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    Question and answers
    1 sympathetic ophthalmatis usually result from :- Ans penetrating injury to the cillary body .
    2 treatment of choice of trachoma :- Ans single dose of Azithromycin .
    3 Acanthamoebic keratitis treatment :- Ans propomidine isotheionate .
    4 Arlt’s line located at :- ans upper palpabral conjunctiva .
    5 Acute blocked angle glaucoma follow eye treatment :- trabeculoectomy.
    6 The oculomotor and trochler nerve passes via :-The superior orbital fissure .
    7 The new guideline of American association cardiac failure treatment :- i/v adrenaline
    8 Lens used in Astigmatism:- cylindrical .
    9 Mar fan’s syndrome associated with change’s in lens are:- superior temporally .
    10 Drug of choice in supra ventricular tachycardia :- Adenosine.
    11 Recurrent corneal erosion are seen in:- corneal dystrophy
    12 Ptosis due to paralysis of which nerve :- 3rd nerve palsy <oculomotor>.
    13 lochia are present till :- 2 weeks .
    14 Ankyloblepheron :- adhension of margin of two eyelids.
    15 Difference between apex and base in an lungs of erected person:- V/Q ratio .
    16 Double bubble sign are seen in :- duodenal Atresia .
    17 Dissecting aneurysm seen in :- syphilis.
    18 pearl index associated with :- failure of contraceptive.
    19 Regime of MTP :-Mefepristone followed by mesopristol .
    20 during pregnancy prophylactic iron and folic acid according to rch program:- 100mg iron +500mcq folic acid.
    21 in peget’s disease all are seen except :- ?
    22 papillary thyroid carcinoma spread via :- lymphatic
    23 In 12week pregnancy ‘ CRL†is :-60mm
    24 Gland of brunner’s is found in :-duodenum
    25 Brunner’s gland of duodenum secretes:- Acinus alkaline.
    26 least seizures are seen in:- HIV enceplopathy .
    27 Glaucoma with bronchial asthma which is contraindicated :-timolol malate
    28 Hogkan’s lymphoma Virus association with:- Ebstein barr virus{ EBV}
    29 weight of the uterus at the time of delivery :- 1000gm.
    30 radio active ionning radiation :- alpha.
    31 External cephalic version not done:- PIH [pregnancy induced hypertension}
    32 Bone and Bone appearance are seen in:- Osteopetrosis .
    33 cervical cancer :papaniculer pap smear test .
    34 half life of radium :- 1600years.
    35 Measles rear complication:-SSPE.
    36 which day yellow fever certificate start valid :-valid from 7days onwards option was 10 days.
    37 Father of public health :- cholera
    38 epidemy dropsy :-sanguarine .
    39 Mid day meal :- 1 /3rd calorie ½ protein
    40 vaccination which type of the prevention :- primary
    41 Gastric lavage is contraindicated in which poisoning :- kerosene poisoning
    42 which of following is the myeloproliferative disease:-acute lymphatic leukemia
    43 in which disease CD 4 Decrease less than 200:- HIV
    44 Accommodation is maximum in:-children
    45 Maximum content of Vitamin-D :- Cord fish liver.
    46 Teeth bite marks seen in :pressure abrasion .
    47 Most Radiosensitive tumors:-Ewing’s carcinoma.
    48 CSF is absorbed by :-choroid plexus
    49 Difference between CSF and plasma are all of the following except:- low chloride .
    50 Mycobacterium TB differentiate from other types of TB:- AFB
    51 What is the % of perineum contain of BSA:-1%
    52 Not having crime in India :- sodomy
    53 Dementia pugilistic:-? Not remember
    54 which test is include in Agglutination test :widal test.
    55 Alcohol withdrawal symptom all are seen except :-visual hallucination.
    56 In which drug Extra pyramidal side effect seen in :-carbamazapine
    57 Treatment of the chronic decrocystitis:-Dacrocystorhinostomy .
    58 Sertoli cell secretes which hormone:-inihibin.
    59 intermediate insulin :-NPH.
    60 LDL on receptors :-apo E
    61 which is not include in Apache :-creatinine
    62 GABA :-Inhibitory neuron
    63 which nerve perching the thyroid gland:-recurrent laryngeal nerve .
    64 sarcoidosis seen :-hyper calcium
    65 while removing whole colon what will happen :-death
    66 Tributaries of portal vein all except :-right gastric vein
    67 Rheumatoid arthritis seen all except :-deformities arthritis.
    68 Multipurpose worker covered population :-5000
    69 Dengue hemorrhagic fever seen all except :-RMSF
    70 Gas gangrene caused by all except :-clostridium difficile
    71 prevalence of TB in a community :-tuberculin test
    72 swimming pool infection caused by:-rhinovirus
    73 BMI obesity starts :-30
    74 sauce anchovy/pus seen in :-amoebic abscess.
    75 PET Scan isotopes :phosphorus
    76 in hemolytic anemia with which stone are commonly seen :pigment stone .
    77 hypertrophy pyloric stenos is seen in:- metabolic alkalosis .
    78 Air bronco gram seen in :pleural effusion
    79 MC UTI is seen in :-instrumentation
    80 diagnostic thyroid gland :-TSH
    81 Adson,s test ?not remember
    82 clostridium tetani appearance :-drum stick appearance
    83 human papiloma virus is :-DNA virus
    84 prokaryotic having :-DNA
    85 Scabies oral treatment :-ivermectin
