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    hey 1 heard of clinotek institution which academy of clinical it worth joining it? does it help anyway in abroad?doe it have any govt recognition.? any 1 having a even a bit of information plz help me.
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    talk to the people who have already placed, not to parasites

    There are more than 15 Clinotek's students working for multinational companies in Bangalore itself. We know this is all the negative marketing strategies of competitor companies to get the students who may go to Clinotek. Few students even who failed in exams have been placed by Clinotek India. Nobody can promise placement, it can be only placement assistance a company can provide.

    You might not have attended or cleared the exam. Thatz why you are not on job. Do not try to mislead the people who may become clinical research professionals.

    Live like a performer, not like a parasite.
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    Students from Clinotek India working

    Hello, my dear friend.

    stop pulling good people down. I was also the student of Clinotek India and I am successfully placed only because of Nagendrappa. In my organisation, there are people from other organisations working with us and our CEO says he is so happy with the students of Clinotek India because they are the best among all, in terms of attitude and knowledge.

    Whoever is interested they can even talk to those who have been already employed. I spoke to the candidate who was already working and then only joined Clinotek. You take such phone numbers from CI

    We first of all do not know you whether you were the student of Clinotek or the compititor trying to bring bad repute to CI

    You decide who is doing best job in training. Let good people do good job so that others can also get the advantage like me.
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    Talk to those who are placed by Clinotek India

    Even I was the trainee at Clinotek india and now i am working for a multinational company today. I personally believe that the knowledge provided to us during the course was of superior quality and we had actually industry people coming and training us. I actually thought in the beginning that 70k is more for 3 months training. I visited other organisations before that and joined Clinotek. There are my colleagues here in our company who are from other Institutes who have paid 3 to 4 times more fee and 2 of them have paid close to 5 Lakh. I feel so happy that always my team leader appreciates me because she says when compared to others, my knowledge about Clinical Research is better. I do agree because we were trained actually by very experienced trainers from a total of 12 CROs in India because of Clinotek

    In our batch actually placement started in the second month itself.

    There was one person by name Arvind who was appointed by one of the trainers one month before the course completion itself. Nagendrappa announced a reward also to that guy. I do not know the amount. I think such honest and helpful people are very rare today and trying to pull down such people? totally unaceptable. I will put Arvind's number or email id later here so that you can actually contact such people got placed through Clinotek instead of listening to unknown people.

    Let more candidates like me get the advantage of Clinotek india.
    Let good people do good things

    You can also goto Clinotek's office as I did before joining Clinotek India and collect the email ids and phone numbers of those who have been placed by Clinotek India, instead of listening to others
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    soo much of post in few days? that sound very fishy. well i am not a student of clinotek myself.Nor any training centers. Had plans to join there, but later seeing this forums i thought not to. Anyone will do the same. I always had one question since then. I checkd the institute website just now. They have listed 15 students name who have been placed. Ever since it put a question in my mind. Is it only 15 Students who have been placed yet.? Coz they claim to have 15 students per batch. SO i wonder how many of such batches were over.

    I even thought to contact few ex students through communities but no one replied to my query. SO obviously i didnt risk my money into any institute. If any want to join do a thorough search on any institue before you join. Contact the ex students. Not just 1 or 2 who are placed but max of them.

    So from my experience let me tell all who plan to take up clinical reserch. This is indeed a good field, but you can learn it your self. Google search it and learn all by yourself than spending thousands or even lakhs on any course. Brush up your pharmacology and Clinical research. That will make you a good professional. But again YES u need to ve a certificate to show that u indeed know clinical res, on what these institute make money on.

