Recalls drom MRCP 1 Jan 2010

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by drrajib, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. ahmed M

    ahmed M Guest

    i am Egyption .Did you prepare for part 2 in july
  2. ahmed M

    ahmed M Guest

    Hi all friends ,there is my experience for frist part
    -frist more BOF more marks
    -frist start by read essential revision for one time,then start BOF from passmedicin and revised with essential revision after that i do on examination
    -should make note for any question you dont know answer and revised it before one week of exame
    -notice most of qestion not direct and need to take deep inspiration before answer
  3. Heartiest congratulations to Dr MOALY and Dr ahmed. :D
    I am happy for your success and can understand how it feels if we pass in successive attempts. I am a Pakistani working in Saudi Arabia.

    Once again congratulations to all of you especially mrcpin and also thanks to mrcpin again for his continuous support and advices here and may Allah make it easy for you to excel towards your goal. :D :D
  4. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    I so much want to put :D face next to my discussion but I cant until I pass :(

    DR MOALY Guest

    YES I want to go for part 2 but i need to know the books needed and what sites we will solve and what is the difference between part1 and part2 ??

    lets start work ahmed m , jak 2 mutation and mrcpian 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  6. ^Guest^

    ^Guest^ Guest

    Need advice..sat for jan paper, first attempt, did not have much time to prepare at all, only scored 300. Should i re-sit in May/Sept?? Confused.. and not sure wht to do in view of poor marks. awaiting your replies.. thank you..
  7. Dr MOALY

    Dr MOALY Guest

    hi guest u must increase ur motivation coz by increasing it u will increase ur time in studying, like that ur pass in MRCP is a matter of death or life ..
    u must read more and the most important solve more bofs in pastest or onexamimation then pass medicine is a must and c ur performance if it is good in relation to other users performance so go on but increase ur time in study read more know new information and make notes for it solve past exams and c ur score ....good luck i think the euphoria of WORD PASS deserve it , as i said b4 u it will be the best moment in ur life and not say as many others that the royal college make some fail to pay more money it is completely wrong MRCP Is certifcate since 1873 if u finished it u will be the master of int medicine ...good luck remmber u can.

    hey guys tell me what is study plan for part2 in books , sites
  8. ahmed M

    ahmed M Guest

    hi Dr moaly
    bookes -rapid review of internal medicine
    online i think pastest it is more question 2000 but on examination 1100
    -radiology for MRCP

    what is the time you will enter mrcp part 2
  9. Dr MOALY

    Dr MOALY Guest

    i will have the exam in next july or next november according to my performance in answer the questions
  10. doct

    doct Guest


    take ur time
    dont get depressed

    give enough time to all the three sites,
    all these sites have good questions, read every question carefully n concentrate what is beaing asked

    dont be in a hurry

    be perfect in all these sites n then pay the fees
    do repeated revesion of these sites
  11. doct

    doct Guest

    hi all

    i will not hide any thing like others

    this was my fourth attempt n i passed alhumdulilah

    last may 2009 i missed i got 515

    but i made up my mind, n revised the same things again, i didnt go for sept 2009

    i took three sites n did system wise
    i started wid cardiology from kalra gave just a reading then i did passmedicine-one xamination n mrcpass

    i made notes of answerswhich am doing wrong
    befor going to sleep i used to read the notes

    i used to memorise nemonics made by myself for few things
    i used to take print outs n read at hospital

    but last moment i revised all the sites

    i did mock test of pass medicine. onexamination

    i didnt do the last 5 years questions papers which comes in mrcpass, coz i had no time
    but they r useful coz--u will get some questions from them

    so dont be in a hurry
    prepare nice

    be relaxed, dont get tensed by seeing the results n scores of others,as u have not seeing their real scores

    dont get carried away by advices of reading heavy books, even philp easter book is not required for basic sciences

    u hav lot of questions in passmedicine of basic sciences, just revise them

    lot of material read once will not be helpful

    read few sites but many times

    despite preperation, i made mistakes in the exam, but alhumdulilah when i came home n started putting down the correct answers alhumdulilah i had full faith in allah that i will pass ,n alhumdulilah has given me part 1 mrcp

    for those who r worried about pass wid low scores, passing mrcp is a very big thing,n we shud be thankful to allah, so dont worry about scores

    i hope pple will reply to my comments, if they dont also, i have no issues coz i have shared my feelings
    thank u all

    all the best for every one
  12. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    thanks doct v useful indeed. i failed with 515 too this time , you think i should not take this may exam??
  13. justdoit

    justdoit Guest

    Hi ,thank god i cleared in the first are a few tips.. kalra pastest(revisin is the key)

    2.dont keep statistics to the end...use e lectures from pastest to get the concepts..

