Recalls drom MRCP 1 Jan 2010

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    Hi every one ,,congrats to all who passed the exam and for those who did not i would say realy its not about being super smart,, just try to answer as much questions as you can ,,Passmedicine is a MUST then Onexamination and Kalra,, this worked for me , i start studing 2 and half mounths before the exam and al7amdollah i passed :) again wish ya all the best of luck :wink:
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    Alhamdulillah Passed with 634.

    What are the recomended online subscription and books for the part 2.

    My advice to those taking the part 1 exam is to revise passmedicine word to word atleast three times.

    This forum was really helpful.

    InshaAllah join you all again for the part 2 forum.
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    (result not released)

    Dear ramy karam

    i try to apply part 2 on line ... but the answer was

    You have not yet passed the MRCP Part 1 examination and do not have an exempting qualification and so are not eligible to sit the 2010/01 Part2 examination.
    is that mean i failllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld ?????????????
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    No dear you have not failed it is just that "you have not passed part 1 yet" :idea:
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    dr_mahmoud the markes are not distributed equally ie hard quizes have a higher scor than easy ones so u may answer onl 90 and pass if there hard and unfortunatly answer 130 and drop if the had a loer score rate
    best luck next time
  6. dr_mahmoud

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    dear dr ahmed
    it s unlogic to answer 130 quitions and got 460 marks only
    ofcourse there is something wrong
    it gets me mad when im thinkin in that issue
  7. Johny

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    No I feel you should contact the College and demand a re-evaluation.
  8. Friends I am starting a new thread for part 2 preparation by the name of " MRCP 2 April/July 2010". Even those who are not appearing in these diets can still share ideas and information there and help us pass in the attempts to come.

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    dear jak mutation
    you are sure 50 days is sufficient to prepare for part 2

    whats the books or online will start to study
    waiting your answer
  10. Dear Dr

    Please read my message at the new thread mentioned (MRCP-2 April/July 2010 Discussion") and reply there.

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    First of all i want to congratulate you all for passing the exam and special thanks to JAK2 Mutation for again putting the show and trying to pave a way for others i told you he is such a gentleman soon you all will feel the same.
    I am still in Euphoria trying to come out of it soon i will be glad to join this although i am not sure for April yet will actively participate.
    we should decide to start unite by unite like gastro endo respo etc first read from OHCM or from passmedicine notes than we will but Bofs from sharmapastest and onexam and will start discussing about them .
    or if you guys have any different idea we can add that too.
    i wish you all very best in this endeavor and the good thing about is now its not looking endless Wink .
    You all have all the confidence in world now as you are pumped up with your resent achievement and thinking you can move the mountains right so i request you all dont break the momentum let your pendulum swing with its full flow i mean even if you are not appearing for april plz just join this group to maintain your rhythm so that you can be ready for july when the time comes.
    Hope to see you all often........ Smile Smile Exclamation Exclamation
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    hi,is there anyone who appeared in part 1 from karachi
  13. Guest2

