Rejection of USMLE STEP 2CS application

Discussion in 'USMLE STEP 2 CS' started by tan, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. tan

    tan Guest

    i am planning to take the step 2 CS IN may-june and had applied online for the exam and mailed my certification of identification form along with the other documents required.the "C of I'' form got accepted but my application got rejected after a period of 2 weeks. i had filled the form meticulously and most probably it was complete.i 've sent an email to ecfmg in that regard. can anybody help me to get a solution? shud i call them up or shud i try applying once again? i 'm confused.what could be the possible reason for rejection?
  2. rv

    rv Guest

    you can try calling them to know why your applcation got rejected....
  3. usmledude1

    usmledude1 Guest

    you TELEPHONE people if you dont understand not mail them and wait donkey years to hear back

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