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    My answers with short explanations

    1. d) benzocaine
    2. b) procaine (phenytoin is a close answer to this question. In fact, methemoglobinemia is rare with both the drugs. As far as I've searched the net, procaine seems to be the better choice- only benzocaine and prilocaine cause it. I got some 600+ search results for phenytoin but only 200+ for procaine!!)
    3. a) sevoflurane
    4. c) trichloroethylene......still in doubt
    5. b) bupivacaine
    6. b) atracurium (all others need neostigmine for reversal)
    7. c) defibrillation
    8. d) adrenaline
    9. d) phosphodiesterase
    10. c) mitral stenosis (diastolic dysfn. shifts the curve to the left)
    11. c) the median and ulnar nn. were affected. (ulnar nerve doesn't have the root value of C5&6)
    12. c) ulnar head of pronator teres (this is the only m. not acting in the elbow . Note that brachioradialis has got radial n. supply mainly)
    13. a) oculomotor
    14. a) 46 XX
    15. a) O negative
    16. c) gamma (this is the better choice. beta fibres supply both intra- & extra-fusal fibres. But the majority is by gamma. alpha is only to the extra-fusal fibres)
    17. b) HOX B8 ( HOX A defect causes brachydactyly-short digits. HOX B determines the position of the limbs. HOX D defect causes polydactyly-extra digits)
    18. c) dorsal nucleus of vagus
    19. a) the articular processes are interlocked
    20. d) synchondrosis
    21. a) polyarteritis nodosa (the catch point is proteinuria with NO casts. there is no glomerulonephritis in PAN- there is only arteritis in PAN which causes the renal manifestations. Though mixed cryoglobulinemia has the same features, glomerulonephritis will be seen in this-& casts will be seen)
    22. d) it contains apo-B4 (LDL contains ONLY apo-B100. Of course, I do agree that there is a printing mistake as it should be apo-B48 bcos there is nothing like apo-B4. Anyhow that doesn't matter)
    23. a) antigenic cross-reactivity
    24. b) H chain
    25. c) GABA
    26. d) HMP pathway
    27. b) pyruvate carboxylase
    28. a) retinol, retinal & retinoic acid
    29. a) linear no. & order of amino acids present
    30. b) formation of thymidine dimers
    31. a) Cd, Cu & Zn (all have charge of +2 which should be there for the thio- group -S- to attach to it)
    32. d) long stretches of left handed alpha helices occur in proteins
    33. a) Giardia lamblia
    34. b) bubonic is the MC variety
    35. b) achieve zero level HIV transmission by 2010 & c) eliminate kala-azar by 2005
    36. a) 3 to 6 days
    37. c) inhalation of aerosol
    38. c) toxins destroyed by boiling for 30 mins
    39. c) case fatality rate
    40. d) oral contraceptives
    41. a) hemorrhage
    42. a) ministry of human resource development
    43. c) recall bias
    44. a) type I error
    45. b) flavivirus
    46. a) incidence will not change
    47. d) myocardial infarction
    48. a) dual energy X-ray absorptiometry
    49. c) sensitivity inversely prop. to specificity
    50. all are wrong!!! perhaps there is a printing mistake with the b choice. It should be 2(HRSZE) + (HRZE) + 5(HRE). the last ethambutol is missing.

    Will soon post my other answers

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