second-degree cystourethrocele

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    Q. A previously healthy 44-year-old woman, gravida 4, para 4, comes to the physician because of a 9-month history of progressive loss of small amounts of urine while running; she now has to wear an absorbent pad. Examination shows a second-degree cystourethrocele.

    For each patient with urinary incontinence, select the most likely cause.

    A ) Detrusor instability

    B ) Interstitial cystitis

    C ) Overflow incontinence

    D ) Stress incontinence

    E ) Urethra diverticulum

    F ) Urinary fistula
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    The correct answer is : D ) Stress incontinence
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    stress incontinence
    as mutipara, lekage with activity, weak pelvic floor (cystourethhrocele)

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