retest sydney 12th march

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  1. Clini

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    Hi, everyone

    retest sydney 12th march

    1.lower limb cellulitis
    2.58 y old dvt on HRT
    3.35 Y Old lady requesting tubal ligation
    4.1 day old child with signs of intestinal obstruction
    5.testicular CA councelling
    6.prostate CA with bone mets councel
    7.27 y old man with a headache-meningitis
    8.24y old nurse with post traumatic stress d
  2. guest brizi

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    good luck!

    hi i`ve just sit the exam.
    where were you? i was at s. vincent.. was not was easier than i expected..but the stress, the pressure can put you down, isn`t it.
    .not sure if i pass..forgot stupid points..
    1- dvt councelling
    2- pal care pain control counceling
    3- strong headache in ed-management
    4- tubal ligation advise (i missed out the main issue completellyand tried to convince her about other methods...when started to talk about the surgery...bell rang.)
    5-depression in a nurse post stress- management (i was bad in that!hard to talk.i blanked..blunt face of woman`s examiner!..not so happy!)
    6-cellulitis management (lovely old man!)
    7-baby with meconium ileum - management (doubt if i pass): lots of questions from the examiner, that was not very happy, despite mother looked happy!)
    8-testes ca- manag/ advise ( doubt in one question from the examiner at the end..despite 90% of advise was ok!) :roll:

    no physical examination( great!)
    so..we never know if the question you didn`t know the answer will fail you!
    good luck..

    ps: are you in brisb.? :lol:
  3. Rakkeshh

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    so did you guys pass?

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