Saudi Licensing Exam(SLE)

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  1. guest18

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    Anybody has any info regarding how to get hold of recent Saudi Licesing Exam (SLE) MCQs.

    I found some old SLE papers from 2005, 2006 and 2007. Anybody has info about any 2008 papers?

    Thanks a lot for you help.
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    I don't know about any more old questions, but one greatly useful book for this exam is the First Aid for the USMLE step 3. This book has short notes on internal medicine, gyn/obs, paeds and psychiatry.

    Read some short notes on surgery and statistics as well.

    I hope that was useful.
  3. Guest

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    past papers download

    can anyone pls giv me a link wher ei can download the past papers and samplers

  4. drzsk

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    hi pls someone tell me the link to download old SLExam past papers...i`ll be v grateful,
  5. Pharmacist

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    SLE for foregn pharmacy graduates

    Can anybody please tell me the procedure for Saudu Pharmacist licensure ? In definite need of help...
  6. Guest_1

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    There is no guidance, no website, and no link for Saudi exams.

    There's just an old set of printed questions circulating and people photocopy and prepare from it and pass the exam......anyone can find these questions from any bookstore near King Khalid University Hospital Riyadh or ask anyone in the major hopitals. Literally everyone has the same set of questions........good luck.
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  8. mrcp doctr

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  9. Guest

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    passing of saudi licensing exam is one of the requirment to work in the kingdom of saudi arabia, i have cleared this exam it is easy but require more study
  10. Guest

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    i am muhammad zaheer Pharm.D from peshawar university, the saudi licesing eame SLE is the requirment to work in KSA i cleared this exam it require more study, actually it is a computer based exam. passing of this exam provide more benifit to u in KSA. thankx
  11. guest 111

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    saudi licencing exam

    I am a pakistani doctor with uk experience in internal medicine currently in riyadh,planning to appear in exam soon. Is there anyone preparing for it in riyadh?

    Can anyone tell me that where is a medical book shop in riyadh?

    Can i access the libray of a hospital if i am not an employee? :?: :?: :?: :? :? :? :?
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    Many people read "first aid for the USMLE step 2 Questions and answers" for SLE
    There is a book on SLE written by a middle eastern author at Jarir book store (located at many places in Riyadh), this book is good, though it has some mistakes.

    There is a medical bookshop in Riyadh called AshShams on the way from Bakhashwain store to King Saud University.

    You can only use the library of a hospital if you have a job or an attachment with ID card. Otherwise you can ask some doctor friend to either take you there with them (hopefully they will let you in) or borrow books for you.
  13. guest 111

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    thanks a lot for your reply.

    I really don't know any doctor in riyadh.

    How can i get a clinical attachment in a hospital?

    How can i get old MCQS?

    hAVE YOU PASSED THIS EXAM :?: :?: :?:
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pharmacy licensing exam in saudia

    I have done Pharm.D, plz tel me the requirements of the pharmacy licensing exam and when is going to be held and what type of test it is? rply soon
  15. kokabsohail

    kokabsohail Guest


    ii want to work n KSA whisch exam is required.MOH or SLE
    froom where to prepare
  16. kokabsohail

    kokabsohail Guest

    exam for KSA and UAE

    i m very confused.........SLE or MOH same
  17. guest 111

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    To work in saudi arabia you have to pass SLE.
    Where r u in saudi arabia. :?:
    What speciality are you planning to work in. :?:
    I am preparing for internal medicine SLE. :?
  18. rida

    rida Guest

    sle or moh

    hi everyone....
    i,m also planning to give moh,,,,saudia,,,,,,here is my knowledge regarding it,,,,if incorrect pls advice,,...if u r living in saudia like me(my husband is working gp here),u have to give moh exams then apply for a job in gov or private sector....for this u submit ur documents then they give u time when to appear.
    if u r living outside saudi arabia and want to work here u hav to give saudi licensing exams conducted in different countries like pak,india requirement for it,,,just fill the registration form and fees....all procedure given in prometric site.........
    for the working doctors here they have to take exams after 3 years or have cme hours for renewel of saudi council registration
    books for both exams are oxford clinical medicine (pocket),usmle step 3 book,having(med,peads,gynae,).
  19. Umme_haifa

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    If you want to appear in saudi exam in saudi arabia you have to submit your papers to get an eligibility number from saudi council.Once you have that number you can book the exam online on prometric website.For exam outside the kingdom no need for this number you can apply anytime.

    I am riyadh planning to appear the exam soon in internal medicine where
    are you and which speciality are you appearing in :?:
  20. sabreena

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    moh or sle

    i,m in albaha...taking exams for g.p or resident ....i think sle or moh both r same exams,,only names different,,,
  21. drcasper

    drcasper Guest

    no job with out two years experience but you can give exam bcz now exam is conducting through prometric many countries in the world.
    if your father is working in jeddah he can guide you better then me
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have passed SLE via prometric
    i have submitted it to MOH to get permanent or temp License card

    can i get my iqama while the MOH issues me the proper MOH Card ?

    can iqama be issued before MOH permanent/temp license card is issued?
  23. drkhan007

    drkhan007 Guest

    post graduation

    i would like to know if one can apply for post graduation studies being a foreigner and what are the requirements?
  24. guest80

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    You can apply for Saudi Board if there are any seats left after inducting Saudi nationals. You have to be working in an MOH to be able to do that, i think.
  25. Guest

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    I passed MBBS since 2005 from pakistan and now i m in saudi arabia and want to practice but every hospital ask about Saudi Council Exam and i have no experience and minimum 2 year Experience needed for the appear in the Exam.what i do now.
  26. It is said that this exam decideds weather the doctor is a Consutant or Registrar. This is tricky.

    Is there a source for studying the SLE? I don't think first aid is enough.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    this exam is no diffcult..

    but i think people who have american board or mrcp with 1 year experience.. they dont have to take the exam...
  28. sle exams

    please give me the information about sle exams in gynea and obstetrics
  29. drkhan007

    drkhan007 Guest

    eligibility number

    can someone please tell me how to obtain eligibility number if we want to give the exam in saudi arabia?
  30. Liv

    Liv Guest

    YAlla ya sheikh
    Yalla min huna
  31. new to sle

    new to sle Guest

    Hello friends.

    What does one have to do after passing sle?
    Is residency guaranteed after passing it?

    Please inform.

  32. SLE exam.

    i am a sonologist working in pakistan i want to give SLE exam here in which speciality i should give exam.... :?: :?: :?:
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am intending to give Pharmacy SLE exam, is there any link from where i can download past papers?
    or anybody previously attended this exam could help me with study material?

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