Recalls drom MRCP 1 Jan 2010

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by drrajib, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. doct

    doct Guest

    yes dr passed

    am from india. finished grads in 2000,
    after that cam to saudi arabia,got posting in remote area, tansfered to city,busy in work n marriage, then came back to studies,
    now alhumdulilah i cleared part 1

    why u r giving in november--mashallah u have good concept good idea of understanding question, i think u shud go for july

    for me i will inshallah try for july,
    praying for all of us good luck
  2. Thank God

    Thank God Guest

    Hi Dr passed,congrtats on ur too from cochin...could u provide ur mail id please?
  3. doct

    doct Guest

    hello every body
    why there is no sound
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello doctors thnx u all 4 memorizing so much questions :(
  5. rosa zankey

    rosa zankey Guest

    plz help

    aoa, m in ma 3rd yr mbbs from pakistan can any1 who had applied from pak. guide me from whr to get part 1 forms and submit ma documents ??
  6. guest 3

    guest 3 Guest

    I dont get how people say dont use pastest, they get questions from the latest exam and have all the lectures with it wich the others dont do
    they also have far more questions than the others.
  7. Guest23

    Guest23 Guest

    Rosa Zankey

    You mean you want to take part 1 while you are in 3rd year MBBS ? I am sure you are not kidding..........

    www dot mrcpuk dot org is the official website to explore for your eligibility and all related forms.
  8. misachi

    misachi Guest

    Part1 in November.

    Any suggestion, plz...........
  9. juhiayesha

    juhiayesha Guest

    hello frendz.......

    hi friends..........i just need ur suggestions.........i am interseted in doing mrcp.........plzzzzzzzz cod anyone help me........i am pursuing my MD in physiology n interested in giving mrcp.......plzzzzz help me guys..........
  10. mrcp 1 prep

    mrcp 1 prep Guest

    if u have yahoomail access

    add me in ur list,
    nisark at ymail dot com

    read all older post, if u can com online, whats ur timing of job
  11. juhiayesha

    juhiayesha Guest

    @mrcp 1 preparation......thanx for the timings are from 9am to 4pm........indian timings.........
  12. mrcp prep

    mrcp prep Guest

    hi juhi
    where were u

    i was waiting for u today as per ur timings
  13. juhiayesha

    juhiayesha Guest

    sir give me ur complete email id........i codnt add u.........plzzzzzzzzz.......
  14. juhiayesha

    juhiayesha Guest

    my mail id is.......
    hatelife786 at yahoo dot com
  15. mrcp prep

    mrcp prep Guest

    hello juhi wher r u
  16. mrcp prep

    mrcp prep Guest

    why dont you reply juhi ?
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree that this post is of no use. we get such vague advises every where Do hard work you will pass. If you really want to help give us tips, some short cuts, where we have to concentrate, where we should not waste our time.
  18. LTOT

    LTOT Guest

    mrcp site is currently not working

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