Recall From MRCP part 1 sept /2010

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by asya, Sep 22, 2010.

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    nothing will happen just pray
  2. sim10

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    I have some problem with my account as I signed up prior to application. therefore, it does not have my rcp account and there is no exam history.. I applied for exam by paper
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    just offer ur ASAR prayer and it is JUMMA today so ALLAH will help all of us who have worked hard
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    SIM 10, do u know at which time result is being published, it is 4:45 in pakistan right now
  5. sim10

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    this is my 3rd attempt
    jan 2010: 5pm uk time
    may 2010 around noon uk time

    I think result will be out anytime, latest by 5pm. U can check the time at the 'international time' website
  6. sim10

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    It is 12.55pm in London
  7. sim10

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    result out
  8. dr A Y

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    results out
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    result is not out why u r making us confused
  10. dr A Y

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    results r out...
  11. mrcp-4

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    BY THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH ..I PASSED MRCP PART-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    is result out really?
  13. dr A Y

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    i failed..... :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  15. Dr. Doctor

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    Cheers Allah, I owe you a pint
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    Oh God, You are very faithfull. I will declare Your Fame. Pass with score 770.
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    alhamdulliah ,,,, with grace of Allah i passed. life is a test ,so not to worry if u didnt make only means that u r able to handle that. i took my exam at lahore centre sitting right under the dome... any 1 else from there passed??
  18. sim10

    sim10 Guest

    I still don't have the courage to check!

    What about others?
  19. dr_shahi000

    dr_shahi000 Guest

    pass pass pass
    see you all tonight
    i am on duty...
    congrats all who passed
    and praying for all of you failed...
    dont get depressed keep trying with prayers
    in sha alla. all you will pass..
  20. Guest

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    cannot see result !

    my application was incomplete

    i sent them email .. pray for me please
  21. sim10

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    Thank you, Lord....
    I passed........ :D :D
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    i failed, i have 465 and pass marks were 521. i appeared from lahore center
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    anyone knows what would have been the pass questions percentage? 130. 140. 150? plz reply
    i am so depressed
  24. dr_shahi000

    dr_shahi000 Guest

    dear shez , mrcp 10
    aysa BRCA 1 and others please tell us if you have passed ...
    with grace of god the almighty many of us passed alhamdulillah...
    i am eager to know each one of your results...
    please do post
    my score 602
    pass mark 521..
    i dont know the pass percentage after getting the result letter i shall be posting my average percentage of mark..
    i am greatful to all the members in this forum for thrie valuable contibutions and discussions.. i shall remeber all of you in my prayers...
    my e mail id is drshaheerkodur@gmail dot com
    see you agin after my duty...
  25. Exam Crammer

    Exam Crammer Guest

    I passed Alhamdullilah. , I am at work now . will return
  26. Guest

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    الحمد والشكر لله
    thanks my god , i passed with score 695 ,it was my firist attempt.
    i will pray for all friends in the forum who failed god helps them
    my congratulations those who passed
    really the forum was my home for 3 weeks i awake and sleep with it
    best wishes to all friends, shez ,shahi, ali ,aysa. d.a.y, abarwari,lesile,mrcp4,exam crammer , and all others.
  27. guest007

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    pass pass pass thanks to allah 609
  28. dr.tamer

    dr.tamer Guest

    Thanks for allah I passed
    =18]الحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا وما كنا لنهتدي لولا أن هدانا الله[/size]
  29. MRCP Sep 10

    MRCP Sep 10 Guest

    Alhamdulillah Passed
    Only Allah made me pass. Congrats Shahi!
  30. Dr A Y

    Dr A Y Guest

    Pls.. Dr..shahiooo and others which online course to study to pass.. Pls let me know.... I am very depressed.. I got 509 and failed...
  31. mrcp-4

    mrcp-4 Guest

    First of all i wnt to thanks almighty ALLAH who made me pass this time...Congrats to everyone who passed & for those who didnt pass pls dont be depressed...this is my 4th time & i knw wht mental agony it is to fail...just as a brother i m sharing with u all my experience:

    May'07-got 52%,pass mark 62
    Sep'08-got 62 %,pass mark 65%
    Sep'09-got 369 only,pass mark 521

    This is the 4th time for to everyone if i can pass, anyone can pass mrcp part-1.My advice is

    1.Frst belive ALLAH will help u to pass & belive in yourself.

    2.revise karla,passmedicine,pastest,onexamination atleast 3 times..