    Try by yourself, if only it fails knock door of any institutes. I thank almighty for placing me in a good firm. Without spending a penny on any of these institutes.
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    Clinical Research instituitions are generally hyped ones

    Hey Guys!!!!!!!!! cooooooooooool!!!
    This Bio technology ,Bio informatics, Clinical Research instituitions are generally hyped ones.They tell the industry is booming and so many opportunities are there.But the fact is not so.You never get carried away by the informations given in the net.They may not be true .I f any one wants to really do a course always do an intensive study regarding the insttuition.Go to their websites.See what all information is given.Do the statistics.How many of them are placed who are they and which background degree they go about.Generally the life sciences people they find it very difficult to get an opportunity.Never speak with the people who are alone placed and never speak with people who are not placed .Speak with the old students( placed and not placed) get the actual feedback.Analyse with what you want then you decide to join in any institute.If anybody is really desperate of a job find what type of Placement assistane is given.Never get carried away with advertisements.If good Marketing people are there you will be lost.So guys beware of Marketting.?!
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    Clearly trying to throw mud on good people without knowing

    Dear Swan whoever you are

    Thyagarajan is not doctor, he is just B. Pharm

    So it clearly indicates that the people who are claiming here are not knowing clinotek. They are just the compititors of clinotek

    I am a trainer at Clinotek

    I do not think any organisation can provide such a quality training at that price.

    You are talking all these things at the time of recession.

    All companies today are waiting for the recruitment to happen

    Do not give false information to people who can be benefited

    3.5 Lacs? who is charging that much?

    All false information, trying to bring bad repute to companies. Not at all a good thing to do

    You goto other centres who collect more than one lakh, you will understand how good clinotek india is.

    Actually I requested for the resume from a candidate, he has sent it only after 3 weeks when we had already appointed a candidate.

    You should be ready to work.

    If you are good, any company can employ you. If you are not good nobody can help you.

    As a trainer in almost 6 organisations in India, I can tell you at Clinotek we are more satisfied with the way they organise the things though it is a small organisation.

    In bigger ones they just say to make the students busy for 2-3 Hrs. But at clinotek, thorugh information will be given to us before they allow us to take sessions.

    Go for clinotek, if you are interested in clinical research.

    Some people who are negative, blame the whole world. You should decide whether you belong to POSITIVE category or NEGATIVE category

    In no place 100% placement can happen, because all students can not be 100%.

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    just think instead of some negative characters change your openion. For all negative people all fields like Medicine, Pharmacy, BT, Clinical research all hyped ones. So we need to leave all these things and start our life in forest where there is no hype,......... all natural, only wild life and trees.

    I didnot know much about clinotek but joined a big clinical research institute in Bangalore after paying 1.2 Lacs (let me not mention a name here). After joining we were forced to pay more and take up other courses which we never wanted and it was not an option also. there were more than 100 people studying. At last I found the job on my own in an MNC.

    My colleague is from Clinotek and I was surprised to know she paid only 70k when I spent close to 1.5 lakh, but got the same position and our salary is also same. I have no hesitation in accepting that she has more knowledge in CR than me and I depend on her today to clarify my doubts.

    Reason may be that she studied in a batch of 15 memebrs only, but not like us, in a sheepyard of more than 100. She is happy about clinotek and the knowledge provided to her and even she spoke to 2 people working for indegene in indiranagar before joining. More interestingly only few people attended the interview. You should do such things before joining any organisation.

    I will get those numbers/ email ids from her and post it here.

    If you do not attend the interview and still want to get a job, you should think twice before blaming the whole world. Even if you are employed you may do the same thing to your employer by blaming your line manager.

    The thing is my friend got the job in my company because of her knowledge in CR which she got it from Clinotek.

    My question is if you have attended the interview, why you did not clear the interview, when others did.

    One person says he is employed, but he still blames the people. He is employed because of knowledge. I doubt if he got the job only because of the reference. If some company has appointing without checking the knowledge, I doubt about its survival on a long run.

    Some1 is awarding doctorate to only B Pharm without knowing, GREAT. Please award me also one, I am B. Sc in Biotech.

    I know roughly 5-6 reputed centres in Bangalore but I can assure you in no place there is 100% job guarantee. Yes they can assist you for job. My suggestion is you should not concentrate only on job. You should more concentrate on gaining knowledge. If you have knowledge, any company can employ you.

    For gaining knowledge, goto training centres
    For jobs, goto placement agencies.

    spitting at sky is infact is not welcomed and such people in fact do not desrve

    I also can understand this is recession time not only for India, but throughout the globe. May be you have to wait and then join.

    Best way I think is to talk to trainers who are not the employees of a training centre to get better feedback.

