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    hi anybody who has written PART 1 on april 26, heared that exam was tough , any questions?????
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    mrcs part 1 questions

    yes i have given my mrcs part 1 examination. It was tough a bit, but if u have ur basics right then u should not have any problems.
    the questins were from 1) respiratory system physiology get your oxygen dissociation curve thorough
    2) lococmotor sytem: peroneus tretius is an inverter
    proneus brevis is an everter
    glutius maximus is an extensor
    and get ur acid bases right . Lot of q were asked from immunology and cytology like functions of platelets and dominant genes
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    Some of the Questions I try to recollect for part 1 are
    Ill just give the broad stem

    Acetyl choline
    Tumour supressor gene
    person stabbed on right side of hear 4th intercosta space next to sternum--which structues damaged
    spleen --role
    structures passing behind piriformis in greater sciatic notch
    things u look to declare death
    hyperkalemia causes
    diff. areas of kidney where water ,glucose ,osmolarity etc are involved
    PTH hormone functions
    structures related to middle ear
    what is normally found in urine --glucose ,protein ,ph etc
    Vasodilating substances --histamine ,prostacyclin etc
    solitary thyroid nodule --more common in femaels /males ,in young ,to be left alone
    cutaneous nerve supply to ring finger
    postion of brachial artery ,,brachial nerve ,,cephalic vein
    pagets disease-causes blindness in crease in acid phosptase etc
    hornes syndrom
    different lymph drainage to --scrotum ,vulva , cervix ,hallux,
    poor wound healing causes
    effects on corticosteriods
    internal carotid artery
    thymus --relations ,,when it atropies
    atrophy question- normal physiolgical changes , in feotus too?? malignant change
    conns syndrome
    autosomal dominat disease
    use of gram staining

    Part 2
    grafts ,--diff types-full burns , scapl ,3 cm over tibia
    2 main questions on metabolic acidosis /alkolosis
    chest injury--tension pneumo /massive haemothorax
    graft rejection in kidney --give diff mechanism
    acute abdomen -at least 4 main stems
    cardia bypass -post and now patient has loss of sensation over various parts of lower leg -for eg shapenous nerve are etc
    walking cycle
    again stab through rt side of sternal margin
    post of complications in abdominal op
    what anticoagulation will u give --like smoker ,ca now for hip replacemnet
    back pain
    leriche syndrome-with types of bypass ,,femoral aortic etc
    spinal stenosis
    head injury --with loss of consouisne ,,extradural ,,cerebral edema etc
    skin lesions --basal cell ca ,
    post op hoarsness of voice --- cannot talk
    singer now cant sing high pitches
    post op adbominal wound dehiscense ===what ur gonna do
    post op --breathless ness... fever ,,abdominal signs --? pe , abscess
    midline swelling in neck of child which does not move on protusion of tomgue
    head injury on ventilator ,,3 days ,,heametemsis u gave 3 units of blood ,,now what will u do
    post op heametemsis ,,gave 3 units ,,stil bleeding and bp still low --what will u do
    swelling in lower limbs--
    after flight from australia
    after excercise
    homans sign positive
    fluids u will give in a burns patient
    one with extensive burns over scalp ,back and legs
    one with circumfertial burns to lower limbs and pernieum
    casuses of foot drop
    differtn causes of diarrrhea and vomiiting problems
    a bird sat on her glass bottle now has diarrhea-camploybacter
    some guy who is back from bangaldesh with diarrhea abdominal pain and sigmoid scope shows red infalmmed rectum--? typhoid

    chest --loss of weight with haemoptysis ,smoker

    a bouncer --on some kidney rejection theorey
    another boucer on stastics
    sweeling in testices
    -hit by a ball one month back ,,now has painles swelling
    severe pain ,,tenderness in hemi scrotum
    patient has tenderness in groin ,awaiting some pheno injection for ingrowing toe nail--? lymph node
    skin lesions --one weeping ,itching ,one with central puntucm ,
    round swelling on chest -? dermatiform

    post op skin conditions --sudden onset of sweeling and ? necrotilsing fasicti
    swelling ht skin post op
    post op complications ...what test u order
    suden onset of breathless nes-- vq scan
    post op diarhhea --?? stool cuture
    question on post traingale of neck
    head injury again--some csf bloody in extra sub dural injury
    splenomegaly --
    somebody come back from italy --huge swelling in spleen
    swelling in neck with fever nd hepatomegaly -/ infectious mononucleosus
    causes of heaptocellular ca
    causes of metabolic disturbances in ca
    eg -urine hypoosmalor
    na low e diff scenraios given
    bright red bleeding while stool
    --no history
    lump in rectum
    after lifting heavy objetc --? perneal haematoma
    with no pain -bright red ? haemorrhoids

    back pain
    weight lifter with central cord symptoms ,,urinary ,
    scitica symtoms --posterolaetral --loss of lordosis
    back pain again
    child not wanting to play=?spondylothesis
    some 60 year old lady from safari in africa back h/o r a +? pathological fracture
    referred pain
    stone in kidney pelvis
    refered pain to t 10-8??
    Murmurs seen in
    massive ventricular defect with cardia failure
    small atrial defect

    causes of organism in osteolmyletis
    organism --
    child with all tb test negatibe but LN caseating
    how conditions would affect lung
    tracheal obstruction
    post op for aaa repair has urine problems
    ? obstruction ? ligation of catheter values of urine osmolarity etc given,,? arf

    lady post op cholcystecomy --now has pain ,,does not move ,,pain is shifting --? biliary pertionitis
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    Could some one tell me whats the required passing mark for the exam. I gave the MRCS part1 yesterday.
    I'm a bit concerned and would like to know how they decide the apssing grade.

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    can any body knows

    hi yesterday i agve my mRCS 1 at chennai, i found very diffifcult, clould any body tell em what would be the cut of point and how can they fix cut off marks.
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    April 2005 Part 1 & 2

    Part 1 was all basic sciences. As usual there were some dodgy questions, but overall it was a pretty straightforward paper. Just keep practicising MCQ's, especially the new set by Pastest.

    As far as EMQ's are concerned, alot were ambiguous. My only advice is read the question, then come up with an answer, and then look to see if that answer is in the list of options.

    I can only recall the questions listed below, just remember to do lots of MCQ's!!
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    i have completed my 3 year residencey in General Surgery and would want to appear for MRCS.Do i have to give part 1 also or am i elogible to give part 2 directley.
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    Re: mrcs part 1 questions

    Any buddy in the london or birmingham area giving mrcs exam at september 12th 2005. i am despirately looking forward for a study partner. Please contact on or ring me at 07704764956 please. help will be highly appreciated.

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