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    Given effects of Finasteride were following:

    1. Alopecia
    2.Increased libido
    3.Postural hypotension
    4. Gyanecomastia
    5. Rapid improvement in symptoms.

    Right answer is Gyanecomastia
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    Case report: finasteride-induced gynecomastia in a 62-year-old man.Volpi R, Maccarini PA, Boni S, Chiodera P, Coiro V.
    Department of Medicine, University of Parma, Italy.

    The authors describe a case of bilateral (with left prevalence) gynecomastia in a 62-year-old man after finasteride treatment because of benign prostatic hypertrophy. Finasteride is an inhibitor of 5 alpha-reductase, the enzyme responsible for testosterone metabolism to dihydrotestosterone. In this patient, nonspecific endocrine alterations were found, except for a significant decrease in dihydrotestosterone levels. In addition, there were no pathologic conditions affecting other organs or pharmacologic treatments that could be responsible for gynecomastia. Drug withdrawal started a progressive reduction of the lumps until complete their disappearance. It is possible that gynecomastia was caused by alterations of estrogen/androgen ratio because of a finasteride-induced decrease in circulating dihydrotestosterone levels. In this article, the authors confirm finasteride antiandrogenic activity and recommend a close follow-up of long-term treatments with finasteride to find out other possible side effects.

    PMID: 7539584 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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    HELLO every body
    well if i have to tell about MRCP exam in 11 sept it was very hard specially paper2 that was very difficult

    any way i will tell u what i remember

    there was
    1- lateral epicondlites lesion
    2- median nerve injury with carpal tunnel syndrome
    3- tibial nerve injury as it was loss of sensation in the medial side of the sole of the foot
    4- measles
    5- Aide's pupil
    6- psudoseizuers as the patient was having vagal syncop
    7- optic neuritis
    8- mechanism of action of statins
    9- type of lesion of the nerve with which channel damged it was K channel i belive
    10- finestrid causing gyanecomastia
    11- alopecia areata
    12.- question about cd4 or cd2
    13- Staphylococcal toxic sock syndrome.
    14- tumor necrosis factor in macrophages
    15- botulism
    16- haemophilia in mother brother
    ’17- contact dermatitis I belive how wever I don’t remember the question
    18- polycythemia rubra vera ( hyper viscosity)
    19- very tough question about gout cuze the patient was having gout secondary to myloma and he was having fever and the question made to make u belive it’s cellulites
    20 - heart block with canon wave
    21- use of 3rd generation cephalosporines
    22- another question about antibiotics it was clindamnycin I think
    23- patient with foramen ovale it was transthoracic echo
    25- standard deviation or mean I don’t remember ‘
    26- number need to be treated it was 50
    27- renal transplantation question
    any way I’m trying to collect the question and post them later
    have great day every one and I hope the result can be positive for all .
    and all pass this tough exam
    Dr Ezzat Awad
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    Hello ,i am also from Egypt thanks for posting all those questions.i remembered alot of questions too.this exam isn't hard at all but it is too tricky.
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    pt with widspread T and STchange ofcoarse pericardiditis

    -another q pt wth long hx or RA and AF answer conc. pericarditis.

    -pt with foot affection is common per.n.
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    Hi to all

    You people are doing great job ,writing your qs and answers. But let it be open for discussion rather then aruguing that i m correct. Most of us have good knowledge, but remember in exams they are also tricking us by asking what will u do immediately in some question.

    Keep posting ur experience.

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    hyperlipdemia question
    thyroid nodule
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    what was the answer of the q's with leg nodule? scab?, i answered that lyme disease? is that the answer? can anyone recall the q's?

    tick typhus

    Microdeletion is the ans google it yes uniparental disomy is one of the cause
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    symmetrical joint pain plus subcutaneous nodule is RA not gout

