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    There were a lot of questions about anemia and all sorts of diarrhea. Many cases included smokers. Hard to recollect because the majority of questions were kind of vogue, not much details…looked very similar to one another.
    Could not recollect all the answers.
    1. old 80 y.o.lady is complaining about back pain. She bent over to pick up her cat. Since then she is having that pain. She also had colon cancer removed when she was 65.
    a. aggravation of old case of osteoarthritis
    b. disc prolaps
    c. metastases
    d. fracture of disc

    2. *17 y.o. girl, dysmenorrhea. She spent some time traveling in China where she had several throat infections. Now she has slight lymphoadenopathy, fatigue.
    a. mononucleosis
    b. after viral fatigue

    3. Man after MVA pale but cyanotic, subcutaneous emphysema, ABP 70mm.
    a. Pneumo thorax
    b. Hemothorax

    4. null hypotheses
    5. Function of Glucagon is
    6. Man. Right flank pain. On X ray right pelvis stone 2cm.What do you do?
    a. Let it pass on its own
    b. Urethra staint
    c. Subcutaneous nephrolithototomy….

    7.Most common site of endometriosis
    a. ovaries
    b. utero-sacral lig.
    8. Differentiate between hemolytic anemia and anemia of chronic blood loss.
    a. decrease haptoglobin
    b. increased erythropoietin
    9.Picture of part of the body with self injuries ( like small deep bloody scratches). Woman was thrown away from Emergency Department (ED), screaming that doctor will feel sorry for not taking care of her. She wants to talk to Dr Y , she os the only doctor who understands her….!
    a. Schizotypal
    b. Narssistic
    c. Bipolar

    10. woman with a bitten wound. Her blood is drown for hep B. It appears that person who bit her had some blood from her in his mouth. His Dr contacted you asking to check woman’s blood for hep C and HIV. What do you do?
    a. use same blood that was taken for hep B to do test for hep c and HIV?
    b. ask woman’s permission to do test for HIV bit do hep C without her permission

    11.Man is complaining about tenderness in the right upper flanc, discomphort. Presented with slight jaundice. Liver is palpable 2cm, smooth. Picture of abdominal CT. Huge mass in the liver.
    a. Hydiat cyst
    b. Liver cancer
    c. Cirrhosis
    12. Man with a palpable mass in the middle of abdomen. Its 2 cm above umbilicus.It moves with inspiration, and when he contracts his abdominal rect muscles you still can palpate it. What is it?
    a. umbilical hernia
    some other cysts and hernias were offered. I have no idea what was it.
    13. Picture of Thyroid scan with cold nodulus. What symptoms did patient presented with?
    a. lump in the neck
    b. thyrotoxicosis.
    c. hoarsness
    14. Picture of the fissure of the anus of young woman. Asked about what symptoms were patient complained about.
    15.* CTG in a low risk patient
    a. Considered as an unnecessary procedure
    b. Helps in a normal delivery patient to control fetal heart rate ( something like that)

    16. You was reading a lecture about child development . which question from your students would make you concerned?
    a. my 2 m.o. baby does not smile at me back
    b. my 4 m.o. baby does not roll from back to tummy
    c. my 5 m.o. does not seat
    d. my 8 m.o. baby does not stand

    17. P2G1 presents 12 weeks. She is concerned about this pregnancy because she had her previous normal one delivered 28 weeks normal still born baby. In addition of routine what will you do for this woman?
    a. US after 25 weeks weekly
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    hi could u sent me the answersto that paper..i wil be glad taking exam in nov
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    My answers (I think...)

    Thanks for your input mate. Here are my answers, please (anyone) correct me if I'm wrong!

    1. A. Usually elderly get aggravation of previous conditions. Could be B but no neurological signs reported (same applies to metastases).

    2. A. Infectious mononucleosis presents with fatigue, fevers, lymphadenopathy and mild splenomegaly.

    3. Pneumothorax, I imagine the answer is really tension pneumothorax. My rationale is MVA --> craked ribs --> tension pneumothorax --> signs

    6. C seems the most likely from the 3 options you put in there. A stone that big will never go through on its now. A stent only works for small calculi.

    7. A. Ovaries, pouch of Douglas, uterosacral ligaments (in that order).

    8. A and B are features of haemolytic anaemia (especially A).

    9. I would say C. But not sure here.

    10. B. You need consent to take a HIV test (which also includes counselling)

    11. A. Hydatid cyst

    12. A. Umbilical hernia occurs on the umbilicus itself or just above/below it. Worsened pain on coughing.

    13. B. Thyrotoxicosis. Cold nodule --> toxic nodule.

    15. A. There is no evidence to support routine use of cardiotocography in uncomplicated pregnancies.

    16. Not sure about this one. My guess will be A.

    17. A

    Any other takers?
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    agree with all replies except:
    1-metastases( according to OHCM and other recalls).
    8 A
    12-could be pancreatic cyst ( if there was that option)
    13-they usually present with lump on the neck
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    my ans

    i agree with u on all but 12 is umblical hernia as the symptoms given there is clearly wall defect

    13. cold nodules doesn't mean toxic..... it means solid lump and possibly malignant and could be euthyroid so ans lump in the neck shud be the righ one

    16 it is definetly A

    17 ?? why do u think after still birth you shud be doing US weekly after 2 wk?? i think we shud be taking antenatal care of it as every other pregnancy[/quote]
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    Could you please help me with questions below. I marked answers that in my opinion are correct attended home of pt with psychological problem who appeared with sword wof?
    A- Tell him to calm down,
    B- retreat and call police **
    C- use physical force to sedate him
    Not sure

    2. gross painless hematuria..wof?
    A-renal cancer
    B-bladder cancer**

    3. definitive dx of tubal ectopic pregnancy.?
    C-U/s **
    It is very common question, but I can’t find the right answer. Different books say different things.

    4. CIN3 during 13 pregancy
    Colposcopy now or should wait till after birth?

    5. proptosis and increase ?
    A-retroocular tumor
    B- trauma
    C-thyrotoxicosis **
    Could not find anywhere combination of proptosis and Alk phos. My guess would be C because it is a commonest cause of proptosis.

    6. 50yr old man with pain redness and sewlling of testis .dischage from urthera ..enlarged prostate..DX
    B- acute epididymas
    C-gonococal of testis and prostate**
    Not sure

    7. FOBT in duke 1 what the percentage will be +ve?
    B- 25%
    C- %50
    I know that 10% is false +ve, but what %% will be true +ve?

    8. common cause of rupture of extensor polices longus ?
    B- fracture of lunate
    I think it might be a scaphoid fracture.
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    17 ?? why do u think after still birth you shud be doing US weekly after 2 wk?? i think we shud be taking antenatal care of it as every other pregnancy[/quote]

    regarding Q17, I think because she had unknown case of stillbirth previously , we should treat this pregnancy as a risk group.
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    a pt who is pregnant with an abnormal pap smear should be evaluated in the same manner as a non pregnant woman.colposcopy is performedd ...any abnorma lesions of ecto cx is biopsied.....owing to inc. vascularity endo cx curretage is not performed during pregnancy.
    so a pt with CIN is followed with PAP smears and colposcopy every 3 months ....which r treated post partum.

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