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Discussion in 'AMC Clinical Exam' started by tharnyo, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just to share the questions from the retest in Melbourne. I might not remember all that was written but here are the questions

    1. 50 year old man, had constant pain in RUQ for 2 hours. You are a
    doctor in ED.
    take hx, inv and management (Gall stone)

    2. 25 year old obese woman, 8 weeks amenorrhoe who started to have
    BPV. You are in a GP setting.
    Hx, inv and management
    (examiner asked what if pt was preg and what if she isn't preg)

    3. Young man, has had chest infection in winter months. He is here to
    see you regarding similar problem. Has past history of Hay fever.
    Examination and answer examiner's questions
    (Asthma with Pneumonia)

    4. GP setting. 20 year old student who has been having sleeping
    problems for few weeks. His dad passed away suddenly few months
    back. He had sleeping problems near his exams.
    talk to patient and discuss
    (grief reaction)

    5. Young man who was diagnosed with heart murmur by a GP a few
    years back. The pt doesnt know what kind of murmur and now going
    overseas and wants to know if he is able to go or not.
    examination and discussed findings with examiner

    6. 60 year retired brick layer. He has been having low back pain which
    radiates to groin and upper thigh.
    hx, inv and management
    (d/d sciatica, disc prolapse)

    7. Patient has been having trouble driving and bumping into things.
    eye examination and discuss findings.
    (bitemporal hemianopia)

    8. 7 year old girl suffering from generalised headache. Has also myalgia,
    fever and sore throat. Dad has migraine. GP setting
    Clinical findings from examiner, inv and management
    (d/d viral infection, migraine)

    Luckily I passed. My experience is its scarier to sit the retest than the 1st one as you are already stressed out and wanting to pass.
    Good luck to everyone.
  2. to tharnyo

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    thank you for sharing :angel

    ALL the BEST and continued success :)
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    Wow! I didn't know you guys actually have a forum to discuss the questions that came out :)
    It's a great idea actually...
    And you've got great memory. Hehehe. But if I'm not mistaken, I think they were 9 stations, instead of 8?
    But CONGRATULATIONS on passing!

    **Don't know if you were in my stream, but I was the role player for the supposedly 'obese' 25 year old** Hehehe.
  4. Tharnyo

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    Ref: WOW

    Hi Mei,

    Actually there are 10 stations but only 8 live stations. The other 2 stations are rest stations.

    Remember you really well. I think among all the role players, you were the most friendly person. :)

    Thanks for the congrats.

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    Congrats , Tharnyo.

    Could you plis let us know how long you had to wait before you took retest?

    Did you take any bridging course for clinical prep?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Thank you very much

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