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    Radium half life

    Most prolifetive myelofibros

    Scabies treatment
    Maximum rad acceptable

    ength of urethra in males

    painless ulcers in tongue. options.. apthous, tuberculous, syphillis

    Set A
    Gastric lavage c/i
    H.pylori cause?..
    Lochia (weeks)
    Indian population pyramid
    Find the Degree of freedom
    Giving pyshotherapy what type of prevention
    Triage for children which colour for sickness
    Most corrosive agent
    Alkylating agent
    Wt of uterus
    Size of male urethra
    Scabies Rx
    1ques frm hernia
    Rectal prolapse in children treatmnt
    Treatment for motion sickness
    Drug to prevent vomiting nausae induced by radiotherapy

    How many teeths in a 3 yr old
    Testesterone secreted by????
    Epulis arise frm???
    Snowman sign
    Drooping lily sign
    Bone cancer arising frm epiphysis
    Colour of oxygen cylinder
    Astigmatism (cylindrical glass)

    Antemortem sign of drowning
    Lead poisioning
    Trachoma( SAFE)
    Systemic opthalmitis cause due to??
    Pretibial edema is seen in???

    set f

    z score - 1
    api index- 5.0
    hiv ass. - focal GN
    hematobium - eggs in urine
    post hip dislo. - flex, ab, introt.
    angioedema - feet
    coA used- succinyl coA
    soot in trachea- thermal injury
    diarrhea - zinc
    breast cancer - dermal lymphatics
    acute mastitis - lactation
    malignant otitis externa - pseudomonas
    NRTI - is ans. (dedanosine is NRTI)
    ASHA -
    expectorant except -
    NRHM - 2005
    ape thumb deformity - median nerve
    husband & wife hut - IPC-498A
    drug inducer except - ketaconazole
    pemphigus vulagaris - autoimmune
    secondary hyperparathyroidism -
    reticulocytosis senn in all except -
    iron & folic acid given in pregnancy - 100 fe & 500 folic acid
    duffy antigen present ,..malaria - falciparum
    doc for herpatiformis dermatitis - dapsone
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    SET G
    Prokaryote have-all three were correct-DNA,RNA,Single chromosome
    Rx Scabies-Ans-Ivermectin
    How many teeth in 3 yr old child-Ans-20
    Interstitial nephritis
    swimming pool conjunctivitis
    drumstick appearance
    gas gangrene was caused by all except
    Half life of radium
    first step after cardiac arrest
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    set f:
    1)16 yr old boy very hyperactive not easy to control bla bla where does school refer him to?
    a)foster home
    c)juvenile home

    2)common cause of diarrhoea in children?

    3)ape hand?

    4)claw hand?

    5)scabies treatment?

    6)NRHM started in?

    7)MTP done by an unauthorized person will be punished by which law?

    8)domestic violence IPC?

    9)calculate incidence?

    10)calculate Z score?
  4. Santosh Jadhav

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    11)gas gangrene treatment?
    a)hyperbaric oxygen

    12)selicks manuever used to?

    13)not seen in anesthesia administration?

    14)clean wound heals by?
    a)primary intention

    14)trauma hemorrhagic shock fluid to be administered?
    c)whole blood
    d)fresh frozen plasma

    15)dose of anti D?

    16)mallampatti used for evaluation of?

    17)inquest done in dowry death by?

    18)duration of lochia?
    a)10 days
    b)15 days

    19)pointin index?

    20)transoesophageal endoscopy which heart border seen?
  5. Santosh Jadhav

    Santosh Jadhav Active Member

    baby friendly hospital launched in which year-

    brunner gland secrete what-

    chandler hook warm numbers-

    downs syndrome- diagnose

    Boutonniere deformity

    1023 yr half life which one-

    tinel sign

    double bubble sign-

    bruuner gland secretes what

    not a crime in india- rape, sodomy, incest, indcent attack

    CSF is preserved in- alochol poisioning

    TB spine represents as-

    Rabies intermediate host is only dog

    lochia how many weeks

    Agglutution test performed for which of the following-

    Drum stick appearence-

    GABA function-

    Melatonin true except-

    polar bodies first appear

    Drug for paraxomal tachykardia

    Intermediate insulin is-

    gastric lavage contraindicated in-

    Father of medicine which disease- cholera
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    set D questions.

    1.motilin suppressed by
    2.huffner cells seen in
    3.scapular anastomosis all except
    4.pointing finger due to which nerve injury
    5.hutchinsons teeth seen in
    6.which cyst does not move on deglutition
    7.bone without medullary cavity
    3 parts of elbow sages in
    8.fetus urinates at which week
    9.splenectomy indicated in
    10.cancer cured by radiation
    11.pancreas circulation muscle of tongue
    13.pugilistic attitude seen in
    14.asha worker
    15.amount of renal blood filtered in gfr
    16.mean pulm. art pressure
    17.subs which does not stimulate parietal glands in stomach
    18.chemicals involved in depression brain tumor
    20.chandlers index
    21.indicator of public health
    22.disease not transmitted by virus standard for.obesity
    24.local anesthetic action
    25.severe mental retardation
    26.substance added to pet.scan
    27.wide anion gap seen in
    28.hormone inhibiting gluconeogenesis
    29.area 17 corresponds to time for breast examination
    31.element to convert procollagen to collagen
    32.liver biopsy indicated
    33.glutathione is composed of antibodies seen in
    35.vit k synthesised in
    36.kerion is a
    37.granuloma in lymph nodes seen in all except
    38.sun ray appearance
    39.valveless amongst the following
    40.wound dehiscence seen in
    41.angio edema most common in
    42.warthins tumor seen in
    43.mcc ALL
    44.reinkes crystal seen in
    45.acro dermatitis seen in
    46.mcc of uti
    47.kurschman spirals seen in
    48.holes in bronchoscope for what purpose
    49. lens stained due to which med? diarrhoea drug
  7. Santosh Jadhav