    One more thing you should note is this post started in recession time. That means clinotek was doing good before that. Recession control is not there in any1s hand. Even Govts are trying to help. Only thing is you should wait and hope for the best

    Have a nice time and avoid becoming a jackle which blamed grapes, because it cdn't get it.

    We know grapes are good

    9. After joining we were
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    may be I do not know,

    I never contacted clinotek after I was employed. So my name is not there in the list in clinotek's website. 2 of my friends are also employed and their name is also not there, may be clinotek doesnot know that we are employed or they have no space in their website. Clinotek didn't give any guarantee of job, but only placement assistance. So i started applying from 2nd month itself

    I am not talking about _ve or +ve about any training centre and cost because in a city like bngalore definitely expenses are more to run offices, but I know there are training institutes collecting 3.5 Lakhs per candidate including some taxes. When compared to that 70k is reasonable. That is my openion. final is left to you.

    Somebody was talking about 21,000/- salary. I think Dr. Urvashi and Suhasini employed by MNC in Bnglore are getting more than that. I was in the same batch and I can guarantee that it is more than that, bcause company in the campus interview sasid more than that

    Clinotek never took what was made clear to me during the time of admission, it was 70k. When the things will be clear in the beginning I think whether to join or not should be the decision of a candidate.

    I think no marketing calls and only 15 candidates and below one lakh fee, no hidden cost is the good sign only if you can make good benefit of the knowledge. Knowledge and traning wise I think quality is at par with other institutes because I have my colleagues working with me who paid Rs. 4.90 Lakhs for 2 years course and our salary is same. I don't think any company which is employing ids bothered about where the students are from. They are interested in knowing how much candidate knows.

    I think the problem in my openion is every1 is not suitable for CR industry. I know ppl try to come to CR industry just because of good salary. This is not correct. HR ppl can find it out in no time. So decide first whether you are coming to cr just for good salary or with interest. If you are not interested, you should not go to any such area including CR.

    I know my colleague got job on his own after paying 4.90Lakhs at a different centre. There was no guarantee of job even at that fee :Letz do not mention any name. I think at 70k, 7 people can study. I personally feel Clinotek should increase the fee and the take more candidates and better infrastructure.

    I saw few mail ids in clinotek's website. It is better you contact them before joining clinotek.

    Fir those who could not suceed, my honest suggestion is you should blame your own Trainers. They are like GURUs. May be the GOD won't help you if you are spending your time breaking the contracts. Because I signed a contract with clinotek at the time of admission.

    You should apply to more and more companies. It clicks some times after a very long and frustrating waiting. Exactly the same happened to me. I got my job after 5 months because of this economic slowdown throughout the world. I think somebody like Powel or other got the job after 7 months of waiting. Sometimes doing too much doesn't pay but patience works.

    GOOD LUCK to all of you
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    Responses to a few threads

    Hey people,

    I saw a few posts from Swan _21 and a few replies to it and I felt a need for clarifying a few things as my response to both students and Clinotek.

    1. I am not a partner with any training institute and I visit Clinotek as a
    consultant faculty.

    2. I have a Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Doctoral pursuit which was halted due to some health issues.

    3. Close to 9 years of experience in Clinical trials gives me the courage and skills to talk to an audience of budding clinical research professionals.

    I see a lot of posts here expressing concerns over lack of Job oppurtunities and the inefficiency of training courses. The following are my sincere observations to everyone:

    1. Before enrolling for any course, double check whether the training center is promising a Job Guarantee or placement assistance. Recession or no recession, no agency can promise you jobs unless they themselves have a CRO attached to it. Sometimes through placement assistance systems interviews can be arranged and no institute can control your selection after that.

    2. If any institute is promising you a job, then verify it many times as this according to me would be extremely difficult to fulfil.

    My suggestions to Training institutes:

    1. Even before you guys enroll students for your courses, ensure that you screen them for employability. If you already have some measures in place, please recheck your systems and undertake a proper career counselling even before you collect fees from them. If you are talking about "Informed Consent" , do that to students that you enroll.

    2. Please make sure your students understand the assurances you make.

    3. There is no point in blaming them for the acerbic responses you get, if you dont clearly communicate the possibilities that are open to you. This will help you guys avoid such situations.