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    hii guys.. i did not pass the recent january paper. It was my first attempt. Currently not decided whether to re-sit in May or Sept? really need some advice on how to go about this. Pls share some thoughts. Thanks..
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    Dear Docs,
    The real success is what you achieve(knowledge) during you endeavor(MRCP) just hitting your milestone(MRCP) doesn't mean you had achieved all . Please regather yourself failure didn't mean u are a bad doc or what so ever it was a lucky day for us and we passed even i marked alpha thalcemia trait rather beta think did such things in the exam still i manage to get a good score yah i did correct some difficult questions as well just applied my knowledge where needed for pinpoint accuracy and it helped me .
    My advice is for those who failed or are new comers i am not an authority just wants to share my experience which is as follows:-
    PASSMEDICINE very good its explanations are excellent in a simple format and easy to retain start from subject wise like cardio endo GIT etc..first read a topic from OHCM or kalra i would rather prefer ohcm but if you combine kalra with passmeds explanation it will work...
    ONEXAMINATION yah even the explanations are not that good yet you will find many from these 2 webs ...
    PASTEST they are almost 4000 i think they are difficult and when you going to the final round of your revision they hard to cope with .
    i tell you what look almost 14 units each having like 150-200 BOFS now do some maths like if u select passmed and onexam sure u have to do both of them multiply 14 units into 350 it make approx 5000 BOFS and if you add pastest they are 4000 BOFS by its own so when you go for a final go you cant handle 10000BOFS yah you can do with 5k or 6k at most ,so please try to stick on these two webs passmeds and onexam but do them good inshallha you will pass and please dont let yourself down you are still fresh go for it now and for new aspirants you please follow this dont think with job you can do it easily if you doing job give specific hours to mrcp presps than you can do it lets say at least give 3 hours and set you timetable and follow it and if you not coping with it set punishment for yourself you a better judge set yourself i used to curse myself hard if i used to do that than go random first finish unit by unit
    indulge yourself in a forum or form a skype group it will help you .
    Be confident reassure yourself that you can do it but dont be overconfident alwasy have to fear of failure that if you dont pull of your socks well in time you will not only fail but it would a big embarrassment for you follow stick and a carrot theory .
    if you can buy a pocket pc it will be gr8 help i copied all the webs in word format and than sync them into my pocket pc so even when i was on the move or during hosp duties when i got free time i used to recall them .
    Last but not the least you know your mother is your key to success with her prayers and your sincere efforts nobody can fail you .
    i hope the above will help you i will pray for you and all those who unfortunately couldn't make it and the new aspirants if ever you need any help please feel free i will try to help as much as i can.
    Kind Regards
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    @ guest 2
    i passed the exam on my second attempt.sept 2009 scored (509) and was quite upset naturally..i decided to retake in jan 2010 coz i felt i had done most of the hard work and needed to focus on my weaknesses.
    so Thank God i managed this time wid a score of 601.

    u r the best judge of urself.if u feel u are almost there....then i would strongly suggest taking it in may...
    good luck...
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    Thank you for ur inputs Mrcpian and Mrcp guy. It helps a lot to know that someone out that understands. I would probably try again in May as i feel Sept is rather a long wait. I'd definately need help in time to come in preparing for May. Hope u guys would be around. Thanks a bunch!!
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    Guy2 I failed with 515!!! ..I was confused like you whether to go for may or not but after reading above comments, I will go for may as well. Shall we make our group??
  18. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    sorry i meant guest2
  19. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    MRCPian when you say do on examination, shall i do T /F as well or only BOF
  20. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    MRCPian when you say do on examination, shall i do T /F as well or only BOF
  21. relaxed

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    part 2

    dear jak2 mutation, i admire ur consistency in putting up posts. i cleared but have not been able to get my percentile. is it thru post or on the website. could not trace that.
    surely will catch up in arpil /july discussion.

    i have little advise to those appearing for part one. as has been previously mentioned, passmedicine 2 times is a must. others like onexamination -helpful(3/5), kalra (2/5; that is if u have read ur text previously will not need much help here. but if not done that it would be of great help.)
    it is important to revise well on time but read key points of passmedicine.
  22. Guest

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    Hi fedup plz just do BOFS from onexam ohh man u so close515 u will do it dont worry
  23. Thanks very much "relaxed".

    Your advice is excellent, onexam, passmedicine and Kalra is the recipe but if one has pastest online subscription he doesnt need kalra at all, honestly I didnt read Kalra other than just a few topics from it.

    For "Fedup":

    Please do passmedicine and onexam and you'll pass it.
  24. Fed up

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    MRCPian and JAK2 mutation , thanks for a quick reply. I will do BOF only now.

    I was really gutted to fail with 515 but I said to myself, cant change the marks so better start cracking on . I had not done on exam or passmedicine at all , only pastest , may be thats why i failed
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    hi m tried MRCp part1 for 2 times doing passmedicine and pastest plus onexamination and free q of mrcpass.....can any one tell me how come i pass if i try further????and pls let me know if u guys who passed have many years practical experience as well???
  26. Guest

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    pls pls u guys are going to give me hundred percent response as m tooooooooooo fed up of it....more important q of mine is practicl experience which i dont hv much....all of u who passed just let me know ur practical experience ????
    i dont know where the fault lies n now a daz thinking to quit....quit MRCP
  27. Hardwork

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    I passed.......Hey bhagwan

    Hey all my friends,

    I am reading your posts, after the MRCP Part 1 exam is already over.....and I am finding it loaded with good constructive and essential advices for candidates who will be taking the exam soon, for the first time or again.
    MRCP is the most difficult part and so even if you have failed, DONE GET SCARED AWAY..Keep trying..YOU WILL PASS, DEFINITELY.