    3.Most imp..make ur own notes regarding the topics tht always comes in mrcp & u forget easily,revise them 2/3 days before exam..

    4.Not to mention but this forum is very usuful...i knw there r very different opinion regarding the answers...but the topics & Qs tht r discussing will re-appear in future always see the last diets qs...

    Lastly special thanks & congrats to some of most active guest of this forum..Dr.Shahi,shez,lissan,lesile,mrcp-10 & otheres who i dnt remember now..

    By the was whts about asya & dr.albarwari...i misss u guys....& wht about BRCA-1...u passed...coz as u told today about the online applying procedure,i passed...all who get the same msg passed??

    Thank to all

  32. result 2010

    result 2010 Guest


    hi everyone, I was wondering how I can get my mark and my percentage. I saw my result on the website and it said that I am fail but they didn't show my mark in numbers so helpppppp!!!!!!!!!!please soon...
  33. dr_shahi000

    dr_shahi000 Guest

    dear result
    log in to your mrcpuyk site account.
    go to my mrcu ukin that see the exam history
    you will get the pass mark you scored
  34. dr_shahi000

    dr_shahi000 Guest

    asya dr.albarwari. BRCA-1.shez
    what are your results
    please post
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i failed al hamdulilah
    you can get the details of ur result from the MYMRCP
    result---fail---what si this
  36. Guest

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    i failed
    scored 482

    i need advice
    el hamdollha for every thing
    congratulates to who pass
  37. Dr A Y

    Dr A Y Guest

    Congrads dr.shahiooo.. It was good discussing with u.. Pls tell me how to pass next time atleast.. So depressed...
  38. CWS

    CWS Guest

    how do i noe bout the marks? i thought onli got fail/pass???
  39. dr_shahi000

    dr_shahi000 Guest

    dear AY and asya
    dont evr get depressed...
    i shall post in detail how i did my preperation
    i am on duty now i will finish duty after say f4 hrs
    i will give posts then
    please do think positive....
    allah will not let you down..
    he is always with all of us
  40. MdKhan

    MdKhan Guest

    I Passssssssed!!! My score is 710. Thanks to the supreme one above… thanks to almighty!!!
  41. meerama

    meerama Guest

    Dear All

    congrats to all who passed. It was my 6th attempt and I got 515 marks. The ones who passed in first attempt please post how they prepared as I tried all my best...and I didnt know how else to prepare. At least we will get some more advice to pass this exam.
  42. tatta

    tatta Guest

    i paaaassed thank god
    congrats 2 all who passed
    & 2 those who didnt, dont be depressed wish u luck next time
    unfortunately dont know my exact result 'cause dont hav account
    does anyone know if i make an account now will i get my result?
  43. Shez

    Shez Guest

    i passed !!!! 3rd time lucky. I scored 661. over the moon. thanks to everyone on the forum the discussions helped alot :) xxxxxxxxxx
  44. Guest

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    congratulate to all whoo pass
    wish for them all the luck in part 2 esp dr.shahii and shez

    i will be waiting for ur advice,,thanks for advance

    dr A Y and meerama

    what do u think about starting to prepair for next exam
    we can exchange emails and start a study group where do u work and where did u sit for exam
  45. meerama

    meerama Guest

    Dear Asya

    I am still going through the grief. I have not yet decided about next attempt. I work in Wales. In case I decide to take next exam in January, where should we do the discussion...should we open a new thread for Jan 2011.
  46. meerama

    meerama Guest

    Dear Asya,

    I really love hospital medicine and not keen to go into GP training. Now a days girls are choosing GP training more instead of hospital medicine. But it looks such a difficult task. Do you work in UK and what do you think about exams/changing career.
  47. exam crammer

    exam crammer Guest


    Sorry to hear about your result but remember ... you will pass. you need to focus more and study for is different from studying dont need to read big books. so questions and revise again again again again until you train your brain. you have to repeat that many times that answers will start to come in your mind itself. It is all in training the brain.....

    for next few months you think nothing but and study, sleep and study .....keep telling can do have to train the brain so you have to brain wash it...hypnotize yourself......

    when so many ppl can do it then why cant you..go in attacking mood not in half confused mind, i have done silly mistakes in exam but still you can make start today...dont wait for some one to come and tell yu what to you. you know it well how to tackle as you have sat so many time. Ofcourse follow the advise of your fellow mrcpians but you go to plan yourself......

    hope you pass next time..good luck

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