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    Hi I'm an AMC MCQ candidate ( singaporean ) and preparing for the MCQ exams in Nov. I'm wondering if there are others out there preparing for the same exam.

    Pl reply if so. It would be really advantageous to have a study partner or group for this exam.

    email :


    I live in Adelaide, On the way to OET and AMC exam. If any doctors in ADELAIDE, South Australia, pls in form me to my E-mail:
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    study partner

    Hi, I am in Adelaide preparing for AMC MCQ exam. I'd like to invite any study partner to join? send me sms on 0430435577.
  4. please check your email. I am interested to join as a study partner. I am in Singapore
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    free study group - adelaide


    I run a study group for MCQs. The study group I am offering is probably a little different than what you are currently doing. The study group will not focus on medical knowledge. It will focus on how to effectively study for mcqs, learning how to take an mcq exam, and understanding the format of the questions.

    By learning how to take mcq exams you can make you own personal study time more efficient. It is known in education theory that if you know how to take an exam then you can pass even if you are not very familiar with the topic.

    If you are interested in trying this study group and seeing if it can assist you then please email me emma dot liggins at yahoo dot com

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