    3dont spend too much time for basic sciences...just do it from pastest
    (a typical pattern is being repeated)
    easterbrook for referance davidson for cardio(kalra cardio theory will depress you..) easterbrook genetics

    6.spend more time on gastro,nephro,endo,rheumat,respi rather than trying to understand da finer concepts in cardio ,neuro
    should score full from the former(intelligent reading) dermat and psych pastest...16 questions scored without much effort.. pastest pharmac...another main area of scoring

    9.mrcp 1 is about getting the pattern rather than the vast knowledge

    10.listen to pastest pods before sleep...

    three months is enough..all the best guys...
  14. doct

    doct Guest

    u r very close
    may be 2-3 questions wrong

    u will surely get through next time

    just a little more effort needed

    dont go to the new programme of starting new things new books new site,past test will not help, it will disturb u

    just the three sites is enough as i told u before

    do each sites five times, keep kalra for reference

    thats it, dont go to any other book,

    once u r confident

    see if how many times u can do these sites till coming may

    if u feel confident, go ahead

    all the best

    follow simple things

    read the advices of pple of last year exams
    they also say

    kalra passmedcine, onexamination

    but i tell u
    do mrcpass will help u

    123doc n past test very few reccomend

    all the best

    start from now
    inshallah allah will help u, even i was in the same situation, what u r feeling now, so i know ur feelings,

    pple who get through in first attemps, its their luck, n allah wants them to get through, its not that they r brillant or big shots, its all from allah

    repeated attempts will make ur preperation strong for part 2 n three
    n u will be a good doctor will sound knowledge

    all the best
    if u need any thing
    dont worry
  15. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    yes doct i nearly missed it. and it is sad to just miss it. as i know of many silly mistakes i made , which i knew but some how did wrong.

    your post has given me hope. JazakAllah
  16. doct

    doct Guest

    i know its sad to miss by coming very close.

    just say bismilla n start, n forget this now n aim for next attempt, now u know ur self that u can do it, n inshallah u will do it

    dont leave any question of passmedicine, dont leave any word of explanation,

    the colored tables of it,

    the short reason for answer it gives,

    read the key points throughly.

    dont get sad if u do first or second reading wrong answers also

    just keep on reading, it will be stored in ur mind

    pass medicine has increased 200 questions more, it contains 2000 questions wid good explanatory answers, lots of basic sciences n pharmaclogy in it, its expalantions is same like in kalra

    read the question carefully, u shud prepare in such a way on ending the questions it shud come in ur mind without looking into the options, what is the answer ok,

    i know many pple they dont read big books n advice others to read,

    just follow the sites get perfect in each question, its technique of asking questions,

    every thing is given in notes of pass medecine, dont miss this site,

    i followed the advice of one of our adviser before

    he said if u r perfect wid passmedecine 100 questions will be in our pocket

    ok all the best
    have faith in allah,
    inshallah u will pass
  17. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    doct i am confused to stick to only passmedicine or do on examination as well. i was thinking to do them side by side but then i dont have that much time left for may and in the end i may panic. some day i think to do passmedicine first and then do on examination as much as possible. For this confusion i am tempted to delay my exam till sept, this way i will able to do both on exam and passmedicine thoroughly.

    you have been very kind, May Allah reward you for your sincere and detailed advice ..amen. You seem to be a very nice person.
  18. mrcpin

    mrcpin Guest

    please do both its a sincere advice
  19. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    mrcpian..can i do both in 3 months??
  20. mrcpin

    mrcpin Guest

    sure even thrice if you try hard
  21. doct

    doct Guest

    as i told u b4
    three sites r very good

    pass medicine



    it depends on how much time u can give daily

    if u r working how much time can u give.

    see 50 days b4 exam i started very seriously

    first i used to do passmedicine one chap for exm--cariology

    then do onexamination -cardiology
    then mrcpass-cardiology.