    other question was abt sle Rheumatoid factor positive answer was hydroxchloroquine
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    in thyroid nodule i think first we do thyroid scan b4 fna,
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    thx alot everybody for as an advice wat u stress more?karla or bofs practice............i m really double minded.......i read karla well n next day its all vanished out.........plz help me.......exam in january
  12. was it basal cell carcinoma i thought it was or visceral leisch
    and i think it was PTSD cause in PTSD u have nightmares of the evnt happening....any clarfication..and that thing with the elbow nodule was that RA..and the question about digoxin was it vol of distribution.. effect beneficial in a week..thanks
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    maria i would suggest just do bof and read description
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    answer was rheumatic heart disease as mitrl stenosis can cause biatrial enlargement i choosed pulmonary fibrosis but i discussed this with registrar
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    dear mezz answer in my point view answer was iv vancomycin as u said pt was treated in icu for cellulitis and mrsa is very common in these pt so iv vancomycin will be effective as pt had dm,age 70 icu so oral wont work
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    pt was treated in ICU for cellulitis???
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    there was no such thign that the pt was being treated inthe icu for ceulitis...infact the pt had grown group A streptococci~
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    thx dr don for advice...................tell me all those sites that u consulted for bofs
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    it was oral metronidazol
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    Also in solitary nodule the pt was euothyroid so I chose FNAC for rule out Malignancy
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    How it IS Mitral stenosis and pulmonary auscultation is NORMAL-->>> I chose pericarditis It seem to me most correct?? BUt who KNOWS
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    hi ahmedshaheen

    If u saw the question u must remember it said left ventricular function was normal n u know in constrictive pericarditis both ventricle efected.

    Oral metranidazole in normal patient when there r chances of mrsa as pt was in hospital so vancomycin should b given
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    thyroid nodule

    Thyroid scan shows Hot and Cold nodules
    Hot u know
    Cold is melignancy
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    what do u mean by normal patient? Most of them got this bug in Hospital.
    first line of treatment is 10 days course of Oral Metro, if not responded then vancomycin, also oral recommended.

    Reason not starting as a first line ,as it can cause vanco resistant
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    C. Diff first line is oral metro then oral vancomycin

    thyroid nodule found in man - fist step is radioactive iodine scan to see if it is hot or cold, then manage accordingly

    as for patient with signs of Rt sided heart failure with (biatrial enlargement), and normal auscultation of the chest - then it is either constrictive pericarditis or mitral stenosis, i am not entirely sure myself
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    - itching lesion on wrist with surrounding hyperpigmentation with mouth lesion lichen planus

    - female done hair dye 3 days ago have acute vesicular and eryth. Lesion on face and scalp contact dermatitis

    - empirical Ab for impetigo I choose flucxacilin

    - Farmer with paronychia come with classic Picture of TTS

    - Also TTS what Ab to be add clindamycine

    - Flaccid bulla which sore and mouth and genitalia involvement pemphigus

    - PUVA cause squamouse cell carcinoma

    - Male with area of hair loss alopecia areata


    - Terminal ill patien with agitation ttt I chose haloperido

    - Pt with Multiple mylola take Vincrestin ,cyclo and steroid since 4 days have agitation why steroid induced pschycosis or sepsis induce pschycosis

    - Mothr with her son don’t obey her and always struggle with her have sudden aphonia = psychological aphonia

    - Male with idea that there is body under his hous and he say he didn’t know why that idea come to him Obsessive C S

    - Pt with rapid speaking u cant interrupt him = pressured speech

    - Alcoholic come to hospital and take glucose with benzodiazepan suffer from confusion and cant walk = thiamin B1 deficiency
    - 25y male medical student come from Kenya and claim to be medical dean = hypomania
    - Femal with DM suffer from wt loss and anemia hyochromic anemia and norml albumin but No amenorrhea or change of bowel habit and BMI = 18 ( anorexia nervosa or ceiliac or crhons or dietary deficiency) i guess because of autoimmune the ceiliac disease will be most apprpriate.

    - Pt have accident with concussion and his wife die come to GP after 6 months cant cope with life and cant concentrate in work and have sense that he see his wife ( post stress disorder or post concussion or grief reaction) I chose grief reaction because It seem to me abnormal grief reaction