    86 Energy store of cell is :-last word triphasphate actually ATP
    87 Chandler’s index icon_confused.gif Not remember
    88 Trigone of urinary bladder develops from :-mesoderm
    89 All of following vein lack valves except :-femoral vein
    90 Reticulocytosis is not seen in :-anemia of chronic cause .
    91 Melatonin does not secretes from:pituitary gland
    92 separation of first polar body occurs at the time of :-ovulation
    93 oschner sherren regime is used in management of :-appendicular lump
    94 peaud’s orange of breast is due to :-obstruction of lymphatic ducts
    95 local anesthetic acts by :-Na+ channel block
    96 Anesthetics of choice in asthma patient :- Ketamine
    97 Hill sachs lesion seen in :- anterior dislocation of shoulder
    98 Housemaid’s knee is bursitis of which of the following :prepatellar bursa
    99 Most common cause of neonatal mortality in india :prematurity
    100 Acrodermatitis enteopanthica is due deficiency of which mineral :-zinc
    101 M/C foreign body lough in :-cricopharynges
    102 indicator media :-staurt media
    103 sub mucosal plexus cause :-secretion
    104 Apoptosis are all features in seen except :-enlarge cell
    105 defect in leptin cause :-obesity
    106 ovulation occurs :-14day before the menstrual cycle
    107 all of following are anti platelet except :-transsemic acid
    108 keloid are seen all except :-it resolve itself
    109 Down’s syndrome seen all except :-less IQ
    110 Fibrosis are seen in all except :-marjolan’s ulcer s
    111 M/C “INDIRECT “cause of maternal mortality :-sepsis
    112 prolactin agonist :-?not remember
    113 vitamin B12 are given severe anemia via :- I/M
    114 Anesthesia of choice in children’s:- sevoflurane
    115 ketamine cause :-hallucination
    116 yolk sac develop <originate >from :-germ cell
    117 which can occur in eczema :-acantholysis
    118 Nuchal sign seen in :-anti natal USG
    119 ICDP schedule include upto age of :-5years
    120 down’s syndrome earlier seen in :-AFP alpha feto protein
    121 All of following caused by GH deficiency except :- hypoglycemia
    122 levo-norgasterol are statement are true except :-should be given in 24 hours
    123 choriocarcarcinoma commonly metastasis to :-lungs
    124 Osteomyolitis occur in :-metaphysis
    125 severe burn occur in esophagus due to :-kerosene poisoning
    126 main extensor of knee :-quadriceps femoris
    127 Na loosening seen in :-interstitial nephritis
    128 bronchial secretion contain :-immunoglobulin A
    129 M/C BENIGN tumor in brain:-astryoma
    130 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma m/c presentation :-epitaxis
    131 Anti tetanus drug :-amikacin
    132 which organism cause infection after splenectomy :-H. Influenza
    133 protein synthesis occur in cell part :-rough endoplasmic reticulum
    134 lung cancer m/c associated with :-Asbestosis
    135 Radiation exposure maximum per year :-5red
    136 which structure moves with swallowing:-bronchial cyst
    137 thrombosis in cavernous sinus spread from injury of which of the following:-upper lip
    138 M/C anomaly in face :-cleft lip and cleft plate
    139 Trotters’ triad are seen all except icon_confused.gif
    140 COPD all of following seen except icon_confused.gif
    141 phemigus are located at :-subepidermal
    142 life threatening skin rash :-TEN
    143 Which poisoning CSF is preserved :-alcohol poisoning
    144 All of the following drugs useful in the Acute attack of bronchial asthma except :-mast cell stabilizer
    145 commonest cause of cerebra vascular accident :-embolism
    146 how many teeth are present 3 year child :-20
    147 anti tussive all of following except :-ambroxol
    148 latest drug for skin acne :-isotretinon
    149 which of the following drug metabolized by acetylation :- ionized
    150 sperm head contain :-nucleus
    151 rickets all are associated except :pseudoparalysis
    152 principal of PHC all are associated except :-un equitability
    153 spirnolactone use in which condition :-cirrhotic failure
    154 peripheral chemoreceptor are stimulated by :-CO2
    155 Most least common cause of neonatal mortality in india :-birth injuries
    156 which of following require for conversion procollagen to collogen :-copper
    157 M/c area involved of tubercular spine is :para disc
    158 tinel’s sign :-sign of nerve regeneration
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    -DOC in Meningitis due to Lysteria
    -Most serious complication of Measles
    -Turner Syndrome - Streak ovaries
    -O2 dissociation curve shift to right ..?ques
    -Testes( location )location & time. Choose correct one ?ques
    -Unlikely to cause Sz in HIV - Toxoplasmosis,TB ,Cryptococcal ,MAC
    -Baby friendly hospital - 1991
    -anti tussive all of following except :-
    Salbutamol, Ambroxol Codeine
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    In APACHE all except -- Calcium(100% sure)
    Q. Wound dehiscence seen at --- 3-10th day
    Q. Dose of isoniazid in children?--- 5-10 mg/kg
    Q. air bronchogram is seen in --- Consolidation
    Q. CD4 cell count is useful ( specific) in treatment of-- HIV

