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    17 August 2006
    New Screening Process For International Medical Graduates
    The Australian Medical Council (AMC) today announced the roll out of a new international screening examination for overseas trained doctors wanting to work in Australia.

    The new computer examination will be conducted in 12 international centres in November this year. The project has been a joint development with the Medical Council of Canada and the international testing agency – Thomson Prometric.

    “Australia relies heavily on overseas trained doctors with more than 20% of the total workforce and 35% of the GP workforce being trained overseasâ€, said the President of the AMC, Dr Joanna Flynn.

    “The Australian community expects that doctors who are granted registration have been appropriately assessed to ensure they can practise safely – and this new initiative is helping to ensure that,†Dr Flynn said.

    Until now the AMC examinations for registration have been conducted only in Australia. As part of a Commonwealth initiative to strengthen Australia’s medical workforce, the AMC was asked to offer its examination overseas in a computer-administered format to make the assessment more accessible to International Medical Graduates.

    “The computer-based assessment of medical knowledge and clinical skills is a highly complex technical process,†the CEO of the AMC, Mr Ian Frank said.

    “In the absence of any other assessing bodies in Australia with the necessary technical expertise to support such a project, the AMC approached its sister organisation – the Medical Council of Canada – to jointly develop an international screening examination,†he said.
    Planning for the new screening examination pre-dated the recent COAG announcement on the assessment of overseas trained doctors.
    The increased availability and more readily accessible test centres would make it easier and less costly for overseas trained doctors to satisfy registration requirements in Australia, Dr Flynn said.

    “It represents a major improvement over current processes, as it enables doctors to sit the examination and learn the result before leaving their country for Australia,†Dr Flynn said.

    The decision to proceed with the November examination followed a successful trial test of the AMC examination in Hong Kong and Singapore in July this year. The third
    partner in the joint examination project - Thomson Prometric – is an international leader in computer-based testing.

    “When fully implemented, the new screening examination has the capacity to be delivered in up to 130 countries within the Thomson Prometric networkâ€, Mr Frank explained.

    Both the AMC and the Medical Council of Canada have previously worked on joint projects, including the publication of a major reference text for overseas trained doctors in 2003 which forms the technical basis of the national registration examinations conducted in both Australia and Canada.

    Mr Frank said it was a logical extension for the two Councils to develop a joint screening examination.

    “The joint project is a unique development. It represents the first time that two countries have shared their expertise and resources to develop a common examination,†Dr Flynn said.

    As part of the new examination development, the AMC has also introduced new procedures to independently verify the medical qualification documents submitted by overseas trained doctors seeking to work in Australia.

    “The Patel case in Queensland in 2005 highlighted the need for more effective screening of individual medical qualifications,†Dr Flynn said.
    The AMC has concluded a formal agreement with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the United States for electronic processing and verification of medical qualifications.
    Since the new system was introduced in January 2006, more than 1000 individual medical qualifications have been submitted for verification through the ECFMG.

    The process has already identified two sets of qualifications from doctors intending to practice in Australia that may be fraudulent and are now under investigation. Subject to the outcome of the investigation, they may be referred to the Australian Federal Police.

    “The rigour of this process meant these individuals were not allowed to proceed into the medical workforce anywhere in Australia, pending the independent verification of their qualifications,†Dr Flynn said.
    The AMC would like to acknowledge the support provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing in establishing the new assessment and document verification procedures that underpin this new examination, she said.

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    Medical registration and licensing bodies are required to ensure that the individual doctors, who are being licensed to practise within their jurisdictions, have the appropriate levels of applied medical knowledge and clinical skills to practise with safety within their communities.

    The Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) have been working on a joint project to develop a common examination for International Medical Graduates (IMGs). The new examination will be administered offshore in November 2006 [Tuesday 7th November] to IMGs seeking to practise in Australia. When fully implemented and subject to approval of the results by both the AMC and the MCC it is expected that the examination results of candidates will be recognised by both countries.