    - Pt with weakness of extensor hallosus longus and loss of sensation on medial aspect of dorsum of the foot ?L4 or L5 lesion I chose L4 (because medial aspect of dorsum of the foot supplied with L4)
    - Pt with 9,10,11,12 lesion chose between jagular foramen lesion or craniocervical junction I chose craniocervical because jagular foramen lesion spare 12th cranial nerve AS KUMAR SAIED
    - Pt with epsilateral weekness and contralateral sensory loss hemisection of the cord at T4
    - Pt with classice pict of PICA lesion
    - Young Pt with loss of all sensation of one arm and all reflexes without atrophy = malignant infiltration of brachial plexuses
    - Pt from Iraq come with symmetrical lower limb weekness (LMNL) with some los of pinprick sensation = GBS
    - Classic pict of ulnar N lesion
    - Classic pict carpal tunnel syndrome
    - Charcot marrie tooth inheritance
    - Limb girdle dystrophy how to assess espiratory function by vital capacity
    - Lew body dementia most characteristic to it high sensitivity to neuroliptic
    - Parietal lesion
    - Pt with increase LL pain with walking but relief with rest with normal LL pulse and sensation spinal canal stenosis
    - Pt unilateral smell loss and vesion loss and contralateral papillodema frontal lobe menengioma
    - 75 old femal come from Kenya with increasing confusion and urinary incontenet and fever and protinuria 1 + chosing between malaria or listeria I chose listeria because pt with cerebral malaris usually have convulsion and other complication
    - Child with recurrent menengiococcal mennengites which decrease = complement
    - CSF with classic Viral finding
    - 16 y child at dentist have loss of consciousness , incontinence and jerking limb and he recover quickly with vomiting = complicated syncope
    - Young female with epilepsy talking Na valeprate have osteomalicia why chose between drug cause it or decrease Vit D I chose decrease Vit D because that female fear from go outside so decrease sun exposure
    - Axonal neuropathy decrease amplitude in EMG
    - Pt with dental pain and abscess complaint of sudden pain lasting for one minute and gone spontaneously , pain came spontaneously or with chewing trigeminal neuralgia
    - Classic pict of INO
    - Pt with loss of papillary and accommodation reflex in one eye site of the lesion = oclumotor nerve ( efferent of both reflex)
    - Classic pict of Giant arteritis with loss of vesion and TTT pridensilon

    - Coronary sinus where is it in RT atrium but I chose Rt ventricule
    - Pt with MI what is the poor prognostic chose between loss of HR variability or VEF= 35% I chose loss of HR variability because it undicate HB and also we assess Ventricular function after the attack not in the attack
    - HB = variable S1 intensity
    - Pt 75 y with COPD and AF since 2 month was advice to take warfarin . has mild dysnea in exersion . investigation no cardiac failure or valve lesion how to TTT chose () digoxin , bisporol, flecianid, amiodaron I chose flecianid because COPD so not B blocker and no HF so digoxin not indicated , amiodaron have wide side effect
    - HOCM and ICD
    - ECG with wide spread st elevation and t wave inversion and normal BL pr ttt NSAID
    - Pt with headach near the period nd BL pr of 170\105 after 10 minute Bl pr 156\102 how u ttt recheck after 1 week or reassurance and repeat it after 2 mon I chose 2nd option
    - CV risk = total cholesterol and HDL
    - 25 pt with SUDDEN CHST PAIN and pressure in LT v and Assending aorta 200\70 and high pr in arms with pr in RT femoral Artry 160\70 or something like that chose () coarcitation or type B AA I chose 2nd option d2 pain and the diastolic pressured is normal
    - Pt with LT v failure ttt ACEI
    - Pt with long standing RA and smoking have RVF signe and dyspnea with normal LT V systolic function normal and dilatation of both atria. Pt normal BL pr and CHEST auscultation and have AF diagnosis I chose constrictive pericarditis ___>> the most option I feel it rt.
    - Pt with MI and had coloctomy for cancer 3 days ago how to ttt ( thrombolysis, heparin or stander angioplasty) I chose angioplasty
    - Best indicatore of timing of AS I chose pt symptoms
    - Colon cancer with SBIE organism Strep. Bovis
    - IVDA and bilateral chest infiltration , fever =IE

