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    :eek: Hello everyone,
    I've just passed my amc 1st part on december 17th, and I reckon myself as lucky enough cos I could make it on my first attempt. I've been gone through whole recalled papers of Nov07 which's been posted already. Those are very similar to my papers which I'm preparing for one of my friends. there are some other quest. wot I could hardly recall:
    1. Which one of following is most likely competible as a preventable consequence of crhonic HTN?
    a. Coronary Heart disease.

    2. 60 yr old diabetic pt is taking thyroxin for thyroid dysfunction,(that was another long ques,sorry I don't remember the whole thing), may be he was diabetic too, now has been suffering from palpitation, wot's de mx?
    a. Give him antihypetensive
    b. Stop thyroxin
    everones ans was b.

    3. A quest about polymyalgia rheumatica assosiated with headache, asked about the Ix?
    a. ESR

    4. A question about autoimmune hepatitis, I forgot wheather they asked about the diagnosis or the pathology. better read the topic. one feature was reccurent jaundice.

    5. A lady on the 6th day of her peuperium with c/o dyspnoea, chest pain, (other features r forgotten), asked about the dx, most of the ques. were long and twisted.
    a. pulmonary embolism.

    6. There are many self help groups, what's true about self help group?
    a. mutual support & non professional

    There were 8 questions about medico-legal & humanistic aspects.

    Wish you all the best.
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    hey.. i too managed to clear mine on the same date as yours..:) what plans do you have next..??
    n where are you planning to be in oz..??

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