sept11,2007 exam...share ur experience

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  1. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Hello everyone,

    the results are going to be published next week, but I read on one of the previous forums that sometimes they do publish them earlier on on Friday for example.

    Good Luck everyone ... and hope that everyone passes this exam :wink:
  2. Guest

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    passing mark for the exam is 63.59
  3. Guest

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    Al-salamo alikom, Thanks God alhamd LLELAH I pass the exam.
  4. Dee-99

    Dee-99 Guest

    Guys i passed too

  5. drmomo

    drmomo Guest

    Mabrook to all

    I agree with the above I passed too Al Hamdullila, trust your own judgement and for all that didn't Pass to keep trying and go for the next exam don't wait. Allah is with all inshallah
  6. mun

    mun Guest

    first try i fai8led got 63.08
  7. Guest

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    passed.but how to chek score in online??????????? i've opened an account but can't find da score
  8. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Hello Dear Friends,

    Results are out ..

    and Thanks to Almighty Allah I have PASSED :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Passing mark is 63.59 %
    I scored 73.33 %

    Congratulations to all those who paased the exam...
    And for those who didn`t pass I would say please don`t give up ! and reapply for the next setting ...

    Later on I will tell you my strategy to pass MRCP1 ..and I hope I would be of help to those who didn`t make it this time.

  9. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Dear geust,
    to check ur result ..
    open an account on the website
    go to exam history ...then u will find ur results ...

    best regards
  10. Guest

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    sep 11 2007

    How I’ve got 84.10 % in MRCP part 1:
    1st of all its GOD will and bless,
    I am from Egypt, AS medical education here so bad; I have to build my knowledge pyramid 1st .I made that by Kumar text book and e-medicine web site. after that I prepare for part one by
    1) Kumar
    2) BOF for MRCP by Helen fellows its so great and helpful book I read it 3 time
    3) Basic science just rapid reading from basic science by philippa J. Easterbrook followed by his BOF book
    4) Made more as u can of BOF ( I will upload all BOF next) and refer to kumar for each BOF

    5) About Karla I read from it (genetic, therapeutic, maternal, molecular, immunology, respiration and collections in front and the back of each chapter ). other than that its waste of time
    6) Pastest pocket books so bad and difficult, it will get u down.
    7) The book named GET Through by UNA Coals , what’s that book its not related to MRCP and it made by USA doctor migrate to UK , how USA doctor learn us to pass UK exam. Its bad and waste of time and money.
    8) New Davidson text book so good and I recommend it .
    9) Also every day free BOF from 123doctor and onexamination is helpful and never miss it

    Its not important to register in and BOF website just solve the free one in the web.
  11. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Hello everyone :>

    A very nice score Ahmed mashalla God bless you... and a very good materials to study from I would say :wink: but would you tell me how long did it take you to study all these materials ?!

    I sat MRCP1 September 2007 ..

    Got 73.33% First attempt ( alhamdolellah)

    I studied for 3 months to sit this exam .. ( plus one month eariler where I was trying to figure out where should i start from ...?!! BOFs or Kalra ..or should I start with Oxford Handbook ?! .. no no .. I will try Kumar and clark ,,, what about the basic sciences !! ..hmmmm.. I will go for basic sciences text book first as a starter ..!!!!

    the thing is that I spent almost 4 weeks trying to figure out where t start from !!!! .. very confusing I must say ...

    so my strategy ( and my advice subsequently ) is to :

    IF you have a period of lets say 3 to 4 months ... I am not sure you can pass by reading all the materials suggested by our friend Ahmed due to time restrictions ...unless you want to sit the exam with a very solid grounds which logically means you need at least 6 months ...

    SO ... If you have pleny of time then I would agree with Ahmed`s strategy as it is obviously a high yeild one.

    If you have only 3 to 4 months ... from my own experience : : This is the Golden KEY to pass MRCP1 in a relaively short term preparation specially for those engaged in busy hours at their hospitals.. I did it only once and I fell short of time trying to do it again...So please try to do it at least twice ... and please make sure you understand the EXPLAINATIONS ... : a Very tasty and handy knowledge .. DO IT ! A very good bulk of knowledge ..BUT IT WILL NOT GET YOU TO PASS MRCP1 on its own !! ...

    anything else to me was at the background of these 2 sites.

    I didnt use Kalra ... neither DAvidson ...nor basic sciences ..

    If you have any questions ... please dont hesitate to post them in the forum.

  12. M.A.M

    M.A.M Guest


  13. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Dear M.A.M :

    First of all ... ThanX God anyhow and for everything..

    you are nearly there !! .. So you should take the exam the very next setting !! DONT WAIT .. you are almost there .. as the knowledge is still go for JAN exam.

    To check your an account on ... then go to ( my mrcpuk) ..then go to exam history ...and u can find ur results..
  14. koki

    koki Guest


    dear sansheru

    where did u apear for the mrcpi exam? i did it as well and still waiting for the result, i anyone knows please let us know.
    I think they are going to post the reults on right?
  15. sansheru

    sansheru Guest

    Dear Koki,

    i sat for the exam september 4, in Bahrain .
    and im still waiting for the results!
    i thought they said within 4 weeks it will appear in the website n it has been over a month now! so if anyone has an idea plz let us know
    thnk u all..
    its just funny that the UK exam though a week later .. had the results out a week ahead of schedule n so 10 days ahead of irish!! :lol:
    still; waiting :S
  16. koki

    koki Guest


    hi the result is out and I have passed alhamdulellah.
    in this ramadan was sooooooooooo blessed I have passed both mrcp Ireland and mrcp uk part i.
  17. sansheru

    sansheru Guest

    congrats koki n all ,
    same here al7amdulillah i passed both :eek:
    may Allah accept our fasting, prayers and supplications in this holly month ..
    tc all
  18. koki

    koki Guest

    what next?

    congrats sansheru, do u have any idea from which books to study for mrcp 2 irish?
  19. sansheru

    sansheru Guest

    hi .. lol .. i have no clue yet what books are good for part 2 ..
    and not sure how much time n preparation will i need .
    r the references different for the irish?? or will the same books do for both :S ?
  20. DocToR-ER

    DocToR-ER Guest

    Koki and SAnsheru ...COngratulations on passing exams..

    for mrcp2 uk ... the combination of onexamination and Sharma clinical review is highly recommended by my friends who passed the exam as well as by many others ..

    good luck
  21. sansheru

    sansheru Guest

    hi Doctor-ER ,
    thanx alot man!!!
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for sharing us your experiences..!!
    I will take my exam after 2 months..!! I wonder how frequent are the psychiatry questions in part one..!? :wink: :wink:
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thank you everyone for your input :)

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