    - Emphysema = dynamic bronchial obstruction
    - COPD exacerbation and signe of RT V failure what will be continue after pt ttt ( rt V ejection fraction decrease or Pul BL pr > 82\**
    - COPD exacerbation and paramedic give hime 60% O2 ?> confusion and po2 =18 pco2=10 and ph=7.2 what the most appropriate next step : stop O2 ( I chose that) or give him 24% O2 or continue with 60% or NIV .
    - Cystic fibrosis and have infection whats empirical TTT pipracillin and tazobactam
    - 42 y with feve and confusion CXR left mid zone consolidation and WBCs 8*109 \L diagnosis influenza pn or mycoblasma or staph I chose mucoplasma Don’t know why
    - Acute sever asthma take inhaler and steroid don’t improve =IV Mg
    - Pt 20ys of smoking and history of shipyard work with pleural effusion why B. Carcinoma or mesothelioma of course its carcinoma the commonest is commonest
    - Asbestos and asymptomatic pt without any finding whats the lesion calcified pleural plaque
    - Dx of asthma > 15 % change of FEV1
    - Pneumonia with allergic to penicillin ttt erythromycin or quinolon I chose quinolone and its true
    - Dermatomyocytis Ab anti jo
    - Pt with SLE and signe of antiphospholipid syn = anticardilipin
    - Pt with 10ys ttt of HTN and past history of 2 attack of gout come with bilateral knee pain and mild effusion 3 mon durraton and nodule in elbow brusa DX I chose gout
    - Liver DM and chondrocalcinosis = heamochomatosis
    - Knee pain with limited hip adduction and OA , normal neuro examination but in examination and XRY knoee is normal what to do Knee MRI or spine MRI or hip Xray I chose hip Xray because hip pain frequently referred to knee
    - RA with periarticular erosion ttt methotrixate
    - Pt with DM type 2 and hot mid foot for 2 mon and mildy increase uric acid and increase WBCs >>> gout or osteomylitis or unacustome fracture or cellulites I chose Gout its long for othe option without advancing of it
    - Classic gonococcus arthritis
    - Pt with classic pict of AS how to confirm spin Xray or HLA B27 of course X ray
    - Pt with pain in catching object and pain in extension of wrist against resistant lateral epicondylitis


    - TNF alpha from Macrophage
    - CD4 and MHC 2
    - Drug cause aplastic anemia trimethprim or aciclovir I chose trimethoprim ( folat antagonist)
    - Pcv and fatigue with leucoerythblastic = myelofibrosis
    - PCV how to confirm RED CELL MASS
    - MM what the next investigation pl electrophoresis or BM aspiration of course its BM because it’s the diagnostic test which demonstrate plasma cell in BM
    - IgM = hyperviscosity
    - LMWH how to assess by anti Xa
    - Warfarin with INR 3 but decrease to 1.2 why carbamazapin
    - vWD and take 2 blood pack after tooth extraction how to px next by DDAVP or high pure factoe 8 or FFp I chose DDAVP
    - hemophilia who will have desease mother brothers
    - autoimmune anemia what is correct =+ve antiglobuline test
    - old female with CLL
    - BCR-ABL gene code for tyrosin kinase
    - Ondansetron MOA 5HT3 antagonist
    - Brast cancer with pain not relifed with NSAID what to gine oral morphin normal release or oral sustain release or SC of coarse oral normal released to 1st calculate total dialy dose to control the pain
    - MM with hyperCalcemia and dehydration 1st tttt = IV saline
    - Pt with long period of repeated blood donor but then Saied to him u cant donate blood more why CMV +ve or druge induce hepatis or hx of visiting Kenya 2 ys I chose the last he may get HIV
    - Pt with macrocytic anemia and hypothyrodisme what next investigation antrum biobsy or IF ab of course its IF ab

    GIT and liver
    - Pt with bloody diarrhea and deplete goblet cell and crypt absceses = UC
    - Pt with fatige and dry mouth and other autoimmune disease with increase ALP = 1ry billiary cirrhosis
    - HBV with chronic low infectivity in serology
    - Also another serology but I coudnt remember
    - 40y pt with dyspepsia and anemia >>> gastroscopy or trial of PPI or urea breath test I chose gastroscopy as anemia is one of alarming symptom
    - Pt with CD but not actve one as lab ( normal plattlet, CRP ) with watery diarrhea ttt cholystramin
    - Active CD with symptom suggesting obstruction or peritonitis what next investigation US or CT or Xray abd I chose X ray to exclude obstruction 1st ( X ray rapid and available)
    - Pt with bloody diarrhea and travel hx far east Asia entamyba histolytica
    - Femal with bloody diarrhea and hx of contact to child having diarrhea ..>>>cambellopacter jujeni
    - Pt with vomiting and abd pain >> staph or C jujeni I chose staph
    - Pt with GI and dehydration and high Na , low K …>>> saline 0.9 and K or Glucose 5% and K I chose saline and K
    - Pt with MM anemia asymptomatic ,old ..>>> colonoscopy
    - FAP inheritance AD
    - Paracetamol poisoning after 2 day with ph=7.2 and creatinin288 and INR 3.4 whats the best predictore of having transplantation = PH
    - Pt with scleroderma and diarrhea loss of wt and low B12 and folat next investigation H2 breath test or int follow through I chose the 2nd to demonstrate the dilatation of SI , bacteria cause dec b 12 and normal folate