    Regarding the usefulness of these courses:

    It is a debate whether these are helpful or not. There is surely a gap between your academic degree and Industry requirements of Quality. Training centers aim to bridge this gap. Yup if you get a chance to do a couple of clinical studies in whatever capacity, you will achieve the competence required to handle your profession at a level expected by the industry. The question you will have to ask in selecting your training center is to look at their course structure and assess its robustness in bridging the gap. To be specific check if they have proper modules in the following areas: Medical Writing, Regulatory affairs, Medical affairs, Clinical operations, Datamanagement, Quality Assurance as most probably you would start off your careers in these areas.

    My Request to Swan_21 and others:

    I understand your comments and your suggestions about time management. That gives me a chance to improve and thanks for that.
    Moreover it gives me chance to speak my mind out to both students and Clinotek.

    No hard feelings, but these measures are completely avoidable, if training centers go a bit more in clarifying their agendas and capabilities and students have the conviction to adopt more effective and mature means of displaying dissatisfaction, rather than casting aspertions and mudslinging.

    Everyone please note: What I have posted here is a response to a few threads and if you need to contact me for suggestions, feedback or comment, please send me a mail
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    Official clarification from Clinotek India

    Dear students and associates of Clinotek India,

    This is official clarification with all the proof from Clinotek India, Bangalore.

    We will clarify some comments today and remaining later. Let us take them one by one.

    Please read it completely for your benefit and do not fall prey for misleading people,

    1. About Thyagarajan's partnership with Clinotek India:

    Clinotek is already more than one year old company and it is registered according to permissible government laws through certified CAs. So everything is documented about the shareholders one year back itself; it is official document.

    Mr. Thyagarajan is a very good trainer. That is why he is coming to Clinotek India with his interest and personal invitation to help the aspirants and he even employed our students, who were good performers. If the people who are not selected are unhappy, they should try to up their skills to perform better in the next interview.


    2. About our students drawing a salary of Rs. 21,000/-

    Out of many candidates working in Bangalore, Mysore, Pune etc, it is not only one, but two candidates who are drawing more than Rs. 21,000/- per month salary and it is now has further increased as they have successfully completed their probationary period.

    You can contact these two candidates, who have been in good contact with Clinotek India with feedbacks in every stage. Email ids are mentioned in our website.
    Actually Clinotek is benefited with their feedbacks. That is the reason why we have much better course structure with SAS, HR training, workshops in Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Data Management and more in place today.
    If anyone of you are having any suggestions or complaints, you can please mail us with proper reason. It will help us to improve our performance in the future.

    If you can not do it, accept your mistake and apologize to the people who just believed your speculations and go to a temple and apologize to the GOD for making and calling your TRAINERS AND TEACHERS with some unacceptable terms. Remember, you may hide anything from humans, but NOT FROM GOD.

    I am directly announcing to the whole internet and Clinotek community that if this allegations like Thyagarajan is a shareholder partner in Clinotek India, Suhasini's salary is not 21,000/-, no placement assistance given to any candidate, then the ultimate power, GOD can punish me.

    If you, whoever it is who has cooked this information and mislead people with false information, you will have big punishment from the almighty in your life until unless you confess.

    Even these people who believed you will definitely curse you for misleading them and blocking their progress.

    Some students have not returned original Thomson Centrewatch books (not applicable to candidates, who have returned them late). Should we call them with some unprofessional terms? We will not do it. We haven't even stopped issuing the original books even though somebody photocopied them and damaged the binding after taking it home. For one's mistake, we do not want others to suffer. I have already worked for 4 different leading Clinical Research Training centers, being the first trainer to join the first Clinical Research Institute in India. With my knowledge it is only Clinotek India which is issuing very expensive books even for overnight studies. If anyone knows more, can please update me regarding this. We will update our database.

    Misleading is a very big negative quality in people: just remember polio vaccination scenario few months back where somebody mislead 1000s of parents saying that the children have died after polio vaccination. Not even one child died, but 1000s of parents suffered one full day even at midnight to get their children checked by doctors when actually nothing was wrong about vaccination. It is normal for the children to be little warm during winter. People mistook it for fever and made the LIFE SAVING DOCTORS' life miserable, just with speculations.
    REASON: People just believed the false news.

