Rockhampton / Bundaberg Base Hospital : Rouge hospitals

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    Rogue Hospital!

    You mean rogue hospital! Rouge = red in French
    I guess calling a hospital red is also right! Red alert!!

    Au revoir, monsieur vrai!


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    Most Hospitals in Queensland are Rouge Ones

    A few years ago, only the Royal Brisbane Hospital in the whole Queensland was OK. Recently RBH has been a bit rouge.

    Queensland is one decade left behind NSW and Victoria. In Qld the majority of local graduates hate OTDs and practise racism.

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    need to avoid bundaberg hospital....

    How come bundaberg is missing

    Problems with bundaberg medicine which is not recognised for training

    1) Poor / unfair rosters for overseas doctors in favour of local locums
    2) Many occasions little support from consultants ; usually physicians are all right sometimes some of them can be defensive / wary of the system
    3) ED blaming medicine for all their mess
    4) No training ; Yes mate or Bundaberg is not recognised for training after the Medical director (Part time!!!) resigned following an apparent dispute with hospital. So Bundaberg lost its training accreditation instantly. I have seen people being falsely promised a training post and coming here and finding the job not recognised.
    5) no resident cover in hospital after hours; so a PHO has to do everything including drug charts and keep admitting patients ; look after sick patients etc

    Rosters here change all the time at whims of local locums. Everyone else is second grade

    Problems in ED accredited for training.

    1) Everyone else is locum and consider themselves superior while doing less work
    2) Less than 5 permanent full time staff out of many many; all of them overseas. Rest are all locums
    3) chaos
    4) Maybe with the new director things may improve a bit but as of now..

    General problems

    1) Quality of resident cover; as overtime is not paid usually so no one does overtime / do reluctantly; many residents are registrars on rotation from other departments and dont know what they are meant to do.

    2) No discharge summaries sent to GPs for months

    So; what I would strongly recommend an overseas doctor : dont come to bundaberg .

    Recommendation to locums : come on your conditions before you clarify the roster in case you do not get locums elsewhere;;;but there are better hospitals elsewhere having locums available...

    Cant you all see as to why they have to hire at least 20-30 locums in hospital at one time; and inspite of paying money they are short of lcoums.
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    Shocked to hear that a big hospital like Bundaberg is relying on highly paid locums and over-working lowly paid OTD doctors who have little choice but to do what their superiors request. off-course i would presume many of these OTD would be waiting for AMC exam.

    This is the same story in one of central QLD rural hospitals. QLD health is happy to provide better incentives for locums than looking after permanent OTD who run the hospital system.

    Please OTDs, just complete your AMC and go someway outside QLD. I am leaving after decades of being in the system and knowing what unfair system it is.


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    Professional Racism

    Racism towards OTD's is also at its peak in some areas of NSW specially adjacent to QLD i.e North Coast hospitals where locals hate OTD's
  7. Racist Hospitals of australia

    I agree.Same goes for the Mirwillumbah and Tweed Hospitals in the North coast adjacent to Brisbane, where OTD's,Usually not prefered, are not given any extra financial benefits or respect.Every attempt is made to deprive them of any benefit (they know we are desperate).
    They are often kicked out of their contract as soon as they find a "white" replacement from any country.
    So be careful OTD's before wasting your time on AMC
  8. I fully agree. I was a staff specialist appointed under a dubious cost shifting scheme by Trish Hogan (now with a Ramsay Health Hospital in QLD) to a public post but posted full time to a private clinic. It was unlawful and unethical and when I cooperated with Medicare, I was framed on false charges which have permanently damaged my career

    There is no end to all this crap, though the woman is gone: Chris Crawford continues to apply his greasy palms on the wheel of deceit.

    OTDs. whether RMOs or Specialist, this area is a definitely a NO NO. If you dont believe me, ring the office of Geoff Provest, MP for Tweed and ask about the hospital and its suitability for OTDs (phone is 07 55234816)

    Others, watch yer back! Many managerial serpents at Tweed and Lismore.
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    Let us hope the Ombo will investigate the NCAHS for maladministration (which is corruption if there is an intent)
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    I am terrified!!!
    Other hospitals didn't have position for me without Clinical.
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    Keep up the good work of reporting the TRUTH and exposing the bad elements! The public and OTDs must be informed of all human rights violations by NSW Health and the colleges
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    They are all in bed together and pillow talk occurs all the time: NSW Health, senior Health Bureaucrats (some of whom have a hand in the trust funds they create), NSW Medical Board and the colleges

    It is time they get exposed: shake out the skeletons in their cupboards!
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    Magerial Serpents

    Beware of Jacqui Riding , A managerial serpent
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    Where is Ms Riding?

    We have tracked this woman Trish Hogan to Pindarra Private Hospital (a Ramsay Health Group hospital) in the Gold Coast. She is currently the CEO there. She is purportedly an "Associate Professor" at a local University - Dept of Mismanagement??

    She was previously down the road across the border at the Tweed where she created all the financial and other mess (which continue) and had left under a cloud....