    then i used to take out print outs of wrong question i did, n read them again

    once i finshed cardilogy from all three sites i used to go to other chap

    these sites have lot of information lot of questions wid explanation

    if u master them. u can do all questions, read many times,

    so as not to be confused

    like in exam despite knowing correct answer i did silly mistakes,

    u have to do both sites n if u can do mrcpass also

    u can do in three months, get stick to the computer, if u have no duty

    or else plan acoordingly

    dont get panic
    be relaxed
    when u get anxiety read
    all the best

    then i
  22. Fed up

    Fed up Guest

    ok done, both sites..InshaAllah I will try my best. I am working full time but if there is a will there is a way .....
  23. doct

    doct Guest

  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Doct,

    It was very much encouraging reading your post. This was my 3rd attempt on MRCP Part 1 and I failed again. In 2nd attempt I got only 460 marks; and in 3rd i.e. Jan 2010; I got only 470 marks.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I prepared from passmedicine, pastest and free questions of mrcpass. I studied passmedicine 3 times but nothing worked out.
    Now I was thinking that maybe other people who got passed r having some experience bcz I didn't have any practical experience. Also I m raising a 1.5 year old daughter with me and of course hav to give time to her as well.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my observation about the exam is that in exams senerios are too big and its hard to focus on one specific thing. On all these sites from where I prepared; question length is not as it appeared in the exam. Also many people are saying on this forum that question is very much tricky and we need to save ourself from RCP trap and my question is that how to find the soul of the question.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my observation about the exam is that in exams senerios are too big and its hard to focus on one specific thing. On all these sites from where I prepared; question length is not as it appeared in the exam. Also many people are saying on this forum that question is very much tricky and we need to save ourself from RCP trap and my question is that how to find the soul of the question.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi doct... I am so much dishearted right now and wanna give up and was thinking about something else like MCCEE of Canada. But still confused and don't know what to do.
    I really want you to help me out and to tell me if I should proceed with next exam after 3 or 6 months. Also tell me how much time you were giving daily to the preperation of this exam.
  29. doct

    doct Guest

    dont get depressed

    dont be in ahurry also

    take sept diet, prepare well,

    no need of practical experience for part 1

    i work in emegency

    i worked in medical dept also 1 year,

    i didnt find any questions which practical exp will help u in part 1

    just give time

    if from now
    if u r working u can give 2 hours atleast after ur work

    if u r not working u have good time
    hw did u learn passmedecine

    how many times, didu reveise it,

    as i told befor master it word by word

    take onexamination site also,

    take mrcpass also

    concentrate n solve questions ,what is being asked

    no guesses

    u shud read questions, at the end of questions u shud be ready wid answer in ur mind without looking into the option

    i know there will be tricky questions in the exam

    but if u revise the sites many times, u will get the trick to solve a tricky question

    all the best

    i will write more tomorrow
  30. doct

    doct Guest

    just put a little more effort

    take the sites give time

    inshallah u will pass, dont worry aniqha

    if u need any thing ask
  31. doct

    doct Guest

    very few will pass in first attempts

    its their luck, read all my post once again u will get details

    dont give up. u have to study, n inshallah u will do it
    passmedicine is good site

    i got confused with pasttest in my second attempt, so i left it

    n i concentrated on three paid sites,passmedicine, onxamination,mrcpass

    mrcpass if u purchase it will give u old papers from 2004, n it gives 100 questions from 2010 jan diet,

    solve them u will know where did u go wrong, i did the same i took the site n did the questions, of last exam

    if u apply for sept u have good times, read thoroughly, but plz revise them, revise what u read,two times or three also not enough

    coz if u read once or twice, u will forget b4 the exams, ur preparations shud be such that 40 days b4 exam u shud start doing mock test,

    as i told b4, i used to do mock test daily two some times three

    i made notes of some imp points, n last minute points, n revised them b4 exam,

    all the best

  32. passed

    passed Guest

    Dear friends,

    You must concentrate on each word, but ignore what is not relevant. For example, take the question on the South East Asian asymptomatic man who had haemoglobin of 11 g/dl or so, basophilic stippling on peripheral smear and high HbF etc. Here, the ethnicity made alpha thalassemia trait the answer, since otherwise the description would fit beta thalassemia trait also. To a great extent, this capacity can come only from good clinical experience (like taking the history from a patient) and relevant reading. Pastest is not appropriate for MRCP (UK) Part 1.
  33. Guest-11

    Guest-11 Guest

    How can you say it was not beta Thal ?
    Asian origin was a distractor.
    All other features are of beta thal.
  34. passed

    passed Guest

    You cannot distinguish alpha and beta thalassemia on the basis of the information given in the question (asymptomatic, basophilic stippling, raised HbF etc. occur in both) except on ethnicity - the features are similar. You need to analyze the questions with open eyes and make learned and experienced judgments. I passed the exam in the first attempt with a score of 751, and so have the reason to believe that most of my answers were correct. Best of luck, dear friend!
  35. mrcpin

    mrcpin Guest

    i too selected alpha cell thal all the time i was thinking to mark beta cell anybody in favor of alpha cell
  36. Dr Moaly