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    Variant B,2013 september core app barium enema- ca of colon
    2.location of lymphoma – stomach
    3.chemotherapy for ca cervix-cisplastin
    4.bruner glands seen in-duodenum
    5.secretion from brunner glands-secretin
    6.duration of 2nd stage of labour in primipara-2 hour
    7.hesselbach’s triangle
    8.peaud d orange seen in?-blockage of lymphocytes
    9.hip dislocation which movements we see?-flexion,adduction,internal rotation no of population in CHC? no of students in class room?
    12.kien block’s disease
    13. whipple’s triad is useful for what?
    14.whipple disease?
    15.Psammoma bodies are seen in-papillary ca
    16.RBS cast seen in?-proliferative glomerulonephritis
    17.knee is extended by which muscle?
    18.which one is not visible in brest feeding?-lower lip is everted not inverted
    19.what is pemphigus vulgaris? A.bacteris B.virus C.Autoimmune D.non of above
    20.what is myringitis bullosa?-Virus
    21.DOC for dermatitis herpetiformis?-Dapsone
    22.cetrimide agar is useful for staining which bacteria?-psudomonas aerugnosa Xeropthelmis what is X1B-bitot’s spot
    24.length of trachea-10 cm
    25.condyloma lata seen in?-secondary syphilis
    26.burger ds affect which layers of artery?a.tunica media b.tunica adventitia c.tunica intima
    27.most commonly ruptured organ in blunt trauma? Spleen
    28.which of the following is the most useful investigation for thyroid fuction? TSH
    29.split thickness of skin graft means?
    30.what is xenograft?
    31.bleeding time is increase in?-dengue hemorrhagic fever and von willbrand disease type of hodgkin’s lymphoma?-nodular sclerosis
    33.oka strain useful for?varicella
    34.blood store at blood bank?+4 c
    35.pre exposure schedule in rabies vaccine? Day 0,7,28
    36.child with hiv+ and symptomatic which caacine we can give?OPV vaccine
    37.yellow fever vaccination starts protection ater how many days of injection-10 days
    38.xerophthalmia is a public health problem if bitot spot- >0.5
    39.IFA tablets in pregnancy-100 mg iron and 500mcg FA
    40.auditory receptor present in?-sup temporal gyrus
    41.Inquest of dowry death is done by-magistrate
    42.husband cruel behavior towards wife comes under which IPC section-498A
    43.MCC of death in drowning?
    44.which one seen after penetrating injury in cilliary reason? Sympathetic ophthalmitis
    45.drugs c/I in pregnancy? Latanoprost
    46.which opthalmoscope is used to detect vitreous hemorrhage?Direct
    47.extenson of knee by which muscle? GN associated with HIV?- focal segmented GN
    49.MC symptom of glomus tumor?trinitus
    50.a person working in hot environment who consumes more h2o without salt likely to develop:heat cramps
    51.lewy bodies seen in-parkinsonosim
    52.clouding of consciousness seen in-delirium index for nitrogen-3,5 index safety mechanism-prevent wrong attachment of cylinder
    55.drugs not useful in emergency in pregnancy-nifedipine
    56.drugs that causing malignant hyperthermia-succinyl choline
    57.tau protein seen in?alzeimer’s disease
    58.koplik spots seen in?measels
    58.person ate food yesterday and after 6 hours started vomiting so which organism involved in it?stapyllococal food poisoning
    59.failure rate of sterilization? =0.1
    60.sudden painless loss of vision seen in retinal detachment due to?= vitreous hemorrhage
    61.which drugs are not used in severe persistent asthma?short acting b2 agonist tumor of urinary bladder?
    63.half life of cobalt?5.4 years
    64.lactic acid is produced by?skeletal,smooth or cardiac?
    65.Duration of lochia?3 weeks
    66.TOC of inevitable abortion less than 10 week-suction and evacuation
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    M/specific finding of am drowning
    Kf ring seen in-descmet memb
    Not see in hemocromatosis-kf ring
    Cu in wilson ds does not accumulate in
    Cervical priming done wit-
    28 wks regular cycle ovulation time
    Not included in clinical evaluation of pneumonia-oxygen saturation
    Acc to the triage of child ilness a baby with home recommendation will be Included In
    child and maternal health program started in
    Teeth in a 3 yr old child
    On the preventive aspect of mental health psychotherapy is-primary prevention

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