    Every person has the capability. Please do not waste it to mislead the people. It is a big loss for you only.

    But do you know one more fact?
    you might have done these things to avoid or divert people from joining Clinotek. The fact is more responses we are receiving nowadays because to those who did not know Clinotek India, it is familiar name and all the people will not just believe the comments in internet forums as there is no identity, not even a phone number or address is mentioned. Anybody can put anything, though is a very risky process, as they might be caught in the process through their IP addresses. They will contact CI and get the clarification from us directly, instead of believing some unidentified individuals baseless allegations.

    You might have done this over frustration of not getting the job. Criticizing will only worsen the situation. You should try to find out your limitations, and work towards it to improve your skills, try to be smart analyzer, improve your communication skills etc. It is hard time for everyone as it is the time of recession. We still wish all the best for your career.

    Anyone, whether you are joining or not is a different thing, you can come to Clinotek India and get clarification about any issue and even look at the documents of campus interviews happened at Clinotek India office, which you should do. Your mind should not be controlled by a remote, unknown person. We would have uploaded these signed documents here, but it is little cumbersome. We will try to find a way for the same as soon as possible.

    For anything, you can call or mail or visit our website and get free brochure.

    For those written in favor of CI, we thank your support

    Mr. Nagendrappa. M. H
    Clinotek India - Centre for Advanced Clinical Research Studies
    No. 140, 2nd Floor, SLN Plaza, 6th 'C' Main, Jayanagar 4th Block
    Bengaluru - 560 011, Karnataka.

    Manager and Head, Clinical Services and Training
    Vaatsalya Healthcare Solutions


    Assistant Professor
    Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI)

    Dehradun and Bangalore

    Head of the Department
    SD College of Pharmacy,
    Muzzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh

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    a General info for any students

    I am not writing this as a reply to any of the early posts. But for future students who want to make it to clinical research industry, Do a thorough research before joining any of the institute. As far as my experience in concerned i would rate Lotus academy efficient in placing their candidates compared to any other training institutes.

    Yes it is placement what all candidates look for & for this reason Lotus do place thier candidates witin their company (if not placed anywhere else) which will give them a initial experience in the industry.

    Moreover Its the reference that matters, and hence try hard to get an entry level post in clinical research as a CRC and thn make contacts. Else join as a CRC and do part time training at good institutes. That may help.

    Hope this helps, coz once being a job seeker i realize how hard it is to make a decision about the training centers to join. And being in this industry let me also say, Recession is just an excuse these days, the projetcs are still coming, and if not for a CRA post, atleast an entry leverl CRC positions will be available.

    Again let me repeat, i am not favoring any institutes in general, but this is what i heard about Lotus academy. Do a search by yourself, before you make a decision.

    Just try hard. Good luck to everyone. Take care
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    Guest Guest

    yep, thats true... if at all if he had more and more people coming in coz of this site, he should have rather kept quite instead of replying in this forum and thereby encouraging more and more people to write abt the institute... rather he replied and challenged and cursed and threatened and ..... so and so forth... now u can imagine wats true and wats bluff here... be smart guys... :)
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    Guest Guest

