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    Hey guys,

    I'm typing this only because I think some guys just looooove to stress other people out by posting terrible stories about CS.

    I took my exam in Philly - nice city, totally in love with it! after superbly long waiting time I finally got my positive score back. Huh, big time relief....

    Anyways, I used FA FOR CS, KAPLAN'S BOOK FOR CS, and I also took Kaplan's preparation course. 1 Month preparation total.

    Here is what I think is important :
    1. IF you are IMG - pronounce each word separately ! You don't want to see raised eyebrows on your SP face!
    2. Practice physical manuvres on anybody! (I used my husband's body - he wasn't happy about it , but who cares?! )
    3. DO NOT BUY THOSE STUPID VIDIOS WITH BLOND LADY ! Unless your goal is to fail CS.
    4. Test centers do not use Macs or any other this century computers, so it would be very beneficial if you could get an old school keyboard and type on it before the exam.
    5. Prepare you opening line and use it with every single SP- they don't talk to each other, so don't worry about not being original .
    6. Stay calm , but be fast ! iT'S only 15 minutes! (please don't stare at the clock while you are with SP )
    7. if you got "difficult" SP - stay professional and calm. Remember that you are there to show that you can handle any situation. AND SPs are NOT racists! If you are prepared nobody would care about your accent!
    8. Big time thing - CS isn't hard, but you can't go there unless you are prepared! DO NOT TAKE IT without knowing differentials and diagnostic tests!!!!!!!

    Good luck guys!

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