    - Lower UTI what is empirical TTT co amoxiclave or gentamicine I chos coamoxiclave
    - Same but with allergy to penicillin chose cipro ( not provided in the previous one)
    - Femal with no past hx come with Pr +1 and BL +1 Us both kidney small and irregular surface , having increase BL pr >>>>> reflux or hypertensive or ischemic neuropathy I chose reflux don’t know why
    - Same as above with orthopnea in old age and peripheral VD and NIDDM chose RAD
    - Transplant pt since 14 day with increase CReatinine and normal kidney shap and blood flow in US, taking steroid,ciclosporin. Having tenderness above the kidney Dx CMV or Acute rejection or ciclosporin toxicicty I chose Acute rejection because its early for CMV and ciclosporin toxicity
    - Pt with hx of classic family hx with APCKD how to confirm abd US
    - Henoch scolin purpura = IGA deposit
    - What is poor prognostic for IgA nephropathy = Increase Bl pr
    - Old pt with nephritic and albumin = 9 mg with edema what is the 1st drug ( albumin or frusimid) I chose Albumine because its soooo low
    - Morphin what increase toxicity liver or renal failure chose renal as its secreted there
    - Gentamicin but pt develop decrease GFR , GP increase the interval () the dos ,what is change to gentamicine ( nonrenal clearance or half life or bioavalability) I don’t remember what I chose but I guess its half life
    - Druge used in idiopathic hypercalciuria =thiazid
    - The same but in another way , pt enter hospital but calcium increase what drug
    - Re-feeding synd =hypophosphate..
    - Diabetic pt since 2 ys , pregnant with recurrent hypoglycemia but without alarming sy wht the cause ( autonomic neuropathy or tight glycemic control or feteal insulin or ) I chose tight control .. I feel its hopless qq and don’t know wht I chose
    - Pt with DKA and taking 200u insulin what dose to begain with 6 or 12 or 18 or 20 IV
    - PT WITH INCREASE chylomicron and cholesteron with family hx of CVD >>> familial combined hyperlipedemia or dysbetalip( remenant) I chose the first answer
    - Statin decreas intrinsic cholersterol synth
    - Statine with myopathy why= clarithromycin drug
    - Insulinoma = super. Fasting and glu and insulin measure
    - Prolactinoma and pressure sym on vision ttt cabergolin or surgery I chose cabergoline
    - Hypothyroidism and DM and hyogonadism low FSH and LH = ovarian failure
    - Hyerthyrodism in pregnancy ttt propythiuracil
    - Pt with sever pneumonia thyroid test low total T3 and T4 with normal TSH
    - Pt with high TSH normal T3 ..€>>> check compliance
    - Pt with normal T3 and TSH but low T4>>> normal finding in pt talk thyroxin
    - Solitary nodule and euothyroid >>> FNA
    - SIADH what is correct urin Na > 20mmol\l
    - Pt with increase Ca and normal PTH, old femal …>>>> 1ry hyperparthyrodism
    - Acromegaly Diagnosis glucose tolerance test, alsi Gs mutation
    - What happen after one minute of standing increase COP or increase Preipheral resistance I chose the 2nd one
    - Pt with DM and mild renal falure and hypokalemia and high bl pr with bicarbonate in blood 2 ….>>>> renal tubular acidosis
    - Pt with COPD and high Pco2 low PH and high H+ low bicarbonat Mixed metabolic and respiratory acidosis
    - question about ttt of chronic fatigue syndrom the answer is gradual exercise.
    - question about hemochromatosis inhertence AR
    - calcuation of NNT may be the answer is 5
    - the type of channel involved in repolarization is K channel.
    - question diagnose the DM
    - statics the answer is paired t test to compare pre and post treatment effect.
    - statics show which study had higher absolute RR the answer the highest had relative RR.
    - statics the answer is senstivity .
    - question on dermatiology regarding rash fine scaly distrbuted in trunk i forget the answers
    -question that quadraceps muscle weak and atophied i guess i answer due to DM.
    -question how u differntiated between toxoplasmosis and coccidomycosis ==> the cotton spots in fundoscopy.
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    - Guest

