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  1. asya

    asya Guest

    just back from exam
    hope we all can try to remmber the question and the correct answer and every one will share
    this is my 6th time to enter and i really very depressed and disapointed
  2. Guest

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    alhough almost it`s the same topic that mrcp are concentrating on but still i found it difficult
    always u have 2 answer u r not quite sure which of which is true
    so im trying to remmber some q
    plz all share and add
  3. asya

    asya Guest

    1-mode of action of docetaxel
    prevent microtuble (i did it wrong)
    i wrote it DNA:(

    2-one q about pt admitted on the word and develop diarriha after 48 hr
    i wrote it sallmonella

    3-q with long hx of dysphagia for 18 month for both liquid and solid

    4-q about action og gastrin?!

    5-q about drug causes of cholastatic picture
    flucloxacillin,other option was parcetamol,tramdol

    6-q mention chch feature of ejunal biopsy of whipples dis

    7-q qbout toxic thyroid nodules
    with feature of thyrotoxicosis and neck us shows increase uptake
    ttt:radioactive iodine
    other option inculde:propranol.predinsolone,carbamezabine

    8-q about s/e of progesteron :
    option inculde:nausea,breast pain,headache

    9-q about hypoK and HTN and answer was:ranin aldesteron ration

    10-q about nephrogenic DI asking about drug causing it and answer was:lithum

    11-inv to D acromegaly
    glucose with growth hormon measuring

    12-drug causes constipation and option were:metformin,glagazid and other???

    13-q mention hyop glycemia and hypotension and hyponatremia,which is best to give

    14-pt obese with family hx of DM and found to be Diabetic:
    MODY ,other:DM typ1,DM type 2

    15-diagnosis of cushing:24 hr free cortisol level

    16-q about pt is not controled on glgazid and has renal impairment
    extenide,other were metformin

    17-q about hyperparathyrodism

    18-drug causes of gynecomastia:eek:ption amidaron,pheothiazine...?!!!

    19-pt with hyper prolactinemia and asking about what hormon will be supreeses:growth hormon,thyroid,estrodiol,ADH???!!!

    20-q about other feature of MENII :medullary thyroid ca
    other option was inslinoma,.....

    21-q about pt with gaining wt and intermettied sweating??inslinoma,other option was cushing,acromegaly??

    22-pt which have gastric ligation which will be reduce??folate,zinc,iron,vit k???

    23-excessof cortisol where will it go?
    bind 2 albumin
    bind to fat

    24-healthworker had injured from pt with hiv +ve
    what is the persantge he will get hiv??
    1 in 3
    1 in 30
    1 in 300
    1in 3000
    1 in 30000

    25-pt with DEXA of hip 2.1 and ??2.6 dose she has
    normal value
    osteopenia of hip and osteoprosis of the femure
    osteoprosis in femur and osteopenia of hip
    both osteopenic
    both osteoprosis

    26-diagnosis of aspirglloma:lung function test,broncoscopy,

    27-autosomal ressive inhertance

    28-autosmal domenat inhertance

    29-q about pneumothorax:
    outpt aspiration,outpt observation,inpt aspiration.inpt observation

    30-criteria of ARDS:high protein pul odema

    31-pt with hx of influza develop pneumonia wht is the oragnsim:strep.pnemonia,staph aures.h.influnza

    32-q about lung function test option:asthma,COPD bronchitis,pul fibrosis

    33-q about pt with copd with ABG and ph 7.30 eco222 ,co2 high and o2 low and option was:non invasive ventillation,decrase inspired o2,iv theophyllin

    34-q with blood film shows poikilocytosis:

    35-prognostic feature on AML:intial wbc

    plz all share and add the option or the full q if u remmber it
  4. asya

    asya Guest

    36-q about polycythemia rubrvera

    37-q about waldenstorm`s macroglobulinemia

    38-q about TTP

    39-mechansim of alloprinol

    40-machansim of imatinib

    41-vomiting from ca what other you add to ondansetron:dexamethone,metochropromide

    42-q about ressident to action of protein C:factor V laden

    43-q with hyper hypo k and high CL and nephrocalcinosis:RTAI

    44-what kind of IG ass with cryoglobulinemia II??!!!

    45-q about minmal change GN

    46-q pt with RA on methotrexate with sob ,

    47-renal stone with abd xry shows staghorn calculi and proteus infection
    it should be struvite bt it was not in the option ???!!
    option inculde cystine,urate,ca

    48-rt homnomuys hemonopia
    option:post artery,post inf arety,ant inf aretry,middel cerebral artery

    49-q about migrane pt already tried simple analgsic and trpitan what is next:ergometrine,BB(propranol,NA valoprate

    50-cluster headache

    51-q about hemiballisim

    52-q about tt of essential tremor

    53-2 or 3 q about numbness of the thumb

    54-q about other feature of common peroneal nerve injury:

    55-q about abscent ankel jerkwith extensor planter:subacute combined degenration of the cord????