    Q. Fleisher's ring is seen in--- bowman's memb., stroma, epithelium, descement's memb. ?? ( answer please)
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    multiple renal cysts are seen in??polycystic kidney disease
    rheumatic fever NOT major criteria???deforming arthritis
    CDC biological threats all except??anthrax,typhus
    dementia pugilistica due to?? recurrent head trauma
    tetanus rx ??clindamycin
    polygenic inheritance seen in?? tuberous sclerosis
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    -Myeloproliferative ds : Myeflofibrosis
    -Priapism is seen in -Hepatic failure, RENAL FAILURE,(??two other options also ..failure)
    -Aplastic crisis is seen in : Parvovirus B19
    -True about Aminoglycosides :-------
    -CD4 to decide Rx of : VIRAL HEPATITIS, ?HIV
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    Marfan syndrome - Superior subluxation of lens
    -True about Aminoglycosides :-------(MOA ques)
    -Kayser–Fleischer rings due to copper in Descemet's membrane
    Local anesthetic drugs act by:
    inhibiting sod influx on sodium-channels
    -conduction rate(speed):low in AV node

    -hyperviscosity seen in all except: multiple myeloma,cryoglobulinemia,lymphoma

    -.deep inguinal ring: transverse fascia

    -mc cause of visual loss: vitreous hemorrhage

    -flexner winter steiner rosette: in retinoblastoma

    -pomeroy’s method failure rate: 0.4%

    -splenectomy:Rx for hereditary spherocytes

    -pityriasis versicolor: caused by malasezifurfur

    -reverse splitting S2 sound: all except pulmonary embolism

    -hypercalcemia: causes all except(malignancy,hyperparathyroidism,vitamin intoxication

    -auto immune hemolytic anemia mc in :CLL

    -intra vascular hemolysis : all except
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    1. multiple renal cysts are seen in?? i think correct was option d all of above, it had multicystic disease of kidney and tuberous sclerosis in option as well.

    2.CDC category 1 biological threats all except??typhus because anthrax plague and tularemia are cat 1 while typhus is cat 2 , confirmed from rachna chaurasiya

    3.not a punishable offence? incest cause of superior mesenteric artery occlusion? embolism(confirmed frm bailey)

    5. in colonic obstruction what is seen on x ray? haustrations(confirmed frm bailey)

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