    1-there was a q's like which said about psoriasis and pt with erythroderma, something like that, i think that erythrodermic crisis, answered that hospital admission
    2- q's giving decreased Na levels, i answered that small cell lung Ca, can anyone recall the complete q's?
    3-slow acetylators: hydralazine
    4-colonic carcinoma: CEA
    5-Rx of hypercalcemia: Normal saline
    6-Site of action of aldosterone: DCT
    7-Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis: I/V cefotaxime
    8-Pt with ascites, what to give: aldosterone
    9-Pt had been admitted for 2 weeks for treatment of cellulites in ward, developed diarrhea, stool showed Clostridium difficle, what to give to treat: I/V Vancomycin “OR” oral metronidazole?
    10-Pt with DM type 2 and hot mid foot for 2 months and mildy increase uric acid and increase WBCs count: was the answer gout??
    11-There was a q's which had the description of right upper quadrant pain, fever, choices were like acute pyelonephritis, etc etc? can anyone recall the q's?
    12-Old lady at I think at some old people’s house, foul smelling urine, allergic to penicillin, what antibiotic to give to treat empirically: ciprofloxacin? am not sure?~
    13-Young girl, fever, headache, CSF glucose normal, lymphocytes 60%, what is it: Viral Meningitis “OR” viral encephalitis “OR” tuberculous meningitis? i answered viral encephalitis
    14- onderstone mechanism of action is seratonin blocker .
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    question about ttt of chronic fatigue syndrome - Gradual excercise is an option but i chose CBT because it is the gold standard
    - calcuation of NNT - the ansewer was either 20 or 50 can't remember
    - question diagnose the DM - you could not diagnose DM from the number hey gave unless the patient was symptomatic, i chose renal glycosurea because that was the only certain interpretation of those results AT THAT TIME
    - statics the answer is wilcoxon test because you are comparing means
    - statics the answer is positive predicitve value
    -question how u differntiated between toxoplasmosis and coccidomycosis ==> space occupying lesion on brain
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    who the heck here is posting q's again and again which i already have posted in the previous pages~?
  30. adelali34

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    Q MRCP1 SEP,11,2007

    -drug addict, multiple punctures, signs of infection, then convulsions = tetanus .
    -question about typical ankylosing how to confirm = x ray sacroiliac joint .
    -statistcs Q about NNT was easy i think 50.
    - mode of action of Allopurinol / Statins.
    good luk for all
  31. DocToR-ER

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    Results will be posted online ( on the week commencing 8/10/2007

    Does anyone know for sure if the results are going to be available for eveyone ( since anyone can create an online account on the MRCPUK website ) ? or only for those who have chosen their results to be published online ? .. Coz I forgot If i chose so on my application :/ .. I would say that all results will be available online whether you have chosen so on your application or not , BUT everyone needs to create an online account beofre they can view detailed info about their results.

    Can anyone confirm .. ?

    GooD LucK Everyone Guys :>
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    it seem to me we have different BOF,
  33. dregypt

    dregypt Guest


    there wasnt any thyroid scan in my Q about thyroid nodule, also in pseudomemberanous colitis the pt wasnt in ICU.

    and in DM numbers, it was 75mg glucose test and diagnosis was DM

    about comparing mean>>> paried T test as wilcoxone compare median not mean
  34. adeela

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    b1. Q of T2 DM having NKHOComa how much insulin? Answer is 3 (see Davidson) I wrote 6u.
    2. wat was coorect regarding Toxic shock syn. Or leptospirosis?????
    3. most annoying Q of the exam was prader villi! I got it wrong. Answer was uniparental disomy.
    4. wat will not improve despite Rx of cor-pulmonale in COPD? I wrote fev1 60%????
    5. wats the answer of how to assess resp. function in limb-girdle? Is it really VC . plz verify
    6. wats the answer for iv abuser having bil. Calcifications. P. carinii, TB, or I endocarditis?
    7. wats the answer of management of hemophilia pt who had a hx of bleeding previously. I wrote DDAVP!!!!
    8. pt with breast ca having bone pain despite on fentanyl. Answer was immediate release morphine( see Davidson) I got it wrong too!!!!!!
    9. was there a Q of paired t test?
    10. was it sensitivity or + predictive value?
    11. a Q of auto immune anemia iwrote +direct antibody test!!!!
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    hi guys
    what was the answer of question regarding digoxin taking effeect in 1 week? was if distr. or protein binding or half life

    what will happen gentamycin dosing interval in increased?