    Have faith in Bhagwan (GOD)/ Allah / Christ / ALLMIGHTY.

    I have fortunately passed and will now try for the next exam i.e part 2.

  28. Guest2

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    Fed Up: I'm glad ur sitting for the exam in May too.. Hopefully we'll make it this time. Do keep in touch and we can get thro it together.

    MRCPian and JAK2 mutation : thank u so much for all the inputs.. just a question.. do we need both passmedicine and onexam?? or just passmed with kalra is sufficient? in the prev exam.. i was using mrcpass. Pls advice. Thanks..
  29. doct

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    hi all
    this is for my friends those who didnt clear this time,
    plz dont get depressed, u will sure get through inshallah next time
    kalra- passmedicine-mrcpass-oneexamination
    what all the other docs r advising i totally agree wid them

    jak n mrcpin

    where r u from r u from riyad, when r u pple starting a group as u said b4,what is the plan for july
    what is the study plan, i was regularly seeing all the comments rt from the day of exam even though i didnt put any of mine
    as i was just waiting for the result
    any body interested in planned study for part2 plz let me know
  30. enquiry

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    jak-2 mutation and mrcpin what was your score honestly since tell now you are giving advice and discussing topics so what was your score in this exam(yet no one of you mention)....just for people reviewing this forum..
  31. mrcpin

    mrcpin Guest

    one of my friend passed with no practical exposure so you dont worry just make your theory strong i confirmed you if you follow my past post you will pass inshallha in which country you did house job ??
    i am sure now you will concentrate on your may exam with confidence if you still you have any doubt please write me
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hi Mrcpin....m from Pakistan...if u dont mind in which attempt u passed ur part1?? n with how much gap if more than one attempts? and how u prepared in how much time? and more over do ur practical experience???pls dont miss any q as m really sadd after these attempts ..i scored only 470....and what was ur score???pls dont mind anything n elaborate ur whole effort for part1.....
  33. doct

    doct Guest

    dont get depressed
    as i already told u
    dont b in hurry also
    let the details of result come first
    then u will no which system is less scored
    so thatu can start n give more time to that

    n i think many docs n woking in PHC R PASSING BOTH PART 1 AND PART 2


  34. For "doct"

    I am from Riyadh, working here in a long hour job.

    For "Aniqa"

    Do not lose heart, it's just an exam. I know many people passed it by just doing the practice questions and never touched the books.

    Just follow what others have advised like:

    if time allows do pastest online bofs with its e-lectures

    In addition to this, I guess what you need is the right approach towards a mrcp-1 bof. These questions are never straightforward, there is a lot of detail on how to handle the question in it and can be formulated into a long discussion but in a nutshell the apparently looking right answer is mostly not true, you have to fish around to find why they have given this question this way......the hint lies in this it's the technique that counts alot.

    You might not be lacking the knowledge but the technique.

    Hope this helps.
  35. mrcpin

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    yah aniqa he is saying write i passed in first attempt dont bother with these facts i scored 641 i am from pakistan karachi as well you just start with passmed than onexam add kalara or ohcm give 3 hours atleast set your targets .
    if anything you want to know more i will be glad
  36. aya11

    aya11 Guest

    hi every one:) realy passmedicine is a MUST ,,i started with it,, tried to answer as much Q as i can ,, then i shifted to 0nexamination ,,, for eg in CNS try to answer 300 or 400 Q of passmedicine and 100 or 200 Q of Onexamination ,, of you did this in each system you'll pass definitly,, the key is to go through as much question as possible,,, God luck for every one :)
  37. Guest20111

    Guest20111 Guest

    passmedicine has 180 Q in total in Neurology, how he'll do 300 or 400 as you advised ?????? please advise nicely and to the point !
  38. guest1972

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    Dear All, Congrats to all those who passed and all the best for those who could not.

    I have been following this forum, mainly after the exams for the exam question discussions.

    This was my second attempt, The first I took in sep 2009 after studying for about 25 days from the passmedicine which I could complete 90% once and failed with a score of 422. After the result of first attempt the following were my conclusions on the causes of failure.
    1. It was Allahs decision for me which I have to accept, because there is a saying of Umar(May Allah be pleased with him), he Said: I dont care in what state I get up in the morning since I dont know whether its good for me or bad for me.
    2. Most of the questions in the sep 2009 revolved around passmedicine but I failed because I didnot read passmedicine thoroughly and hence commited lot of blunders.