    Qualification is the process of acquiring and evaluating data that establishes the biological safety of an individual impurity or a given impurity profile at the level(s) specified. The applicant should provide a rationale for establishing impurity acceptance criteria that includes safety considerations. The level of any impurity present in a new drug substance that has been adequately tested in safety and/or clinical studies would be considered qualified. Impurities that are also significant metabolites present in animal and/or human studies are generally considered qualified. A level of a qualified impurity higher than that present in a new drug substance can also be justified based on an analysis of the actual amount of impurity administered in previous relevant safety studies.
    If data are unavailable to qualify the proposed acceptance criterion of an impurity, studies to obtain such data can be appropriate when the usual qualification thresholds given in Attachment 1 are exceeded.
    Higher or lower thresholds for qualification of impurities can be appropriate for some individual drugs based on scientific rationale and level of concern, including drug class effects and clinical experience. For example, qualification can be especially important when there is evidence that such impurities in certain drugs or therapeutic classes have previously been associated with adverse reactions in patients. In these instances, a lower qualification threshold can be appropriate. Conversely, a higher qualification threshold can be appropriate for individual drugs when the level of concern for safety is less than usual based on similar considerations (e.g., patient population, drug class effects, clinical considerations). Proposals for alternative thresholds would be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    The "Decision Tree for Identification and Qualification" (Attachment 3) describes considerations for the qualification of impurities when thresholds are exceeded. In some cases, decreasing the level of impurity to not more than the threshold can be simpler than providing safety data. Alternatively, adequate data could be available in the scientific literature to qualify an impurity. If neither is the case, additional safety testing should be considered. The studies considered appropriate to qualify an impurity will depend on a number of factors, including the patient population, daily dose, and route and duration of drug administration. Such studies can be conducted on the new drug substance containing the impurities to be controlled, although studies using isolated impurities can sometimes be appropriate.
    Although this guideline is not intended to apply during the clinical research stage of development, in the later stages of development the thresholds in this guideline can be useful in evaluating new impurities observed in drug substance batches prepared by the proposed commercial process. Any new impurity observed in later stages of development should be identified if its level is greater than (>) the identification threshold given in Attachment 1 (see the “Decision Tree for Identification and Qualification” in Attachment 3). Similarly, the qualification of the impurity should be considered if its level is greater than (>) the qualification threshold given in Attachment 1. Safety assessment studies to qualify an impurity should compare the new drug substance containing a representative amount of the new impurity with previously qualified material. Safety assessment studies using a sample of the isolated impurity can also be considered.
    Chemical Development Studies: Studies conducted to scale-up, optimise, and validate the manufacturing process for a new drug substance.
    Enantiomeric Impurity: A compound with the same molecular formula as the drug substance that differs in the spatial arrangement of atoms within the molecule and is a non-superimposable mirror image.
    Extraneous Contaminant: An impurity arising from any source extraneous to the manufacturing process.
    Herbal Products: Medicinal products containing, exclusively, plant material and/or vegetable drug preparations as active ingredients. In some traditions, materials of inorganic or animal origin can also be present.
    Identified Impurity: An impurity for which a structural characterisation has been achieved.
    Identification Threshold: A limit above (>) which an impurity should be identified.
    Impurity: Any component of the new drug substance that is not the chemical entity defined as the new drug substance.
    Impurity Profile: A description of the identified and unidentified impurities present in a new drug substance.
    Intermediate: A material produced during steps of the synthesis of a new drug substance that undergoes further chemical transformation before it becomes a new drug substance.
    Ligand: An agent with a strong affinity to a metal ion.
    New Drug Substance: The designated therapeutic moiety that has not been
  15. Feedback fro our candidates

    Dear Friends

    It is a normal tendency for the people to get attracted towards controversial information than the truth. Please read the full information and take your own decision regarding the authenticity of the people and the information provided here, whether to believe the one’s with full address or someone appearing repeatedly as ‘GUEST’. Please beware of IT Act before posting fake news.

    Whoever has claimed that Mr. Thyagarajan is Clinotek India’s partner and Dr. Suhasini’s salary was only Rs. 12,000/- not Rs. 21,000/-, they will have an opportunity to win a reward of Rs. 21,000/- from Clinotek India, if they prove these allegations. If you can’t do this (which is certainly impossible because it is fake information) the people who believed the negative comments in the beginning will now clearly understand what exactly the truth is.

    First of all this is not a place to advertise. Only for that reason we were holding back the feedback mails sent by earlier batch students. Looking at a kind of advertisement happening here, it is the high time that we should show these feedbacks to interested candidates.

    Surprisingly few candidates are extremely happy with our quality of training and one of the candidates was the topper in the interview among many candidates from various Institutes, and at the same time one candidate is extremely unhappy though they were in the same batch, trained by the same faculty. Ours is a service sector, so the level of satisfaction a candidate gets depends purely on their prior expectations. Those with normal expectations thank us and those with very high expectations blame us. As demanded by few candidates, we will never bribe the HR of any company to get them the jobs. WE WILL NEVER PRACTICE CORRUPTION, even if you are not happy with us.

    If you gain right knowledge, perform well in the interviews with good attitude, any company or CRO will be more than happy to employ you.