    Dr Moaly Guest

    hi dr passed what a great score really 8)

    when u will intend to enter part 2 ? and what ur plan in studying
  37. passed

    passed Guest

    I have started with Pastest. Just completed cardiology. Let me see. If possible in July. Don't want to take the risk in April. After Pastest, intend to do Onexamination, then Sanjay Sharma, Medical Masterclass self-assessment for Part 2 by John Firth (Radcliffe Publishing, ISBN-10: 1846192285 ISBN-13:9781846192289) and a few other books I have ordered, including a radiology book.
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I am working in emergency medicine since my graduation. Almost 7yrs of experience. I am planning for MRCP, please tell me can i do it as i know i have to study very very hard for MRCP-1, as emergency medicine is totally different with all specialities.

    Dr Khan
  39. doct

    doct Guest

    u can
    start reading kalra

    get concept of it system wise

    revise it

    then start the sites

    read the past post of docs on this forum recent post i mean

    all the best
  40. doct

    doct Guest

    hello mr passed


    where r u from

    its good, every body is about to start or just started, u have completed cardiology, good pace, whats the first reading target, i mean how many days shud be taken to complete each, sanjay, pastest, onexamination

    hope u will reply to this

    thank u
  41. passed

    passed Guest

    I am from India. I work in Kuwait under the MOH.
    My family will visit me here during March-June, so I can't devote
    much time to the studies then since my daughter will be with me!
    I haven't fixed targets.
    I think I should read taking adequate time and let stuff sink in.
    It's always better to study really well and appear for the exam,
    rather than do things in a hurry, fail and fret.
    I started reading a few days after the exam, since I knew I would
    Again, questions on Pastest don't represent the actual exam qustions.
    But people who have passed say they are good.
    They repeat several questions from onexamination.
    Best of luck to you, dear doct.
  42. Dr Moaly

    Dr Moaly Guest

    hi passed u think part 2 the exam of many bofs or it is the exam of reading coz i feel that pastest put only 2000 and onexamination only a little of questions

    and is it easier than part1 or more difficult
  43. doct

    doct Guest

    all the best to u also mr passed

    all is well

    do u have any idea of medical master class, how is it for part 2
  44. passed

    passed Guest

    Dear Moaly & doct,

    I think the Part 2 is tougher.
    It is of bof but tests deeper understanding of clinical sciences.
    And we must read much more than just bof.
    Refer to the Oxford Textbook of Medicine relating to the bofs
    containing substance you are not familiar with.
    Also, understanding and practice of medicine are changing rapidly
    particularly in areas like diabetology and thrombosis.
    I read Masterclass bof for the Part 1 (one good Malaysisan doctor
    had posted them on the net) and found them to be of high standard
    (the real exam is of a lower difficulty level than both Pastest and Medical
    Masterclass). But I feel some of the questions, a few at best,
    were from Masterclass - like the complication of percutaneous
    biopsy of mesothelioma. A friend of mine who passed the Part 2in last November said there were many questions from Masterclass.
    But Masterclass subscription is for both the parts and for 1 year.
    So I have ordered the John Firth book.
    Best of luck friends!
    Keep in touch.
  45. GuestII

    GuestII Guest

    advice needed..failed part 1 only with 266marks. first attempt. only had 1month to prepare. to sit in may/sept?
  46. doct

    doct Guest

    hi guest 11

    best of luck next time
    please read the older post of all the pple of this forum ,

    read the post after the results i mean after 12.

    u will get all details

    wish u good luck
  47. doct

    doct Guest

    hello mr passed

    where r u from india

    how is the pay in kuwait for a gp or resident

    when di u finish ur graduation
  48. passed

    passed Guest

    I am from Kochi, Kerala.
    I am an old guy.........................finished MD in Medicine
    in 1997.
    The pay here isn't good compared to other Gulf countries.
    But you need at least an MD/DNB or MRCP for any job
  49. doct

    doct Guest

    hi dr passed

    thanks for the reply

    u have sound knowledge in medecine.

    r u planing part 2 in july,

    i have started onexamination.
  50. passed

    passed Guest

    Thanks doct.
    And mabrook!
    Most probably I'll give only in November.
    But have started Pastest.
    Are you from India, too?

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