    During this attempt I read passmedicine word to word and revised it once in 30 days and Alhamdulillah passed the exams with a score of 634.
    4. I had subscribed to pastest also but could do only cardiology and one pasttest paper from it.

    My sincere advice to those who could not pass is:

    With my limited experience of only two exams i.e. sep 2009 and jan 2010, What I felt is that the questions almost always revolve around passmedicine. each word of the passmedicine notes can come as a question. To pass with avery good score in MRCP(UK) part 1 one needs to read passmedicine word to word with atleast two revisions with a last very fast revision just one week before the exams.
    If you have enough time after passmedicine then doing the pasttest previous papers may be helpful.

    Others may not agree with me but once again my advice to all those who are taking the part 1 UK is read PASSMEDICINE, PASSMEDICINE and PASSMEDICINE.

    Thank YOU.
  39. doct

    doct Guest

    i agree wid guest 1972

    passmedicine is the best n first to learn along wid onexamination, n mrcpass
    as i told earlier
    repeated revesion is a must,
    dont get ur mind disturbed going to thick books
    what ever u read , read throughly
  40. dr anita

    dr anita Guest

    whats your result

    DR MOALY, did you pass, JAK 2 mutation is very smart.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

  42. mrcp guy

    mrcp guy Guest

    hey everyone...i agree with the above posts ..
    passmedicine is of supreme importance....i didnt do onexam or kalra either.
    work hard and keep praying u will do it
  43. Dr MOALY

    Dr MOALY Guest

    yes i passed dr anita score 601 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  44. Dr MOALY

    Dr MOALY Guest

    hey everyone really success in v wonderfull especially for me coz when u find urself lost and u feel that everyone think that u are a loser , i studied for MRCP for about one year not really hard work and about 3 monthes hard work , i entered MRCP SEPT 2009 which was really tough i got 500 so i felt depressed and dont know enter jan2010 or not but i entered and solved pass medicine and pastest and study kalra not twice or 3 but atleast 30 times know every word so after start study of mrcp in 2 years I PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    601 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I love u RCP :oops: coz NO ONE WORKS HARD WILL BE A LOSER ..dont lose hope put a target and MUST ACHIEVE when u love something like MEDICINE U WILL PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and bieleve me it will be the most best moment in ur life... and for me it is the 2nd best moment after i entered the faculty of medicine ...... GOOD LUCK ALL
  45. ahmed M

    ahmed M Guest

    hi dr moaly
    i revised with you the answer ,also i passsssssssssssssssssssss,my scor 743 .it is was surprise for me .i worked hard for 5 monthes .
    there is any plan for part 2
    also congratulation for mrcpian and jak 2
  46. ahmed M

    ahmed M Guest

    hi dr moaly
    i revised with you the answer ,also i passsssssssssssssssssssss,my scor 743 .it is was surprise for me .i worked hard for 5 monthes .
    there is any plan for part 2
    also congratulation for mrcpian and jak 2
  47. Guest

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    woow dr ahmed such a nice score i want to congratulate you as well and to dr moaly i am happy for you guys specially for dr moaly as it was your scond attempt and i you passed by your utter determination and know its yours duty to post your experience in detail to boost to our fellow drs who unfortunately couldnt make it and to the new aspirants .
    a group has already been formed on the mrcp2 forum so that we all could strive for the exam .
    Hope to see ya
  48. 730

    730 Guest





  49. DR MOALY

    DR MOALY Guest

    730 congrat. passss is only important the score is for u
  50. DR MOALY

    DR MOALY Guest

    congrat. d for for u ahmed m and mrcpian and jak2 mut. and for all who pass and who dont pass dont give up NB it is not just a word , i mean it really for those who are near success really go for the 2nd attempt and i am sure u will 100% to pass u must solve more bofs and record every new information coz MRCP exam of how u know not popular information the only new information like u must know the gene for every ds , like do anyone know the that burgada syndrome gene is scn5a and it is common in asians this new information is question which didnt appear b4 but may be appear in ur exam

    i am really happy I DID MYSELF SATISFACTION and now FOR PART 2 WRITTTEN :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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