlers fracture..most common cause ofchild
    spiral# tibia with normal fibula

    Q huntavirus pulm.syn caused by__________virus

    A Sin Nombre virus rx-ribavarin

    Q early expression of __________on peripheral bl.leucocytes
    correlates in children in devlp of dengue HF

    A Ag CD69

    Q sites other than mucous memb of buccal mucosa where kopliks spots
    are seen?

    A inner conjunctival folds and vaginal mucous membrane

    Q single most imp.inv. to detect renal graft dysfunction is ____

    A doppler u/s examin.of graft.It excludes vasc thrombosis and urinary

    obstruction as causes of dysfunction

    Q most frequent genetic abnormality found in chromophiliic(tubulopapillary)
    type of RCC?

    A trisomy 7 and/or trisomy 17;these are bilateral and multicentric

    -3p deletion in clear cell tumours

    -chromophobic tumors-more indolent course

    -deeply eosinophilic cytoplasm is seen in oncocytomas

    - bellini duct car is highly aggressive and often seen in young patients
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    Q drug of choice in partial seizure:carbamazepine
    all others :valproic acid

    Q indications for cortical mastoidectomy:

    A coalascent,masked and reservoir mastoiditis

    Q secondary attack rates for whooping cough :90%
    chickenpox :90%
    measles :80%
    mumps :85%

    Q MC type of breech presentation :

    A complete

    Q pelvis with both ala absent

    A Roberts

    Q One ala absent

    A Nagelis

    Q diseases which may improve during pregnancy:

    A syphils and U.C.

    Q MC pelvis A/W occipito posterior:

    A anthropoid

    Q MC pelvi A/W DTA:

    A android

    Q safest ATD in pregnancy:

    A INH

    Q CXR finding in Ac.bronchitis?

    A normal

    Q bronchiolitis obliterans in rheu.artritis is due to?

    A pencillamine therapy

    Q organism causing subsegmental infiltrates in a chest x-ray in a

    pt.with pneumonia

    A chlamydia

    Q In ethambutal toxicity _________colour descrimination is impaired ?

    A red-green colour

    Q protoplasmic poisons are _______

    A P,Fe,Quinidine,I,Floride

    Q P that is present on the sides of match box?

    A red P

    Q what is chromolachryorrhoea?where does it occurs?

    A it is shedding of red tears due to accumulation of porphyrin in lacrimal

    gland.typically seen in OP poisoning.

    Q gastric lavage in Na formaldehyde sulphoxylate is done in ______poisoning

    A mercury

    Q most effective rx of plumbism?

    A ca-disodium versenate

    Q stomach wash with pot.ferrocyanade is done in _________poisoning

    A copper

    Q what are the 2 chemically different groups of opium?

    A 1)phenanthrenes-morphine,codeine,thebaine

    2)isoquinolines-papaverine & narcotine

    Q arrack is _____?

    A liquor distilled from palm,rice,sugar/jaggery and has a strength of


    Q alcohol gaze nystagmus occurs at blood levels of _______

    A 40-100mg/100ml.

    Q fatal dose of methyl alcohol?

    A 60-240ml

    Q mandrax or melsidine containing methaquolone is used for?

    A insomnia.

    Q unnatural sexual offences are punished under ________section

    A sec IPC 377

    Q exhibitionism is punished under _________section with imprisonment upto
    3 months or fine

    Q sec 294 IPC

    Q kveims test is read after ____ weeks

    A 4 weeks

    Q drugs causing diffuse alveolar haemorrhage________

    A 1.pencillamine


    Q Tt of goodpasteurs syndrome

    A methyl prednisolone + cyclophosphamide +plasmapheresis

    Q Tt of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis is______

    A periodic whole lung lavage

    Q "HAMPTONS lump" is highly suggestive of _____

    A pulm.infarction

    Q drugs causing mediastinal widening are

    A phenytoin,methotrxate,corticosteroids

    Q chest x-ray in hypersensitivity pneumonitis

    A small nodular densities sparing apices and bases of lung

    Q hidebound chest seen in?

    A systemic sclerosis

    Q dapsone MOA?

    A inhibits folate biosynthesis of lepra bacillus

    Q MOA of sodium stibo gluconate?

    A inhibition of phosfofructokinaseof glycolysis in leishmania

    Q DOC for pustular psoriasis ?

    A etritinate

    Q DOC for SCC of lung?

    A combination chemotherapy

    Q DOC for lymphangioleiomyomatosis?

    A tamoxifen

    Q potassium channel activators/openors are ____


    Q alopecia causing drugs?

    O-OC pills withdrawal

    Q commonest drugs causing fixed drug eruptions?

    A barbiturates

    Q antidote for amphetamine poisoning?

    A haloperidol

    Q MOA of miglitol(anti-diabetic drug)?

    A inhibits intestinal absorbtion of carb. but not glucose

    Q Tt of carcinoid tumour appendix?

    A if < 2 cm appendicectomy

    if > 2 cm -rt.hemicolectomy

    carcinoid syndrome occurs when hepatic metastasis occurs

    please point out errors if any, everybody will benefit...cya
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