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  1. Dr. Dalpat

    Dr. Dalpat Guest

    all are true for raynauds d/s except
    a.mre commen in women
    b.ass with raynauds phenomenon
    c.ass with presence of antinuclear antibodies..
    d.good prognosis

    (c)HARRISON’S 16e/1489

    Which waves not used for deep tumours?
    a.infra red ans
    b.micro wave
    c.short wave
    d.ultra sonic

    isotope used in radio isotope scanning?

    (d) HARRISON’S 16e/2109

    278. Radio-contrast is contraindicated in all except
    a.renal failure
    b.?patient on metformin


    Oxygenases all are true except-
    a.incorporates 1 atom of O2 molecule
    b.incorporates both the atoms of molecular O2
    c.required for reactions like hydroxylation

    (d) HARPER 25e/134 (ch 13) ; first 3 options r true

    . persistent GTT evolves to

    (a) DUTTA 5e/212 (persistent GTT is considered malignant)

    to control heart rate intraoperatively all used except
    d.beta blocker


    child has started mouthing objects , shows likes/dislikes, and has not developed stranger anxiety... age??
    a.3 months
    b.5 months
    c. 7 months
    d.9 months

    (c) ghai/33

    Study of gene expression is called...
    a> Genomics
    b> Proteonomics

    (a) HARPER 25/e821

    Genomics is the study of an organism's entire genome ….. A major branch of genomics is still concerned with sequencing the genomes of various organisms, although the knowledge of full genomes have created the possibility for the field of functional genomics, mainly concerned with patterns of gene expression during various conditions.

    Study of the full set of proteins in a cell type or tissue, and the changes during various condition, is called proteomics.
  2. Oshin

    Oshin Guest

    Which of the following acts by hypomethylation
    c.5 FU


    Decitabine (Dacogen®) belongs to a new class of drugs called Demethylating agents. Decitabine is thought to work by restoring normal growth and differentiation of bone marrow cells. Decitabine has been shown to have a broad spectrum of activity in several blood diseases as well as solid tumors. Decitabine was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of patients with all subtypes of MDS on May 3, 2006.
  3. Dr. Rajani.

    Dr. Rajani. Guest

    which of this investigation is helpful in heterotropic calcification
    a alkline posphatase
    b calcium
    c acid posphatase
    d posphorus

    (D) HARRISON'S16e/2285 ( s. ca, ALP& PTH are usually normal )

    Test used to confirm H.PYLORI eradication after treatment
    a.rapid urease test
    b.urea breath test
    c.endoscopic biopsy
    (b) HARRISON’S16e/888

    .most common cause of growth delay....
    a. constitutional delay
    b. growth hormone deficiency
    c. cretinism

    (a) Children with constitutional growth delay (CGD), the most common cause of short stature and pubertal delay, typically have retarded linear growth within the first 3 years of life.
    refrence e medicine

    All are markers for osteoblastic activity except
    a.alkaline phosphatase
    c.bone scan
    Not used in controlling heart rate
    b.procainamide ? ans

    All are true about clonidine except..

    a) stimulates parasympathetic outflow
    b) causes dry mouth
    c) prazocin antagonizes its action
    d.alpha adrenergic agonist


    not a br of cavernous segment of internal carotid artery-
    a.meningeal branch
    b.opthalmic artery
    c. hypophyseal branch

    (b)snell6e/725 its clearly mentioned that oph. aty is a branch of cerebral portion of ICA.......

    For protein purification and analysis all r used except....
    a) centrifugation
    b) densitometry
    c) electrophoresis
    d) chromatography

    Mc ovarian ca to undergo torsion
    b.benign cystic teratoma

    (b) SHAW12e/326

    BIOTIN is useful in
    a.?alpha -keto acid decarboxylase def.
    b.multiple carboxylase deficiency
    (b) HARPER 25/e635(ch52)

    All the following are measures carried out for eradication of
    neonatal tetanus except

    a)immunzing preganant mother with 2 dose of t.t
    b)immunizing all women of reproductive age wit h t.t
    c)penicillin at time of labour
    d)5 cleans

    (c)Ghai 5e/144

    serum differs from plasmain all except
    b.Factor viii
    c.factor vii
    d.factor v

    (c) Ganong 20e/522 both F VIII & Fibrinogen were present in the options

    not seen in c/c papilledema
    a.collection of extracellular fluid
    b.disruption of neurofilaments
    c.stasis in axoplasmic transport

    (b) ROBBINS7e/1443-4

    FAB L3 refers to
    a.pre-B ALL
    b.T cell ALL
    C.B cell ALL
    d. mixed ALL

    (C) HARRISON'S 16 E/642 (tb 97-2)

  4. leprosy

    leprosy Guest

    80) leprosy doesn’t affect
    a) uterus
    b) ovary
    c) nerve
    ans b)

    please give some reference
  5. Anand.