    what was the answer of man having kco 150%?

    guys r u sure that sle scenario answer was anti cardiolipin or anti ro?

    wats the dmard of choice? metho ochloroquine

    was there a question of M avium and how to protect contacts?

    asmarino can u plz remind the Q about charcoat-marrie tooth?

    can anyone remember Q about drug A having 1st order kinetic? (it was one of last Q of paper 2)

    there was Q of asthmatic lady having skin problems. i answered patch testing???????

    plz verify whether it was mesothelioma or ca bronchus?

    he pt having CHB also have signs of AS ( coz i wrote reverse splittinS2
  36. adeela

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    question on Dermatology with rash on upper back and trunk hypopigmented answre was-----pityriasis versicolor

    there was one question abt Subacute degeneration of spinal cord.
    in Physiology diffusion due hydrostatic pressure i wrote filtration but mite b it could b passive diffusion

    wats mode of hepatic injury? i wrote necrosis

    a Q about alzheimer ? loss of time orientation or disinhibition

    wat will happen when a man stands for 1 min ? i wrote inc CO

    a Q of pt having tunnel cather infection. causative organism psodomonas or e coli?

    Q os iv abuser haning anti hbs and and anti hcv neg hcv pcr and + anti hav??????????

    a q of RA factor

    A Q of addie pupil????

    a Q of valproate ? neural tube defect or faied contraception?
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    hello everyone ....

    Thank you all for posting all these questions and answers .. after all, it seems that I got so many questions with wrong answers ( according to the answers provided by our colleagues ) that I can hardly remember the few questions that I got right !!! ...

    please, can anyone confirm if the results will be available online for all candidates or only for those who have chosen so on their application?

    Good luck all of u...
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    acccording 2 kalra genetic defect of prader-willi syndrome is either deletion of chromosome15q or uniparental disomy-so what do u think which would be correct answer?
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest


    :twisted: ramadan kareem ,thank u all .

    plz could any one know wat they need from q about diabetic pt. taken 200u
    twice daily and wat the dose of iv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u all
  40. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    It seems that everyone on this forum only trying to throw up whatever they could remember from the exam without logically tackling the questions !! ... what great doctors the MRCP is gonna make u guys !
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    at least they r throwing can help many as i got to know many topics that i thought were not so important........but many ques are from logically doing it is perfection;)..............n take ma word perfection is not so comon coz noone is perfect;)as far as i m,i really thank them all
  42. mun

    mun Guest

    i second maria
  43. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    i dont underestimate efforts and all colleagues are appreciated .. what am trying to get at is that we need to know the questions ..AND discuss the answers as well to get the most benefit ...

    each one of us answered those questions differently and reached a different answer ... so logically we need to discuss why everyone of us has chosen this certain answer ! this way we would help the new comers ..not only by asking the Q and putting down many different answers ..

  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello ER-doctor this willhappen once every one get his result and get relax weather succes or fail to discuss with most confedince
  45. Guest.Mrcp

    Guest.Mrcp Guest

    well result has been processed..try to apply for mrcp2 if u succeed u r pass if u cant and still forum for partr1 open u r failed
  46. what is this message then

    You cannot enter the Part 2 2007/03 examination, as you are already entered to the 2007/03 Part 1 examination.
  47. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Dear friends ,

    Whether you can register for Part 1 on Part 2 on your account with MRCPUK hasn nothing to do with the reuslts. the results ARE BEING processed and NOT HAVE BEEN processed ... So even if you have been able to go through steps for regisering for upcoming exams does not mean that you have automatically passed or failed ! :>

    Results will be out on the week commencing 8/10/2007

    Wish you all the best guys

    Thank you
  48. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Dear Friends,

    looks like u r not reading my posts or something ! :lol:

    I tried myself and it is letting me to apply for both MRCP1 and MRCP2 and AGAIN ..this has nothing to do with the results .
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Question about diab. and Rx with sliding scale and difference in units of soluble and insoluble insulin.
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think reapplying helps in steps to find out wheather u have pass or not but here it is different as it aloows u to apply for both part one and two and this dichotmy shows that this will not help. Just pray and keep ur finger crossed.
    May Allah blessed us all.
    Warm regards and best wishesto all.

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