    For IMGs seeking to work in Australia, the new examination will be computer-administered and in the first instance will be offered in 12 examination centres outside Australia and 3 centres within Australia. The new examination will consist of 300 multiple choice questions and will be administered in two 3½-hour sessions over one day.

    The new examination will improve the access and availability for IMGs to undertake a key part of the assessment for registration prior to coming to Australia. Teams of experts in Canada and Australia have been working for two years to develop and calibrate the examination, which represents international best practise in assessment.

    IMGs who satisfy the requirements and pass the new examination will be exempted from completing the current AMC MCQ examination and will be able to proceed to the AMC clinical examination, in order to complete the requirements for eligibility to apply for registration in Australia.

    The international examining agency Thomson Prometric has been chosen to administer the new examination through their world wide network of computer-testing facilities. Initially, subject to availability of limited places, it is proposed to offer the examination in the following centres:

    International Centres – Tuesday 7th November 2006
    Hong Kong
    Australian Centres – Tuesday 7th November 2006

    With the new examination fully implemented in 2007 it is expected that the number of international examination centres will be increased. [Thomson Prometric has examination centres in 130 countries].


    The examination session to be held on 7th November will be administered by computer with candidates applying for the examination through the AMC and the examination scheduled and conducted through Thomson Prometric. The examination is available to current AMC candidates, or intending AMC candidates [provided lodgement of the Form A and associated documentation for credentialing purposes has been received at the AMC by Friday 29th September 2006, the closing date for new assessments].

    Candidates intending to sit the MCQ examination should, in the first instance, contact the AMC by email to Documentation will be provided to applicants via this email system.
    Applicants for the AMC examination [who have not yet completed the AMC credentialing process] should note the closing date for credentialing – this is the date for lodgement of the application Form A and associated documentation for eligibility for AMC candidature. This MUST BE RECEIVED at the AMC Secretariat by Friday 29th September 2006 in order to be assessed as eligible to apply for the examination series.

    Candidates will be allocated a place in the examination series in order of receipt of application [and associated examination fee of $AUS1830] being received at the AMC Secretariat, and subsequent contact with Thomson Prometric for scheduling within a centre. As there are a limited number of places in each centre, once a centre has been fully subscribed the AMC [through Thomson Prometric] will NOT be able to place any further applicants in the examination series. The closing date for applications through Thomson Prometric is 23rd October 2006.

    Applicants should, in the first instance, contact the AMC with expediency through the email system Applicants should advise the following –
    Name [Family name/Surname] Male Female
    Given name
    Date of Birth
    Email address for forwarding documentation

    AMC Candidate Yes AMC Candidate number: …………………………..

    [Previously credentialed as eligible to undertake the AMC examination process]
    AMC Candidate No
    [Not yet credentialed as eligible to undertake the AMC examination process]

    An application Form A – International Examination [for credentialing purposes], or Form C-1 [for the examination series] will be forwarded.
    In order for candidates, and future AMC applicants, to familiarise themselves with the computer administered examination, a sample computer-based MCQ examination, consisting of 50 question items, is provided on the AMC website

    Credentialing closing date Friday 29th September 2006
    Form C-1 examination application closing date Monday 9th October 2006
    Thomson Prometric closing date for scheduling Monday 23rd October 2006


    The New Computer-administered Offshore MCQ Examination is a separate examination from the AMC 2006E MCQ examination scheduled for Saturday 18th November 2006.

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    Will the mcq pattern also change and become more difficult ?If anyone knows this?
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    amc abigious reply

    i am sitting nov amc exam in melb , after many calls to amc they stil havent replied how the exams r diff , some say both exam r same , but there is 1 diff as new exam has 300 questions , what i snot clear if it go tnew questions , i geuss it has as auz and canadian people have developed them together. canada medical councel doesnt mentions anything about this exam , so the claim that it will be recognised by auz and canada both is suspicious , as canada has a 3 exam system , and auz has 2 exam system. if someone can actually visit them and clearify it would be better .
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    books req for amc part 1

    can somebody tell us regarding the books required to prepare foer amc part 1?
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    hi can u plz help me with what books to be read for step 1 AMC exam n from where to buy n how is it for doc in AUS
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