    Anand. Guest

    1 inv not done in osteosarcoma-bone marrow biopsy
    2. heterotropic calcification-- alk phos
    3. acoustic neuroma tumor cn involved---5th
    4. vertebra concave posteriorly- cervical
    5 familial ca prostate screening-- both digital examination and psa
    6 universal immunization vaccine not used---mmr cause of meningitis in 1 yr old is str pneumonia......nelson
    8.most common cause of post menopausal bleeding in cervix......professor of gyn
    9.shape of cervix.... longitudinal...from prof of gyn
  6. ankit.

    ankit. Guest

    Weber’s test is used in the clinical assessment of hearing . Which of the following statements about weber’s test is correct
    a. it is often unreliable
    b. it is performed with 128 Hz tuning fork ans
    . in unilateral conductive deafness, sound is loudest in the normal ear
    d. in unilateral sensorineural deafness , sound is referred to the effected ear
    e. ear wax must be absent for the test to be accurate
  7. ankit.

    ankit. Guest

    14 yrs old boy presents with long H/O RTI and recurrent viral gastroenteritis. But his bacterial resp.infections respond to antimicrobial therapy. His illness recure quickly. Other than suffering recurrent allergic rhinitis and vernal conjunctivitis, he is well. The most likely cause of his immunoglobin deficiency is
    a. IgA
    b. IgG
    d. IgE ans
    e. IgM
  8. Rasmi

    Rasmi Guest

    I would like to clear some cofusion regarding the following question about diaphragmatic openings
    Q.Which of he following does not pass behind the diaphragm from thorax to abdomen?
    a. Aorta
    b. Thoracic duct
    c. Azygos vein
    d. Greater splanchnic nerve
    The ans is azygous vein...
    Since, it passes from the abdomen to the thorax(and not thorax to abdomen ) , moving towards the heart .
    The greater splanchnic nerve passes from the thorax to the abdomen, piercing through the crura...but at the same time it is behind the diaphragm too !
  9. Rasmi

    Rasmi Guest

    The rationale for performing a Doppler study in the diagnosis of IUGR is that many cases of growth restriction are thought to be associated with small vessel disease in the fetoplacental or uteroplacental circulation. Numerous Doppler criteria have been proposed for diagnosing IUGR. These involve at least 3 of the following waveform indices:

    Systolic/diastolic (S/D) ratio

    Pulsatility index (PI)

    Resistive index (RI)

    Spectral waveform of the umbilical, uterine, and fetal internal carotid arteries and the fetal descending thoracic aorta

    Spectral waveform of the ductus venosus and inferior vena cava
    Abnormal findings on Doppler waveforms include the following:

    Highest uterine artery PI – lowest uterine artery PI greater than 1.1

    Persistence of protodiastolic notch, unilateral or bilateral, after 23 weeks is suggestive of IUGR or preeclampsia.

    RI greater than 0.55 with bilateral notches

    RI greater than 0.65 with a unilateral notch

    RI greater than 0.70 with or without notches

    RI greater than 90th percentile for a given gestational age regardless of notches
    An S/D ratio of greater than 3 after 30 weeks of gestation is abnormal.

    The reversal of flow in ductus venosus is suggestive of a fetus with severely compromised IUGR and reflects fetal metabolic acidemia.

    Umbilical blood flow

    Umbilical venous blood flow, both absolute flow (in mm/min) and corrected blood flow (in mL/min/kg) are reduced in IUGR. Presence of pulsations in umbilical vein waveform between 8 and 12 weeks is normal, and its persistence is abnormal. The presence of umbilical vein pulsations is associated with an increased risk of an adverse perinatal outcome.

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