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    Stereoanesthesia is seen in lesions of -
    1 nucleus gracilis
    2 nucleus cuneatus
    3 cerebral cortex
    4 spinothalamic tract

    2/3 :?:
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    what is stereo anaesthesia :?:
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    stereoanesthesia (ster·eo·an·es·the·sia)

    (ster²e-o-an²es-the¢zh[schwa]) inability to identify by touch the form, size, weight, and texture of objects, owing to cortical disease or an interruption of nerve tracts.
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    i think the answer will be cerebral cortex ....leisions in the post central gyrus causes steriognosis

    steriognosis as pointed out by the previous posts is the inability to identify known objects by touch

    touch comprises of crude touch and fine touch ..crude touch is by the spinothalamic tract and fine touch is by the post column...both these are needed for stereognosis ..hence leision in one cannot cause steriognosis ...similar thing goes for nucleus gracilis and cunatus(these relay the post column only) .....inputs from both st tract and post tract are processed at the cerebal cortex giving rise to steriognosis .....
    ans hence is cerebral cortex

    to make things simpler :
    steriognosis is a part of the cortical sensation hence leision if the cerebral cotex will cause impaired stereognosis.....other components of cortical sensation are ..graphesthesia and two point discrimination
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