    56-q about progressive supranuclear palsy

    57-vt what is contra indicating:verapamil

    58-what favvour of vt:hr of 180,RBBB,anteriventricular disociation,

    59-ecg of pericarditis

    60-pt with sub acute bacterial endocarditis what inv:colonscopy

    61-pt with MS what els will indicate other valvular lesion:V wave in JVP

    62-pt with MS what will indicate co ass with MR??
    displaced heaving apex beat???
    opning snape

    63-long QT syndrom:due to blockge of k channel

    64-what is inv for mycordial ischemia:angiography,ct,

    65-pt with high k:ca gluconate
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  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Alcohol + pustular facial rash (nonscarring)
    Father & son's nursery have diarrhea: campylobacter
    sore throat then after 2 weeks rash: erythema mutiform-HIV seroconversion
  7. asya

    asya Guest


    67-q about ankylosing spondyolitis

    68-young with behaviour change??

    69-erythema nodusm

    70-photosensitivity rash???porphyria cutanda tarda???!!!

    71-pt with alcholic and rash??rossea

    72-blister with no mucosal involvement

    73-pt with cloctomy and a rash??pyoderma gangernosum


    75-herdietory angioodema with C1 diffecency

    76-pt with HIV and ct show low attenuated:pML

    77-dog bite: coamoxiclave

    78-dengue fever/lepospriosis??!!!

    79-pt with grame -ve diplococci:gonorrhea what is ttt

    80-3 to 4 q about schs,manic psychosis,

    81-pt with sudden loss of vision


    83-pt with s/s of facial n,tangue and plate where is lesion
    pons,cerbropontine,jugular formen


    85-pt with ethenol poisining and asking about the mechansim by which inhibation of alchol dehydrogens is done by fomepizole

    86-which drug can be givin with finsteride

    87-drug which cause pancytopenia/aplastic an

    88-drug lead to LN and wt gain??
  8. asya

    asya Guest

    please all to share and add whatever u could remmber from exam
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    good good luck for everyone!!!
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    metformin for PCO

    TTT of grade II oes. varices
  11. asya

    asya Guest

    for the q about ttt of grade 2 oesphagel varices
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What was the question about Gastrin action?

    For the gastric cerclage question I am not sure but since it will reduce gastric emptying> cck is reduced> bladder contraction down> less bile secreted> Vit k can be the answer.

    I am just thinking any answer anybody?
  13. asya

    asya Guest

    89-bostan:mode of action

    90-tt of osphageal varices grade 2:trelpressin
    oral propanol

    91-pt dusring exercise test after 8 min his heart rate decrease from 140 to 70,why?
    a-sinus arest

    92-a senario about an old man with impaied glucose tolerancce test and asking wht is the mechansim of that
    a-increase insulin absorbtion
    b-increase insulin insistivity??
    c- i think decrease glucogensis (im nt sure from this option)
  14. asya

    asya Guest

    93- inv of renal vasular dis(this qis repeated0 and itys answer was renal artiogram

    94- ecg shows st elvation in V1 -V4 with some change in inferior leads:
    a-total oculsion of LAD
    b-total oculssion of RCA
    c-70%oculsion of LAD
    d-70% oculsion of RCA
    e-oculsion of LAD and rca
  15. asya

    asya Guest

    95-pt recive blood transfusion and presented after 3 week with j and...
    b-acute lung injusry

    if any one can remmber the complete option and q plz share
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Delayed transfusion reaction ?
  17. asya

    asya Guest

    96-pt presented with SOB following successfully tt of MI
    mitral valve prolapse

    97-pt presented with rash,femoral bruit,sob following pci
    chlosterol embolism
  18. asya

    asya Guest

    98-what will be a good indicator for disease activity
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hemochroatosis c282y gene?
    am not sure of the answer

    the prognosis 26 hr after paracetamol poisoning?
  20. tatta

    tatta Guest

    good luck 2 everyone!
    this exam sucked!
    couldnt find this forum(guess im still hazy 4rom the exam) so thought people didnt start discussing yet, had 2 start my own 2oday but thankgod i found it ..........

    some recalls

    -elderly lady wit ulcer on nose.been there 4 more than 4 yrs:squamous cell ca,basal,trophic ulcer, lupus vulgaris

    -renal transplant, earliest ab produced against what?HLA class 1 Ag i think

    -most imp HLA 4 renal transplant matching?HLA A, HLA B, HLA DR.........

