Step 3 is a very biased exam which places anyone training in

Discussion in 'Step 3' started by lonely star, Mar 23, 2005.

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    Step 3 is a very biased exam which places anyone training in a surgical residency at a distinct disadvantage. After taking this test, I can say that 90% of the questions were geared toward my family practice girlfriend who deals with this sort of crap on a daily basis. There is a large amount of OB, Peds, psyche/ethics B.S. and general internal medicine. Weren't there five clerkships that we all completed in our third year? I can think of only a handful of questions of the five hundred that dealt with surgery. I am very peeved and feel this does not adequately test the knowledge of ALL interns, or more specifically -- Me.

    Perhaps I should have done a transitional year like a friggin D.O. just so I can understand what I should be putting on some homeless prostitute's genital warts. Perhaps I lack the ability to sympathize with some disabled fibromyalgia sufferer when they say they have point tenderness over their self esteem. I can't remember the last time I attended rounds at the nursing home to dole out zyprexa and paxil to grandma and grandpa, and smuggle a couple of dulcs to the constipated gomer in 118 B, nor can I remember if its wiser to increase the glyburide or change to metformin or just say what the hell and send the unmotivated obese hypertensive medicaid suferer home with both.

    Where in the last year did I miss the point? Was it on rounds post call Monday morning, or Thursday morning. I can't remember its been Q3 all year Perhaps it was in the Trauma bay when I was resuscitating the missed bowel perf, or in the ER when I was figuring out why the staff couldn't remember how to make a cruciate incision over the heroin addicts calf abcess. Maybe someone yelled out the answers.

    Somehow my girlfriend remembers. She constantly reminds me of how hard it is to see all 8-12 patients in clinic each day, and how getting home past 5 really interferes with her pilates class. Perhaps somewhere in between her celery and spagnum moss smoothie and her high blood pressure screening session at the mall, she had time to review the genital wart formulary. I however did not. Not even on the post call day on which I dragged my ass to Prometric to be berated by an electronic qorom of flees, rubbing their hands in delight as I pounded the keyboard, mouse and finally the screen of a computer frozen mid click on -- salyscates.
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    Hope you passes

    Hope you passed.

    From IM resident
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    good luck
    Psych resident
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    you should try to meditate

    meditate :wink:
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    Hilarious, really. You have a great sense of humor. Everything you said is true.

    What is also true, is that since you have to take care of pts with diabetes, heart dz, lung dz, renal dz, etc. in the perioperative period, and some pts with mental disabilities, I hope that you know how to manage them.

    You can't just cut out the bad stuff, sew together the good, and call a consult. Well you can, but that would make you a surgery resident. :D
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    Best and most accurate description I have ever read. Seriously.
    did you pass?

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