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    searching 2009 Sept MRCOG2 short essay questions

    A . 2009 sept (I got abstract, but no full questions)

    1. Anterior abdominal wall defect - explain the differential diagnoses, antenatal counselling, intrapartum care

    2. Chest infection - 32/40 multip asthmatic smoker with recent upper respiratory tract infection presenting with a raised temperature (T38 P105 BP 130/80) coughing green sputum; your immediate managment and modifications to antenatal and intrapartum care

    3. Post partum haemorrhage - 1000ml loss in a multip, placenta already out: immediate management and management of uterine atony

    4. PPROM @ 26/40 - patient contracting with vaginal loss: assessment and then management


    1. Safe laparoscopic entry - preventing injuries during pneumoperitoneum and then at primary and secondary port insertion

    2. Mixed incontinence with stress predominating - initial investigations, lifestyle changes, conservative measures, indications for urodynamics

    3. Unexplained infertility - 32 year old woman trying for 3 years; justify treatment options, discuss 2 main complications of these treatments and how you would reduce the risks of these complications

    4. Ovarian cyst in postmenopausal woman - partially solid ovarian cyst and Ca125 of 122 in a 52 year old: assessment and then, assuming high suspicion of malignancy, treatment

    B. 2008 March
    C. 2007 sept
    D. 2007 March

    Thank you

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