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    Muscles expressions (Facial muscles of emotional expression)

    Smiling & laughing-Zygomaticus major

    Sadness-Levator labii superiors and levator angularis.

    Grief- Depressor anguli oris.

    Anger-Dilator naris and depressor septi.

    Frowning-Corrugator supercilii and procerus.

    Horror terror and fight-Playsma.


    Doubt -> Mentalis.


    Contempt-Zygomaticus minor.

    Closing the mouth- Orbicularis oris.

    Whistling-Buccinator and orbicularis

    V. cholerae-Darting motility

    Clostridia-Stately motility

    Listeria (at 20-25degree)-Tumbling motility

    Borrelia-Lashing motility

    Cork screw motility-T pallidum

    Gliding motility-Mycoplasma

    Proteus mirabilis,B cerus,Cl tetani-Swarming
    Blaschko- skin lines normally not seen .. Seen in incontinentia pigmenti ✅
    Arlts- trachoma
    Hudson stahli line iron deposits seen in cornea in old age ✅
    Mees aldrich line arsenic poisoning ✅
    Shenton's line is an imaginary line drawn along the inferior border of the superior pubic ramus and along the inferomedial border of the neck of femur.

    Cantle line - demarcation of liver segments

    Nelaton - between Asis n ischial tuberosity in a flexed hip✅
    Beaus malnutrition

    Ferrys line filtering bleb on cornea

    Kerley They are suggestive for the diagnosis of congestive heart failure, but are also seen in various non-cardiac conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial deposition of heavy metal particles or carcinomatosis of the lung. Chronic Kerley B lines may be caused by fibrosis or hemosiderin deposition caused by recurrent pulmonary oedema.
    Sebileau used in lederman classification in cancer of PNS

    Terry's nails of hepatic failure
    Langer lines cleavage lines --> dermal lines
    23)SI unit fr measurin blood pressur is??...........
    - kPa

    glucose mediated insulin release is mediated thru??.....
    - ATP depndnt k+ channels

    24)sudden decrese in serum calcium is associated wid??.....
    - increased excitability of muscle n nerve

    25)ablation of somatosensory area 1 of cerebral cortex leads to??..........
    - loss of tactile localization n two point discrimination

    26)nonshiverin thermogenesis in adults is due to?............

    27)TRH stimulation testin is useful in diagnosis of disordrs of which hormones??.............
    - growth hormone

    28) surfactant production in lungs starts at ?........
    - 28 weeks

    29) 10 degree decrease n temperatur causes decreas n cereberal metabolic rate s ------?

    30) The neurons may get irreversibly damaged if exposed to significant hypoxia for-----?

    31) travelling nerve impulse does not depolarize the area immediately behind it , beacuse -------?
    it s refractory.

    32) normal anion gap metabolic acidosis s seen n-----?

    33) fsh acts n ----?
    Granulosa cells
    Most common site of Congenital tb

    Vineyard sprayers lung disease due to--

    Extended sickness benefit---- 2 years

    heart failure cells are stained by-- prussian blue

    reilly bodies seen in hurler's ds

    brassy bodies seen in malaria

    MC substance absuse in pt of schizophrenia is
    Nicotine 90%
    Alcohol 40%

    Diagnostic trop I value in mi--
    >.2 ng

    sirtutuins associated with
    mosquito found at all breading places--
    (Nuisance mosquito)
    aedes called as nuisance mosquito
    Most common cause of pyogenic liver abcess --Biliary tract disease
    The % of myomas undergoing malignant change: (AI 92)--0.5%
    oyster intake assoc diarrhoe caused by
    norwalk virus
    The distribution of myoma in the body of the uterus is broadly classified as follows

    --Intramural (interstitial) 75%
    --Submucous 15%
    --Subserous 10%
    What are basophilic viruses--
    Mcc of esophageal rupture-iatrogenic
    Mc site of rupture-cricopharynx/cervical
    Mc site of spontaneous rupture-left posterolateral of distal esophagus
    Rheobase is the intensity of electric current of infinite duration necessary to produce minimum action potential.
    Chronaxie (or chronaxy) is the time required for an electric current double the strength of the rheobase to elicite first visible action potential
    Peak HCG levels are seen by what intrauterine age --8‐10 weeks
    A meniere disease gene is linked to chromosome 12p12.3 but hereditary meniere disease is attributable to mutation on chromosome 6 . Transmission is reported to be autosomal dominant
    thornwald's disease
    --Abscess in the nasopharyngeal bursa
    Bryce's sign seen in
    Which poisoning
    Dialysis dementia syndrome due to--Aluminium
    Saturnism-- Lead
    diwali poison--white phosphorus
    Legally MTP is defined upto

    Synthesis of complements :

    C1: intestinal epithelium
    C2,4: macrophages
    C5,8: spleen
    c3,6 9: liver
    C7: not known

    Martel's sign is seen in--

    Martel sign also known as--
    A.G sign
    B.Rat bite sign

    Duration of action of flumazenil--20 minutes

    half life of digoxin--36 hours
    brown tumor of bone- hyperparathyroidism , osteitis fibrosa cystica

    brown's sign in-- glomus jugulare

    procalcitonin is a marker for neonatal sepsis

    while calcitonin is a marker for medullary carcinoma of thyroid...

    lines of zain is found in arterial clot ... mostly when formed in heart and in aorta


    CDH1 GENE associated wit vch malignancy-- gastric cancer

    Iodination...15ppm at consumer level
    , 30ppm at production level.

    0.5-0.8mg/L permissible fluoride level.

    mixed lymphocyte culture is used to identify HLA CLASS II

    hematoxylin bodies and le cells are seen in SLE

    syphilytic aneurysm is called as LEUTIC ANEURYSM

    chediak higashi syndrome is due to mutation of LYST GENE

    honey coloured crusts seen in impetigo contagiosum

    mcc of post operative late endophthalmitis--

    mc cause of mycotic aneurysm--staph aureus

    serous delumiens occurs in sublingual nd submaxillary glands

    splashed tomato ketchup fundus appearance in CRVO

    cauliflower ear in hamartoma
    popcorn calcification seen in
    A.pulmonary hamartoma

    Molotov cocktail = petrol bomb
    Thickest nerve of the body--sciatic nerve
    thickest cranial nerve-- trigeminal nerve

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