    -vague q about some erythematous rash on legs??? cant remember

    - young man wit pain in rt buttock, 6 month ago had same pain in left buttock? sacroilitis,gluteus medius tendonitis, lumber canal stenosis

    -confused febrile........invest negative nitrites? leptospirosis, listeria meningitis..... cant recall

    plz help me wit answers 2 those
  21. dr.angel05

    dr.angel05 Guest

    alslm alikm
    this is my 1st attempt paper 1 is diffecult but 2 is ok

    i will post 1st what i sure about answer after that i recall the other:

    1- fomepizole ------ competitve inhibitor
    2- imatimb---------- tyrosine kinse
    3-ARDS ------------- high protein
    4-digoxin ----------- Na-K ATPse
    5-allopurial---------Xanthine oxidase
    6- bosentan-------- endothelin- receptor blocker
    7- high aion gap------- methanol
    8- migraine ------------ ergotamine
    9-drug C.I in VT ------ verapamil
    10-ECG in pericarditis -------- ST elevetion concave
    11- picture of PE investigation ----- CT angio
    12- ucler at site of ileostomy------- pyoderma gang.
    13- organism of pnemonia after influenza------ staph. aureus
    14-Q picture of cholesterol embolism
    15-Q picture of global transit amnesia
    16-MS with MR ------- displaced apex beat
    17- IE and bovi------- colonscopy
    18-father has hemophillia chance his son------ 0%
    19-18 month pt. c/o pysphagia both solid and fluid ----- achelesia
    20-ADPOCK------ 50 % affected
    21- drug contiue wiht sildenafil------ ACE-I
    22- prognosis after paracetamol indigestion---- prothrombin time
    23-pt with HTN and low k what investgestion------- aldestrone : renin ratio
    23-Dx of cushing------ 24hr urine for cortsione
    24- pic of toxic nodule goite------- radiate iodine
    25- acromegaly investigation------ glucose tolerance test
    26-male c/o back pain has vertebral collapse due to osteoprosis------ testosterone level
    27-pic of cholestatic ----- flucoxcillin
    28- rupure of tenden--- cipro
    29-female pain at base of thumb with swelling----- osteoarthritis
    30-numbness in thumb and something in biceps---- C6
    31- photosenetivity, blister , millia----- prophyria cutanea tarda
    32-sing of common pearneal n.--------- weakness of dorsiflexation of foot
    33-pic with liver imaired with high IgM----- PPS
  22. tatta

    tatta Guest

    -man wit ankylosing spondilitis, what test positive? trendelinberg, straight leg test..........

    what waz the answer????? & did they say test or sign????
    bec theres difference between trendelinberg sign & test

    think its straight leg>>tests 4 back pain, although its 4 disc prolapse not ankyl.
    help me out! totally confused!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Shez

    Shez Guest

    it was a drug causing SIADH and the answer was carbemazepine i think.
  24. tatta

    tatta Guest

    thanx shez 4 making me feel better bout that q!!! i wrote that too but alot of people thought it 2 be DI wit lithium as answer
  25. mrcp-4

    mrcp-4 Guest

    one of the toughest exam after mrcp may 2007.this is my 4th times... i m very dissapointed.i m trying to recalling the qs n will post as soon possible...pls try everyone ...
  26. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    Glukokise enzyme, different behavior in brain and liver ? affinity

    cortisol mech of inactivation

    bias reason in meta analysis

    abx for pneumonia after influenza infection

    abx addition apart from amoxyl and claritho?

    derranged LFT in preg ? cholestatsis

    way of giving oxygen to COPD pt

    ABPA diagnosis
  27. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    sensory loss at T8?

    LMN signs at upper limb with loss of temp/sens

    ABG of a pt , heroin abuser

    ABG of COPD pt

    ABG of metabolic acidosis

    Which hormone low in prolactinoma
  28. Shez

    Shez Guest

    the migraine one i think the answer was propanolol. cos she wasnt having an acute attack but was having very frequent migraines so i think the were looking for preventeitve agent. ergotamine aint used any more cos of side effects
  29. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    Inx for renal failure, patchy shadow lungs, prt and blood positive, pt with inc SOB

    Inx of choice for low hb, high prt, low alb, RF

    sickle pt claiming to be in pain how can u check

    odenestrone not helping post chemo , what next?

    morphine toxicity reason?
  30. Shez

    Shez Guest

    i put precipitin test for the aspergillus one - dunno if thats right.

