Status of mrcs after doing FCPS from cpsp pakistan

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    one of my friend has done fcps surgery and he has completed 5 years job as senior registrar after doing his fcps gen surgery i wanna know what will he be needing to go for exumpton of plab and if he wanna do MRCS ?part one and 2 are exumpted or not [/b]
  2. mrcs after fcps

    i think you should contact rcs edinburgh direcltly. most likely he will get examption from part of the exam or atlleast allowed to take all sections in one go . if he is young and can work well he may get spr post after working for a period as sho. there are very few stand alone sho posts in surgery because they are part of basic trining rotation .there is very tough competition for these posts and and he may be considered over qualifiedcfor these posts. hope this is of some use to you.
    muhammad FRSSI,FRCSED
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    Dear brother, He can be exempted for MRCS-1, ask him to think about part 2 and 3 for which he will need surgical UK experience, second is the question of GMC registration that he cannot get without plab specially in surgical specialities, third comes the question of SHO post and that is impossible in present circumstances as (as a 4th point) he cannot be short listed without a visa and that is the hottest question that needs to be addressed before making any adventure. regards.
    masud, FCPS, MRCS (School of medicine, university hospitals and university of leicester, UK). :(
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    Dear brother,if he think of ireland ,that will be good for him.Because he can be exempted from trass if his score in ielts is 7each module.he is also exempted from mrcs-I there but he has to pass 2&3.and aslo he can get job there because he get work visa easily.
    Naeem FCPS ortho MRCS
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    im currently doin final yr MBBS from Dow..n im utterly confused.
    me n my fiance plan for doin specialization in surgery.
    wat are the diff options available...n which can work best.

    also does being a pakistani a hinderance anywhere...if so,wil i have an edge if i get a Mauritian nationality(fiance is from mauritius)

    plz plz
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    Stil lost

    people have given me options of US..but surgery there is v diff to get
    Australia..i have no clue.
    UK...can i study in pak and get the degree?wat about MRCS..plz guide me someone
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    all those who wanna come to asutralia to be a surgeon, please know that you have to be an australian PERMANENT RESIDENT AND you need FULL AMC registration (you will have to do AMC MCQ exam , and then the clinical exam for whihc there is at least two years waiting list.
    If you are trained in surgery in UK , you still have to have permanent residence to get into training job here.
    This is about getting a training job here

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    Dear umershehzad,
    i guess you are practicing in Australia. Can you advise me if i still need to take AMC exam for getting full registration in Australia if i have already completed MRCS (A and B) along with 4 years of FCPS general surgery training in Pakistan. Thank you

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