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  1. upen

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    Q. in antenatal ward ,a woman is admitted in labor..she is in late first stage at 8 cm dilatation.according to NICE guidelines which one of these features in CTG is abnormal
    1.baseline FHR -115/min
    2.accelerations present
    3.early accelerations present
    4.baseline FHR of 165/min
    5.beat to beat variability of >25/min
  2. komal

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    Q. following Abdominal hysterectomy,u find that the patient has infected surgical wound...
    awaiting pus culture sensitivity report ,which should be the antibiotic of choice
    2 augmentin
    4.? some cephalosporin

    answer is 5. since most hospital acquired infections are resistant to pencillin group. and secondly u need a broad spectrum antibiotic when c/s report is awaited
  3. komal

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    Q. following abdominal hysterectomy, the nursing staff is worried because the output since last 2 hrs has been 35ml/hr.
    considering the weight of the patient as 70 kg,the normal urine output is
    the output mentioned in the question is the normal urine it is 35ml/wt/hr.for a 70 kg it is per kg it is 0.5ml.answer is 1.
  4. komal

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    Q. a patient for elective caesarean section who has a past history of PPH.during this pregnancy she has placenta accreta.which vessel would u like to ligate prophylactically during caesarean hysterectomy

    1.external iliac
    3.internal iliac
    4.?internal pudendal
  5. mahak

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    Q. following hysterectomy,in post-operative ward, u r informed that patient is restless and irritable.her blood pressure is 80/40 ,Hb-6%
    what is the treatment

    1.infuse plenty of iv fluids
    2.crossmatch 2 units of packed cell
    3.cross match 4 units of packed cell
    4.immediately transfuse O-ve blood

    since patient is in hypotension with severe anaemia,it could be because of secondary haemorrhage ( eg: slipping of ligature). she requires immediate blood transfusion. O neg is said to be the universal donor and time for cross match is saved ...hence i think its 4..
  6. komal

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    submentobregmatic diameter SBA
    quadruple test -Downs syndrome values SBA
    anatomical position of pelvis-horizantal diameters SBA
    closure of anterior fontanelle SBA
    vessel may damage during laparotomy for appendicitis SBA
    bilateral ventricular dilatation-20 % stroke volume indicates how much blood volume retains in ventricle @the end of diastole SBA
    position of foot in newborn -dorsiflexed or everted SBA
    effect of insulin and glucogon after high protein diet SBA

    SBA about fetal heart tracings in Ctg when patient on oxytocin infusion-miwife called you to see in one of
    these conditions options FHR 115, FHR 165,
    early decelerations, 2accelerations in 20 mts, variabilty more than 20 per minute
  7. komal

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    Q. on reciever operating characteristic curve (ROC) .it was about plotting x and y axis. y axis corresponds to sensitivity . x axis is to
    1. specificity
  8. komal

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    some questions (SBAs).

    1) Value represented as diamond on a forest plot chart, what do the horizontal edges of the diamond represent?

    2) A pregnant woman who has been abusing drugs suffers an MI, what drug is she likely to have been taking?

    3) A patient is opting for VBAC after a previous CS, what is the quoted risk of uterine rupture?

    4) A woman with a positive Down's screening test? What does each test component show with a positive screen?

    5)A woman in 2nd trimester goes into premature labour- chorioamnionitis, what is the most likely organism?

    6)At what HIV viral load would you consider allowing a normal delivery?

    7)Woman attends USS in early pregnancy, fetal poles seen but heartbeat not visible. What is the likely gestation age?

    8) What structure forms the saccral dimples at the level of S1 vertebrae?

    9) At what stage in the cell cycle is mitosis arrested if there is a chromosomal abnormality?

    10)Estrone, estriol and estradiol- arrange in order of effectiveness in a normal adult female.

    11)Where in the kidney is the majority of bicarbonate reabsorbed?

    12) 2nd trimester patient with malaria, what is the drug of choice for treatment?

    13) Given hepatitis serology results (can't remember the values), what is the patient's infection status?

    14) What hormone is deficient in congenital adrenal hyperplasia?

    15) Which cell type secretes calcitonin?
  9. mahim

    mahim Guest

    1:premature closure of ductus arteriosus..options aspirin,indomethacin,nsaids etc
    2:most commoncirculating hormne in females..options dihydrotestosterone,testosterone,androstenedione
    3:raditions dont effect which type of cells...i remmember only one option cortical cells of nueron n i guess its the correct one???
    4:after disinfection which organism survives?
    5:aldosterone reabsorbs sodium from distal convo tubule\collecting tubule..???
    6:treatment of chlamydia?
    7:about collagen...options were cannot form without vitamen c,double helical structure,banding pattern??
    8:values of o2 and co2 were given...options were hyperventilation,venous blood sample??
    9:eek:ne ques was about duchenne muscle dystrophy??
    10:ques about wolff parkinson white syndrome???
    11:cin...basement memb intact etc...

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