    yes tata alot of my collegues put lithium and diabetes insipidus for that question but in my question the sodium was 116 and clearly fitted siadh. so i think maybe it was one of the test questions - you know they put a few in each paper.

    oh and the woman with the pericardial effusion noted incidentally??? i put preceed to op but i dunno if that right

    i put subacute combined degeneration of the cord for an answer but i wasnt convinced cos the haemoglobin was normal. MCV modestly high. couldnt really fir the signs with any of the other options though
  31. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    post splenectomy blood changes

    pt with fluctuating consciousness and left sided weakness

    turkish woman with hepatosplenomegally

    SLE associated immunoglobin

    angioedema associated complement

    SVT recurrent inx of choice
  32. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    test to know the structure of prt
  33. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    @ shez

    for ABPA i put PFT , can be wrong

    migraine --propanolol

    I put ant spinal art for T8 level

    low Na , i put carbamezepine too
  34. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    there a Q with weakness and postural hypotention

    a lady who had change , saying mean things to ppl with some gait impairment and memory loss
  35. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    PMH of TA pt coming in with fundal hge, had high BP

    another pt with visual change, pain ..cant recall well

    pt with 6th nerve palsy bilateral and papiledmea
  36. Shez

    Shez Guest

    what did u guys put for the patient who had polymyalgia and had been taking steroids - then presented with acute visual loss, pulsatile temporal arteries ???? i think i put the first answer central retinal artery but could be wrong?
  37. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    i had gone for hypertensive changes , totally unsure
  38. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    i had gone for hypertensive changes , totally unsure
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

  40. dr.angel05

    dr.angel05 Guest

    34-alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency------ ZZ
    35-Ankylosing Spondylitis------ global immobile vertabera
    36- QT----- K channel
    37-MS other vlave------- v wave
    38-H.ployi--------- duodenal ulcer
    39- diahrea + anaemia+ mouth ulcer----- celiac
    40-proteins-----Western blotting
    41-macrophages containing periodic acid-Schiff------Whipple’s disease
    42-pt. neck stifness csf gram +ve bacilli------ listeria
    43-O2 to COPD pt--------- venti mask
    44-staghorn stone--------magnesium ammonium phosphate
    45-pt from india has vivx malaria----- chloroquine
    46-diarrhea, TR, liver impaired------Carcinoid syndrome
    47-Metformin in PCVS----- inc glucose peripheral intake
    48-typical bic of cluster headache
    49-pt. take steroid------ avscular necrosis
    50-blood film after splenectomy----- hollly jolly

    to be contentious.....
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. Cryoglobulin - SC Lymph node - bronchial carcinoma?
    2. Q about adenovirus conjuctivitis??
    3. Pt RR 20 perminute, Respiratory Acidosis, clear lung - CO poisoning.
    4. Infective bronchiectasis, Red Cell Mass >> - Primary Proliferative Policythaemia??
    5. Migraine not response with triptan , I think should be given intravenous valproate.
    6. GAA, blurred vission, fundal haemorrhage - I still answer Anterior Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy??
  43. Shez

    Shez Guest

    i made too many silly mistakes esp for the malaria one and the staghorn calculus one :(
  44. Shez

    Shez Guest

    @ leslie. i ahve different answers from you - dunno wats right.

    1) i put non hodgkins lymphoma
    2) i put blepharitis
    3) i put COPD
    5) propanolol
    6)same as you
  45. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    Shez I did many silly mistakes too esp one i knew well but in the last minute i rubbed it off and ticked the wrong one :cry:

    I have put the same ans as u except the last one
  46. sle

    sle Guest


    the one abt gastrin was stimulation of secretion by luminal peptides

    paired t test not elgible was non normal distribution

    ondanstron for vomiting in chemotherphy add dexamethasone


    metaanalysis bias-publication

    confusing questions on metabolic abnormalities

    hypochondrial disorder for cancer assuming patient

    it was bit more tougher than last one of may this is my second attempt may allah help us all and pray that all pass
  47. asya

    asya Guest

    salam all
    exam crammer,shez
    hope all will pass
    this is my 6th attemed,i dont know really what is wrong:((

    can some one organiza all the q in one page and then we can discuss the option togeather
  48. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest

    asya you never know , you may pass so stay put and positive. I have done many mistakes as well
  49. sle

    sle Guest

    prognostic in aml-karyotype
  50. asya

    asya Guest

    salam all
    exam crammer,shez
    hope we all pass
    this is my 6th attemeted,i really dont know what is wrong:(((

    can some one organize all th eq in one page and then discuss it togeather one by one

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