    We hope her current employers find out more about her past deeds and send her on her way before Commonwealth authorities send her to prison.
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    where is Riding

    The Last time I checked she was working at some Managerial/Executive Secretary position in the toxic Republic of Tweed Heads Hospital.....
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    so, it is birds of a feather flocking together in that hole!
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    It goes with admin and support staff: there have been reports of underhanded actions - eg tampering of documents going via admin at the Tweed....if you are not in, DONT try! if you are already in, and need to sign a document, sign every page and draw lines across blank spaces.

    One OTD reported that his application for a Medicare Provider number with his hand written caveats (on his appointment letter) was blanked out! Also, new documents had been inserted in another person's handwriting with the pile to Medicare!

    This is very serious stuff.
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    NCAHS stance angers doctor

    The Daily Examiner
    Tim Howard | 5th May 2010

    THE author of a highly critical report into the performance of Grafton Base Hospital’s emergency department is fuming at the North Coast Area Health Service’s description of his work as an ‘unsolicited letter’.

    Report author Dr Peter Wirth is an acknowledged expert in the field of emergency medicine and worked at GBH earlier this year as a locum medical officer.

    He said media reports that NCAHS executive officer Chris Crawford had yesterday described his report as an ‘unsolicited letter’ made him angry.

    “It is accurate that I wasn’t paid anything over and above my work, but I was certainly one of two doctors brought in with the specific request of writing a report,” Dr Wirth said.

    “So it’s not my misunderstanding, it was two of us.”

    Dr Wirth said the eight-page document, titled Grafton Base Hospital Report into Staffing and Performance in Emergency Department, was handed to the director of medical services at GBH at the same time as a colleague, the locum director of medical services (DMS), handed in his report.

    Dr Wirth, who founded Aus.e.Med, a body of emergency medicine specialists that provided improvements to the care of patients by creating integrated care services, said the request for a report was verbal rather than written.

    “What I got in writing was: would I help out in a work way? But what I was asked verbally was much more explicitly requesting a report,” he said.

    “And that was over the phone and face to face. As was the other doctor. He also described it as being very clearly directed to write a report with observations and recommendations about staffing of the emergency department. When concerns were raised before writing the report I checked with the Minister’s office ... and I was reassured that I should write a frank and forthright report without fear or favour.

    “When I alluded then to rumoured risk to me, they advised me to write it bluntly and honestly and I did so with the only aim of trying to assist the staff and community. It was my affection for your community and staff that made me want to take this as far as it would go.”

    Dr Wirth said he would only be guessing at the reasons NCAHS senior management wanted to dismiss his report in this way.

    “I’m not alleging that the report has been buried or suppressed and I’m bemused about why my report would be restricted from the likes of (Member for Clarence) Steve Cansdell or anybody else,” Dr Wirth said.

    “Because I haven’t said anything ... that wasn’t cost neutral or cost saving as a way of improving the service in the department.

    “So I don’t think that anything I have suggested or recommended is problematic and it bemuses me that access to this report is being restricted.”

    After undertaking in good faith to write a report, Dr Wirth is now worried about what this means for his future employability in NSW.

    “This distresses me because the way this is being portrayed is that I’ve just come up there to cause trouble and written a report – or letter – without any invitation,” Dr Wirth said.

    “I would like it clarified that A: that I was asked and did what I was asked to do in good faith, and that, B: it’s caused me untold grief, the reaction to my report from senior management or senior administration has been very troublesome.

    “I also want it very clearly stated that I did not leak that report to anybody. Steve Cansdell confirmed to me this morning where he got the report from and that it was not from me and that I have honoured my undertaking to the hospital and network that I wouldn’t leak it.”

    Mr Crawford said NCAHS had not commissioned a report from Dr Wirth as it had not set any terms of reference. He was also unsure how Mr Cansdell became aware of details Dr Wirth had provided.


    Dr Wirth, have you not realised greasy and underhanded administrators in the NCAHS are - including Crawford! Thank God Trish Hogan is out of the Tweed Hospital. It could have been a devilish duo with her staying. Rats are quick to abandon a sinking ship but interesting to see why Crawford is clinging on!
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    Bundaberg is a shitwhole. Its department of medicine is the worst run department I have ever seen. This place is full of racist women running the show behind the scences (the so called ESOs). They, in liaison with the few white higher ups (obviously there is no concept of non white higher ups), are ruthlessly raping not only the OTDs and their personal & family lives but are also the tax payer's money by paying huge volumes of money to the locums. These huge pay outs to the locums is a sheer depiction of racism and nothing else. Don't be illusioned by the ads they put up. They can do every injustice they can to make you work like old times cheap labour. Don't forget, this is a nation who used to HUNT DOWN aboriginals and remained arrogant about it. It was only Kevin Rudd's electioneering stunt that he apologised but, from within, they are the same barbarians.
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    They are still hunting down aboriginals in the outback but the favorite red-neck sport is OTD bashing does not help with the press and the colleges and the AMC (now even AHPRA) issuing lies about OTDs

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