    Have a look at the feedback by our candidates. These feedbacks have been given here as they were sent to Clinotek India.
    From Mr. Arvind Kumar. G, B. Pharm,

    Hi Sir,

    Please find attached my photo and please find below my feedback.

    I am Arvind Kumar a graduate in pharmacy. After completing my B.Pharma i had already decided that i would do a course in clinical research. So now the next thing was to search for a institute., and in this search I came across CLINOTEK, among all the other things what influenced me most was the duration of the course, i mean i was just surprised that how could anyone complete the course in just 3 months and then after talking to Nagendrappa Sir, i felt that this was promising than all the other courses available, and the fees was also economical.

    The Course started and on the first day I attended an interview at TMI and got selected for the post of CRC in TMI, but as I did not have sufficient knowledge about Clinical Research i told Nagendrappa Sir ,that I would like to continue with the course first and think later about jobs.

    As the course progressed I felt that yes I was at the right place, the classes were interactive and they were always open for discussions. Sir would give us assignments and we were also given the opportunity to give presentations.

    The faculty was very good, with huge amounts of knowledge and experience behind them. In the mean while i was given a chance to attend an interview at Drugwrite, in which I got selected and after working for an year with DrugWrite as a Medical Writer, I am now working with Indegene as an Analyst in SCI Department, I was also awarded a scholarship from Clinotek, for which I am very thankful to sir.

    I owe all this to Nagendrappa Sir, who has really been very supportive, not just to me but to all the students in the institute.

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Urvashi, BDS, from Maharastra

    Taking admission in CLINOTEK - INDIA , has been a turning point in my career. The faculty has been extremely informative and helpful. They have given in depth knowledge about the relevant topics in clinical research. The time period has been short and fruitful. As compared to the other renouned institutions, I found it worth learning from CLINOTEK. The fast track course has saved time, energy and and the amount of knowledge i gained has been double of it.
    I owe my success to the institution and Mr Nagendrappa , through whom i got an opportunity for placement interview at Indegene Lifesystem, Bangalore . And to work as Clinical Trial Analyst at Indegene is surely going to transform my life for better.
    Thankyou Sir , Thankyou CLINOTEK!! ''

    Dr. Urvashi Bawane ( B.D.S.)
    Clinical Trial Analyst ,
    Indegene Lifesystem ,

    Suhasini. M. V to on 26th July 2008:
    In just 3 months I was given enough amount of knowledge in Clinical Research with a reasonably fair amount of fees and been placed in a reputed company like Indegene at the end of 3 months and i am very happy to share this with all of you that i was the topper in the interview that was conducted among all the students from various institutes.

    I felt like sharing my experiences so that it would be of help to various other people like me.I am always thankful to Mr .Nagendrappa for his sincere efforts.

    Thank you

    Anyone interested in having correct information from correct sources, please contact us on the following address.

    Clinotek India – Centre for Clinical Research Studies
    No. 1402, ASHVA PLAZA,
    26th Main, 41st Cross, Jayanagar 9th Block
    Bangalore – 560 069
    Phone: 080 – 41411280, 99452 00555
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    Guest Guest

    So much has been said about Clinotek both good and bad. It depends on the indiviudals hardwork as well as background i.e. his/her basic degree. I was myself a student of thsi institute. I did the 3 month course way back in 2008 at a cost of Rs. 70000. I had enquired about all the other insitutes and this was the only institute whose fees were least. CREMA was taking 2 Lakh , ICRI was 3 Lakh. Tell me would they give a job gurantee? I had done my MBBS and after doing this course I got a job in Pharma industry. I am telling you taht my background i.e. MBBS helped me a lot in getting a job in the clinical industry. I wirked for 1.5 years and resigned 8 months a go to do my MD in Pharmacology as I know that wpould take me to greater heights. So there is no point in blaming Clinotek or any other institute. MD & MBBS doctors are the 1st preferred peopl in clinical trails industry floowed by BDS and B.Pharm people. Wheteher they have donae a course in clinical research or not. Life science graduates (BSc/ MSc ) simply dont have the basis to be consiered for the jobs in clinical research. Then afetr doing the course they start to blame the institue. so be wise and decide.
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    Guest Guest

    hey u.. r u 2008 batch too. can you please name yourself. i am also 2008 batch.

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